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African Religion and Governance in a changing world. Where thou goest native Africa!

22 Sep 2019 at 15:00hrs | Views
It is my humble intention to speak to this paper in response to my learned brother  Kenyan Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba's presentation to The All-Africa Religious Liberty 3rd Congress in Kigali, Ruwanda. I am so truly thankful to the learned professor for availing this most rare opportunity to share spiritual wisdom which I have chosen not to miss. Like him, I would also want to make it known that I wield of no monopoly of such wisdom! And, would, therefore, be very pleased to provoke more supplementary or corrective broad thought with this presentation on The African State, religion and spirituality.

The All-Africa Religious Liberty Congress is a Seventh Day Adventist initiative that acknowleges and seeks to promote religious harmony and development among African believers of various pursuasions in the same manner as Korean True Mother Moon's Universal Peace Federation (UPF) that has advocated for world peace through multi-cultural-multi-racial religious harmony through quality family life. And South African Prophet Samuel Hadebe's Inkululeko YeSizwe SamaAfrika, (The Freedom of African Religion) founded in May 2018, that seeks to achieve the restoration of True African Religion in The African State. Getting such organisations to share a platform would make of great value-add to the identical cause. To achieve such mandate there exists inevitable need for workable or actionable religious facts.

Professor Lumumba deprived this congress of a true African religious character and leaned heavily on what sounded like African Christianity and the 1963 Founding Fathers of The Organisation of African Unity (OAU) who went into this restoration with Jesus The Christ. That was a decisive re-make or further break moment for African religion. That was the same messianic leadership that turned vilain and exported national fortunes to overseas institutions for personal gain! There-by further impoverishing or incapacitating The African State.

Both the amount of exported stolen financial and spiritual wealth from The African State would have been enough for its most sound restoration if repatriated in its correct quantities with interest! Jewish Prophet Jesus The Christ, unambiguously states in Matthew 15:24-26 that He was entirely for the Jews. Prophet Jesus clearly meant that he was the way, the truth and the light for the Jewish nation.

The dogs that He referred to were all the other tribes and races! That was an early xenophic stance that has lived to this day! If Jewish prophet Jesus had lived-on, this would have been reason enough to qualify Him as a guest to The International Criminal Court in The Hague as a xenophobic consequence that has taken ceasure of some parts of the world, especially, of late, Africa, ignited from South Africa and up-north, Libya, with devastating effects! No man of Jewish lineage would live to see God except through Him. (John 14:6).

The African State has remained in full acknowledgement and, therefore, at peace with that, accordingly leaning on its own indigenous spirituality and prophets as expressed in Deuteronomy 18:18. The African State sees no need for desperation to work with a borrowed, and, therefore, alien prophet when it had its own competent prophets since creation.

That was what should have marked either of highly spirited endeavours for the restoration or further devastating betrayal of African Religion! Professor Lumumba presented a prostituted version of African religion with people like the late former president of Tanzania, Mwalimu Kambarage Julius Nyerere whom he described as being more Christian than others! Kwame Nkuruma, Haile Selase and others having gone to The Organisation of African Unity in 1963 as staunch Christians! And, therefore, fulltime spiritual hostages of the colonial masters whom they thought that they had defeated at home.

Unlike the most prosperous Islamic world, who have spiritedly continued to defend their spirituality since creation! The Ayotolah still stands as the supreme spiritual authority. While The Sultan looked after The Kingdom! And The Sheik looked after the wealth of The Kingdom. The Islamic State has, in this way, grown and got richer both materially and spiritually! So much that all modern aircrafts now have in-built Mosques and compliant ablutions to ensure that Islamic patrons, who were the majority, were able to pray their normal five times per day with no hindrance as they travelled.

In The Organisation of African Unity, and now re-Christianed The African Union, and all the purported regional vanguard organisations, real power rests with the local Catholic Bishops Conference that represents The Pope! Any government that fell-out-of-favour with this alien dominant institution would never see day-break. It is a requirement that whoever gets to power must, at some stage, get to The Vatican to shake The Pope's hand of approval. The Pope who plays as world president! The most powerful man in the world. The Hebrews left Israel as a Judaist family! Got corrupted in Rome into Christianity! Exported to England as a religion! Re-packaged and sent-out to conquer the world as a violent business venture on behalf of the founder who arts in Rome.

These regional and continental organisations have sunk deeper into being convenient tyrannical shelters and old cruel boys clubs whose unpronounced mandate was to protect each one of them from the resentment of his respective citizenry and contrary international response to tyranny. Of late The African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa has been plagued with sex trafficking allegations.

That was reflected in the fact that when Zimbabwe's capital city of Harare was being beamed-live in smoke and gunfire internationally over the recent Southern African Development Community 39th Heads of State Summit in Dar Es Salam, Zimbabwe'sitting president Emmerson Mnangagwa was still found as deserving to head the organ of Politics and Security despite the fact that he had no security at home. Again, when former president, the late Robert Gabriel Mugabe, ranted upon his former Vice President, Dr. Joyce Mujuru's lawful ambition to succeed him on retirement, accusing her of being "a woman for that matter!" Mugabe deployed his ruling ZANU-PF Women's League, led by his wife Grace and Oppah Muchinguri Rushesha Kashiri, to go against its mandate of grooming and deploying feminine talent into strategic decision-making roles by tearing Mujuru apart as punishment. And when he burst on The Southern African Development Community female mediator to the former South African president Thabo Mbeki chaired Zimbabwe Global Political Agreement of 2009. The Global Political Agreement followed that country's disputed election!

Mugabe humiliatingly found occasion to dress-down then South African diplomat, Lindiwe Zulu. Mugabe, like a rabid dog, addressed her as "a stupid street woman" over SADC's Decade for Women 2010 -2020. Mugabe referred to gays and lesbians as being a little worse than pigs and dogs! The respective organisations still found Mugabe still as fit to chair both The Southern African Development Community and The African Union simultenously with no reprimand against both entities paper noble mandates. That was despite the fact that they had both made women and gender a top agenda item. And in such leadership positions he naturally had to invoke all the due care and diligence to inspire the respective mandates over his term of office.

First and fore-most, each of the twelve independent participants at that 1963 Organisation of African Unity meeting should have, rightfully, sought to restore native religion at the respective countries first as charity surely began at home! And then proceeded to The Organisation of African Unity to fortify continental African religious alliances as a pre-requisite to effective national, regional and continental governance.

That was the reason as to why they failed! These leaders feared the idea of surrendering power to The African State Monarchs! They went to Addis Ababa as spiritual fraudsters! William Gumede, Executive Chair of Democracy Works Foundation of South Africa and author as quoted in The Namibian, Tuesday 10 September 2019, argued that societies that emerged from traumatic experiences such as colonialism, apartheid and civil war, needed leaders who were more caring.

Leaders who had greater personal self awareness, and who were less inclined to seek refuge in victimhood! Prophet Samuel Hadebe, founder of The Revelation Church of God and inkululeko YeSizwe, has bemourned the case of victimhood as a most retrogressive pit-hole of false comfort. He insists that such adversity should play that most critical leverage into the desired status of favour. Hadebe says that adversity has great capacity to play that most appropriate inspiration to the desired greater heights. For Hadebe, adversity equips the victim for greater challenges! Adversity maketh a better, ready and a more exact man.

Those who eat honey must be ready to be stung by bees! Therefore, both individuals and nations must refrain from seeking exaggerated refuge in victimhood as the past could not be broken but one could re-strategise for a new present and future. Countries which experienced colonialism, apartheid and civil war, experienced trauma not only at the individual, but also mass trauma at a society-wide level. For Gumede, such terror regimes denied the humanity of those whom they oppressed, resulting in broken individuals, communities and societies! Mass-trauma damaged indigenous cultures, collective identies and self-worth.

It disfigured the sense of self, familyhood, and interpersonal relationships. It distorted the individual and collective understanding of the world. In South Africa, former president Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela gambled-away such vintage position to restore True African religion and, therefore, higher quality of societal life! And just carried-on with a hereditary broken and traumatised society to the deeper end! With the same street multi-million Rand economy women who carried the revolution both as mothers and loyal monthly card-carrying subscribers still left to fight the same running battles with the same police as they traded to this day!

All that loyalty was driven by good will! Good hope! And good faith that the black man would change that prevailing order in favour of those patriotic women. It remained as shameful to see the ruling African National Congress of South Africa Women's League rising to intimidate a former president Jacob Zuma rape victim, Fezeka Khuzwayo, a member of the same league, and The Judiciary with all-night vigils in the respective court-yard in favour of the alleged rapist.

Khuzwayo had to disguise her identity with a psuedonym of "Khwezi"! Sneeked-out into exile in The Netherlands in fear of that institution whose mandate was to advance her cause turned-vilain! And yet came-out in all green and gold ruling party colours and in their numbers in the internationally publicised athlete international medalist, Oscar Pistorius murder case, in support of the family of white, non-member of The African National Congress, passion-killing victim, Reever Steenkamp, in a post-Mandela age. It could be a matter of names and faces. That was a clear cheap publicity stunt to purchase sick relevance.

African leaders, unwitfully, chose to overtake the relevant spirits that had championed such independence in favour of the western Christ! They spent public funds travelling to Israel to see the graves of Jewish Prophet Jesus and criminal Israeli King David who was found to be unfit to build God a Temple as a result of the amount of blood that was in his hands! And, yet, their own prophets and ancestral saint lineages graves have been unfairly declared no-go areas by The White Missionaries.

Forget the dead demons! They taught. The traditional African governance system remains as second to none in terms of all-season qualitative deliverables with its own most unique brand of democracy that knows of no service delivery protests which have become a multi-calendar item in the so-called westernised democratic states or open coups! The African institutionalised functional conflict management systems! African leaders met in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in Africa, to enshrine a foreign brand of democracy and religion  from Jerusalem, America, Rome and England to govern Africans! These eurocentric leaders gambled away that God-given urgent grand opportunity to go back to The Hills! Mountains!

Rivers and Forests to resuscitate those ancient African religious institutions of both worship and governance with those prophetic Princes! The African Spiritual University refuses, for its own purposes, to acknowledge The God of Father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! Neither would it similarly acknowledge the ancient circumstances of Daniel in the pride of lions! Shadreck, Meshack and Abednego seven-fold heated brazzing furnance! Because that would never occur again in Israel, and not to talk of Africa. Princes! Kings and Queens led by the relevant spiritually certified prophets from known ancient prophetic lineages back-dating to creation! Spiritual certified in the sense that The African State neither had nor believed in formal schools of spirituality!

Its prophets do not come certified from laboratories of religion! It can not train people in the knowledge of God and heaven because none of its practitioners had ever met the respective God nor been to heaven! Any institution that offers such training would, therefore, premised on wild-guess-work and, inevitably fraudulent. For that reason The African State felt as less authoritative to draw a spiritual sylabus and build schools of spirituality. The African State spirituality had nothing to do with literacy or age in the practice of African religion!

It remains as wholistically premised on the spiritual! Early age spirituality makes that a child of signs and wonders just as Jewish Prophet Jesus did by the age of twelve! The spirit descends and addresses those current situations and the future as was with Judaism! In this way, The African State has rightfully viewed all Christian activity as a form of fraud! Jewish Prophet Jesus The Christ, Elijah and Elisha! John The Baptist were all iliterate spiritual professors just as The African State's own Enoch Mgijima! Mantsumpa who prophesied on the advent of a Nguni prophet from a Hlubi clan who would heal multitudes with water and occupy The Hills of Ekuphumuleni in The Free State, where she had operated from! About a hundred years later, the prophesied Hlubi child, Samuel Mbiza Hadebe was born in South Africa to prophetically take occupancy of The Mantsumpa Hills as was at present! Credo Mutwa!

Alice Lenshina in Zambia! Mandume in Namibia! Simon Kimbangu in The Congo! Nontetha Nkwe in Lesotho and many others. The African State archives indicated that for every hundred years God released a prophet for all nations. This prevailing spiritual capture by men and women of letters! Who have strategically overwhelmed criminal Heads of State with gospelpreneurship and bizzaire miracle money has remained as bad news for The African State. Now a Christian prophet gets fed by The Five Thousand and yet The Christ whom they purport to follow, single-handedly, did the reverse! (Matt. 14:15-20, 15:35-39). When Rwandan president, Paul Kagame, closed over 6000 churches and demanded certificates of training that marked of the fatal closure of The African State spirituality! And the promotion of rehearsed or dramatised fire-fire fake spirituality. Spirituality can not be studied! African thrones have never and will never be a one-size-fits-all as is of now where the wiser and fittest have greedily overtook the spirit of God into immeasurable shame.

Liberation movements tend to fraudulently overtake the spirit into the throne after the war. Where the respective leaders have brandished self ahead of God! And still claimed, when it favoured them,  that it was God who anointed such leaders! And, therefore, they should never be dethroned by men despite the fact that they would have robbed man. In The African State, God anoints the respective Princes! Kings and Queens in the same formular that He did with Israeli kings! In some cases births could either be fore-told many years earlier! Or, the birth became miraculously too unique with signs and wonders which the African State Mobile Archives! Mobile Dictionaries, Mobile Encyclopedias and Mobile Libraries had competencies to accurately interpret! That was the retrieve of such actionable messages by The African State elders! The African State elders would remain as fully aware of the prevailing circumstances and status as the child grew.

In Israel God anointed the small and poor shepherd boy David ahead of big men of broad chests and shoulders! He freed Israel with the hand of the young rustic sheep tenderer! In The Kingdom of Eswatini (Swaziland), when King Sobhuza passed-on, like Jesse, he had among his sons, men of both broad shoulders and chests! But the spirit identified a then 17 year-old school boy in a British classroom who is now the current King! Prophetic King Shaka Zulu in South Africa, born out of wedlock, against Nguni custom, was spiritually identified to rule in that same manner that God drafted Jethro's alien daughter into marriage to Prophet Moses against prevailing custom! God punished Jewish lawful protest of Moses' marriage.

(Numbers 12:1-15). God was angered by the idea of critising he who had direct contact with Him. Later the Israelites discovered it was God's way of drafting-in a governance mentor for Moses through Jethro. (Ex.18:13-27). In that same manner that God blessed a prostitute with marriage to Prophet Hosea against custom! (Hosea1:2-3). When his brothers killed him, (King Shaka), he gave a prophecy to the effect that he would be remembered! And that they would no longer be able to rule as the flying birds would be taking-over The Zulu State! That was in reference to aeroplanes. When his brother Dingane took-over power by both hook and crook, the boers landed and attacked him at The Blood River! And he had to flee the throne into ESwatini where he got murdered by his own then war-weary men. In King Mzilikazi's uMthwakazi Nguni State, now modern Zimbabwe, at the death of The King, his eldest son, Lobengula, bull-dozed his way-into the throne!

Bull-dozed in the sense that he was traditionally unqualified as his mother was an alien! He killed the prophetic heir Prince Hlangabeza and all possible rightful contenders of the respective lineage to the throne including his sister, Zinkabi and her husband senior chief and decorated warrior, Mbiko Masuku, who had shown protest. King Mzilikazi had located the Mthwakazi State by prophetic guidence, as he broke-away from King Shaka, with prophetic instructions to never spill blood at that promised land, the equivalent of the biblical Canaan, as the place had been sacred!

Prophet Mkobane Mzizi was a very influencial Man of God in King Mzilikazi's Matabele State in the manner that Prophet Elisha was to Israeli Kings who even called him "Father" on his death-bed! (2Kings 6:8-23. 2Kings 13:14-21). Was as influential as Prophetess Nehanda, Prophets Chaminuka and Kaguvi in The Shona Kingdom in modern day northern Zimbabwe! On arrival, Colonial Commander, Allan Wilson, knew that real power rested with the spirit mediums who championed religion! He shot Chaminuka and hanged Nehanda and Kaguvi as a top priority.

He sensed more danger in the spirit than in armed men! King Mambo of The Rozvi Kingdom who held the respective Matabele targeted State, by prophetic guidance, was warned of a strong nation that was on its way to take-over whom he had no capacity to repel, whom he should never resist but seek to co-exist with. Accordingly King Mambo bequeathed power to King Mzilikazi. Recently, about June 2019, The Rozvi similarly got a spiritual warning of a Nguni visitation by The African Hidden Voices research team of Inkululeko YeSizwe.

Then the unprophetic King Lobengula spilled blood in that sacred land! The British came and run-over The Matabele State, and self-anointed King Lobengula escaped to an unknown destination such that, to this day, his whereabouts remain as unknown. The African State believes that if the prophetic kings had stayed on the respective thrones, Africa could have witnessed God's intervention with the equivalent of another Joshua's Jericho Wall! (Josh. 5:13-6:20). Or King Jehoshaphat's victory of song and dance over The Syrians in The Book of Second Chronicles 20. The post pan- African rulers have been coerced into eurocentric-multi-partyism because their corrupted African non-prophetic multi-party state thrives on corruption with billions of public money stashed into overseas accounts siphoned from State Owned Enterprises who have remained, as forever wailing for continuous bail-out!

Bail-out has become a common shameful continental anthem in State Owned Enterprises that now rank below the level of an ordinary social club! Zero return-on-investment for The State. And yet continuously paying obscene organisational paralytic salaries to  children, uncles, cousins and pals of the elite who preside over such malnourished milk cows that, in colonial times, had efficiently nourished state coffers! Zimbabwe in 2014, with a population of about 13.5 million people, under Mugabe, lost 15 Billion of United States Dollars of diamond sales proceeds in micro-seconds while the generality of citizens continued to survive in excruciating poverty! If the fraudsters had been generous enough to give each citizen at least US$5 million that would have been a strong mitigatory factor in national poverty alleviation. The money vanished between Mugabe, then Vice president and now sitting president, Emmerson Mnangagwa and then Mines Minister, Obert Mpofu, who, in good times, called himself Mugabe's true son. Civil wars! Poverty! Hunger!

And disease. Leaders go to The African Union and to their respective regional bodies to discuss window-dressing multi-patyism in appeasement of Europe and not the respective already hostage citizenry! The state of health institutions in these multi-party systems remains as horrific with sewer pipe bursts in full reign! And empty dispensaries alongside either unpaid or poorly motivated employees.

The prevailing eurocentric African health sector has sunk into the status of a multi-national silent holocaust by far superior to that of German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler's six million Jews in the second world war. Heartbeat Namibian's Nomhle Kangootui at Ongwediva, Wednesday 24, April 2019, touched a raw nerve with a vivid reflection to colonial Africa. In the colonial era, hospital vicinities were steriotypically synonimous with powerful and unique odour emanating from various kinds of medicines! Penicillin! Visitors would be greeted by the sweet aroma of baby oils and scented nappies! Complimented by that of fresh clean air and linen. The present hospitals get short of anything ranging from running water to the smallest sundries such as latex gloves even in maternity wards and theatres! Health budgets have remained as being the most vulnerable facing a whimsical chop.

While the reigning fraudsters procured their family medical requirements abroad while the empty hospitals remained as sure death stations for the tax-paying loyal citizenry. Zimbabwe's Mugabe floated in the air throughout his rule in chattered jets for both medication and fun in the world's prestigious cities to his last breath in a Singapore hospital! Sitting president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, his Vice Presidents, Constantine Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi and the ruling elite have upped the Mugabe legacy at a time that the majority poor survived on the  multi-graces of God. They could neither go to Parirenyatwa! Gomo! Mpilo nor The United Bulawayo Hospitals.

The African brand of democracy has no mutiple centres of contenders for power or loyalties! African brand of governance and democracy thrives with higher quality deliverables with one authority. Everybody answers to such Prince! King! Or Queen and the respective local level appointed officials with no need to trans-ocean to Europe for approval.

In African religion or The African State, the critical source of power remained as wealth premised on livestock, good food production, good health and reliable labour at family level. Constructive child labour was a critical part of The African State University. This was designed to effectively equip children for quality independence when they came of age.

It was a spiritually punishable taboo to hear of a hunger or poverty death in the vicinity! The same biblical "love thy neighbour" equivalent. And, a guest remained as the most important person who created an opportunity to exercise hospitality though the intelligence was also kept on high alert for possible spies. That was to say travellers would, therefore, accordingly, be screened for security reasons. In most cases, if not all the time, God would speak through spirit mediums on the imminent threats or such spies or fortunes. Such as the recent devastating multi-national Cyclone Idai which had been fore-told in The African State but could not be timeously mitigated due to the fact that this institution remains as multiply incapacited and unacknowledged in Africa by the African ruling elite.

Multi-partyism foreign democracy has been manipulated to a point where it has out-lived its purpose manned by strong man instead of strong institutions as was in The African State. The unprecedented levels of corruption in the eurocentric brand of democracy has fast-tracked the recepient communities into maturity. Resentment and rejection of man-made poverty coupled with poor service delivery. The eurocentric African state now suffers from self-destruction as the monopolistic revolutionary parties, of late, have faced resentment and rejection due to continued failure to measure-up. Greed-driven oppotunistic politics that makes politicians feel like they had made great achievements by either winning or rigging the election.

They show-off with prestigious motorcades that further separate them from the voters when elected intead of feeling of more of the sense of responsibility to deliver with accountability. These contrary attitudes have inevitably caused fragmentation in the ruling revolutionary parties. Warm-bloodied political and administrative animals face re-call.

Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU-PF has seen one Mugabe favoured faction labelled as Generation 40 for its youthful outlook, going into exile! Two factions led by sitting president, Emmerson Munangagwa and another by Vice President retired General Constantino Chiwenga, jointly successfully staging a military coup taking over power and persecuting opponents within the ruling ZANU-PF where corruption was being probed by the corrupt to protect the corrupt from corruption by covering-up their corrupt foot-prints by corrupt means! And two transforming themselves into full-fledged other political entities to offer stiff competition to the ruling most corrupt faction. While South Africa's ruling African National Congress was getting increasingly faction-ridden with souring competition in  the looting of public resources! Corruption! Another sponsoring xenophobia to destabilise the sitting president's faction! Secretary-General, Ace Magashule Guptagate  and multi-million Rand looted Estina Dairies faction- and his famous - He who is not guilty cast the first stone stance!

The former president, Jacob Zuma faction. The Bathabile Dlamini looting of social grants faction in the ruling party's women's league whose slogan was-why target women-we all have our own smallanyana transgressions - this faction has sought to team-up with The Zuma faction embattled Public Protector, Busisiwe Mkhwebane, who also has the investigative responsibility of the same matters! And has been successfully challenged in court over her selective justice approach.

Partisan retired Justice Seriti Commission findings on The Arms Deal was overturned on appeal by Non- Governmental Organisations, AfriForum and Right To Know ten years later in August 2019.

When arrests are made, party loyalists and criminals get either incited or hired to intimidate both witnesses with drive-by shootings and The Judiciary with night vigils as happened in the Zuma multiple cases that included rape and The KwaZulu-Natal ruling party notorious Mayors who eliminate witnesses to cover-up corruption! And besiege the courts. An African National Congress faction has supported the alleged predator rapist Nigerian pastor, Timothy Omotoso probably as a means of tapping into his massive local miracle following public. All State institutions, incuding The Judiciary! The National Prosecutions Authority!

The Police and The Inteligence Service have also been taken-over by these factions! These factions have also manifested within the same institution, there-by causing devastating Internal conflict as against qualitative team processes. Instead of being of service to the citizenry such state institutions have gone fulltime into the service of rogue powerful individuals and factions! The State naturally loses legitimacy to the thriving mafia!

A scenario that would not get room in The African State and its version of democracy. The result was a paralysed service delivery process! And the majority ordinary citizens on the receiving end as evidenced in the out-comes of The Justice Zondo State Capture Commission. In Botswana, the ruling Botswana Democratic Party remains as equally multiply split! Those who subscribe to the idea of public office lottery led by Secretary-General,  Mpho Balopi!

The True Democrats inspired by the visions of the founding fathers! The sympathisers of former president, Ian Khama! And the reformers of sitting president Mokgwetsi Masisi. In Namibia, former ruling SWAPO Prime Minister, Nahas Angula's fervent cry for electoral meritocracy for the November 2019 elections tells it all as quoted in The Namibian of Thursday 5 September, 2019. Angula emphasised that the "eaters" notion should never be allowed to  be the determinant factor for public office. Leader of the opposition National Unity Democratic Organisation, Utjiua Muinuangue went-on to further point-out that parliament was never designed for sleep as quoted in The Namibian Sun of Monday September 2, 2019!

A place to go and remain irrelevant! But a platform of critical debate driven by well-researched material with capacity to influence value-adding government policy. The now aggressive campaign against public office eating lottery attitude confirms that this was a long-standing and so deeply entrenched phenomenon now being exposed by citizenry political maturity that has risen beyond liberation credential rhetoric! All these internal partisan political factions get ready religious followings. These growing multiple factions remain as, naturally, attracting tribal sympathies that tend to be blind to justice and fairness! This could also be the advent of new-age quality service delivery driven independent movement politics!

Mass trauma has instilled a deep fear, anger and resentment among many African State communities for the black eurocentric ruling elite. Oppressed and suppressed citizens in The  African State have slowly come of age! There are signs that they have since grown thicker skins. This could be a strong and detailed message to the effect that liberation movement mantra or partisan politics could have out-lived its shelf-life. Or, western religion in Africa could have well gone beyond its purpose! If all the upheavals within South Africa's ruling African National Congress that have seen in corruption-driven in - party wanton killings! Wild-cat service delivery demonstrations in defiance of the respective party! Arson on the respective party offices and houses of the respective party councilors by its supporters. And blocking polling officers from accessing Polling Stations setting alight polling material and the respective vehicles as witnessed in May 2019 South African elections. South  Africa's African National Congress government enacted an Act of Parliament institutionalising The Commission for Religion and Languages whose mandate was to terrorise African religion Chaired by Thoko Mkhwananzi-Xaluva.

A moment of  urgent need for institutional evaluation whose time has come! This prevailing state of affairs naturally calls for well-rehearsed parliamentary debate starting with a prayer! Politicaly guided so as to avoid upsetting the offending ruling man-eating dinosaurs. Window-dresser representation intimidated to tow the party-line. In this manner quality legislation and parliamentary oversight function suffers irrepairably. The western version of democracy! Western political and administrative wisdom suffer an inevitable heat-stroke! And the respective citizenry of great political and administrative aspirations, got reduced into being permanent true hostages of the system that it had supported into independence in good will! Good hope! And in good faith!

Gumede further observed that the respective traumatised communities and societies tend to produce a disproportionate number of leaders who were already broken, but who were unable to transcend their brokenness. Such societies often voted for autocratic figures, either "Father" figures or military strong men - who would supposedly "defend" them against perceived threats, such as former colonial  powers, "enemy" groups, and hostile former elites from the colonial regime. Such traumatised societies often vote for populists and their empty promises of leading to the promised land, and black and white solutions to complex problems. These trauma-driven societies often support autocratic, corrupt and incompetent leaders, because at least they are one of us. The impact of the prevailing colonial trauma and apartheid delivers many black leaders who tended to mimic the behaviour of their former white oppressors, against the majority black poor.

Gumede called it cynical exploitation, callousness and dishonesty. Good neighbourhood was that high quality relationship as given to that Israeli lawless nation as a coercive corrective measure as given in The Ten Commandments. That was to say Africans took great comfort within the neighbourhood naturally taking charge of such neighbourly immediate requirements. Various African nations have an adage to the effect that even those who do not own herds of cattle, carmels or donkeys or flocks of goats would still nourish themselves with both dairy products and meats.

The African State was a  natural brother's keeper with very few angry and hungry people and a lover of humanity and the rule of law unlike the eurocentric view that sees such hospitality as a waste of resources. Almost every African household had a non-family person or persons being looked-after to the extent of adopting the host family name! That was to confirm that xenophobia was unAfrican but Jewish and beyond.

Xenophobia was against Africa's tradition of caring. The African State thrived on high quality philanthropism with The Princes! Kings and Queens collecting and keeping strategic food reserves in readiness to mitigate unforseen calamities in the affected parts of the kingdom to the extent of rescuing other friendly neighbourhood kingdoms. And, also would keep food strategic reserves in compliance with spiritual or prophetic warnings as seen with Israel's Joseph in Egypt and in The Book of Second Chronicles 20:20.

The African State believed that it was of God! And that it had been in existence and blessed with its own prophets long before The Christ. Its governance constitution, unlike The Israelites, was in-built at creation. Believes that The Holy Bible was a product of men that was vulnerable to continuous editing or alteration to suit individualistic required circumstances as evidenced in sitting Pope Francis proposals for a new version in addition to the numerous other already existing! King James version! New International version! Former Zimbabwean cleric and convicted rapist homo-sexual late ceremonial president, Professor Canaan Banana's last aspiraration was to produce another new version of The Holy Bible and it would still have remained as holy.

The African State acknowledges that The Bible was both partially inspired and fraudulent as evidenced in the prominent inconsintencies and deliberate manipulations within the said word of God! And the fact that from the book of Genesis to Revelation it tells the story of a single Hebrew family made it irrelevant to the other nations. The African State never believed in the said all-human-being origination from Eden but believes that Africans were a deliberate other unique creation of God. The African State has argued that of the world's multiple God-given religions! Christianity was of man as Jesus The Christ founded neither religion nor built a Temple.

Jesus The Christ remained as a prominent Judaist prophet till his departure. Christianity was founded  by then sitting Roman Emperor Constantine who blended Judaism with the then existing Roman satanism as a means of safe-guarding his throne from the continued massive conversion of Romans into Judaism in response to the growing spiritual aggression of Jesus'desciples. Emperor Constantine had to combine them, re-name them as Christians and rule. This was The Christianity that opened The Organisation of African Unity in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 1963 as against True African Traditional Religion. Heads of State and ruling elite have gone into governance with foreign constitutions and compelled their subjects to do business and go into marriages and build vulnerable families with The Roman-Dutch Law and fulltime shelved The African constitution that knew of no crime ranging from fraud, murder, vandalism, open hurt and hate!

Treason! Passion killings! Divorce! Child neglect, to various other prevailing forms of lawlessness or anti-social challenges. Male barrenness remained as unknown in the majority of tribes due to sensitive quick intervention by clan elders ranging from traditional therapies to drafting a blood-brother-keeper to cover the gap as was in Israel. (Gen 38: 6-10). While barren women were camouflaged by the taking-in of a blood sister as a second wife rather than each party clandestinely straying into the open-market with the requisite other party humiliation!

Or, divorce. In The African State men would only murder at war and armies under-went the requisite ritual cleansing when they returned. The African State had oral libraries! Chinua Achebe summed it well to the effect that the death of an elderly person was equivalent to a burning library! And when a neighbour came to busk in the sun at one's homestead that never meant to say that the same sun never shone at his homestead! African wisdom unlimited. In The African State, courtship was never a free-for-all! Families decided as to which family to marry to or from! Men and women never mindled at will both married and single. Almost everyone, in this way, married a virgin. Courtship started through parents in many African tribes before getting the targeted woman or man. And intermediaries played a very active and strategic role in inter-family relations especially in conflict management. And in the spiritual realm, between the living and God in lobby of wisdom and good fortune.

The only known such challenge was witchcraft which was spiritual and, therefore, called for a spiritual intervention which spiritualists had the competencies to handle. The eurocentric state granted free reign to witches with  The Witchcraft Suppression Act that forbade prosecution and persecution of witches basing it on western evidence. Those living witches became demons at death that haunted the living! While the good served as Angels in the spiritual realm who would even pay visitation to convey strategic messages in sleep or vision! The African State believes that an African would have no access to God without invoking his ancestral lineages as intermediaries! The African State does not believe in ancestoral worship but values the worship of God with active ancestoral intermediaries in the same manner that Christian Angels would do! In The African State parents remain as forever honoured in both life and death beyond The Christian "honour thy father and mother" that ends at death. Ohh! God! Grant my ancestors sufficient wisdom to remain loyal to your honour as they lobby for good fortune in my favour! Amen.

God of my father! God of my ancestors! God of Africa! While Christians and Moslems believed that each man stood for himself before God. The African State believes that it was the body that died and soul retreats to the spiritual realm where it remains as active in that state deemed to be superior to that of the living. Prophet Nehemiah prays The King of Israel for permission to go and resuscitate the burnt City of Jerusalem for the main reason that the Israeli fore-fathers lay there. (Neh 2:26. Jer 34:3-5. 1Kings14.). With or without the prevailing constitutions and The Israeli Ten Commandments, The African State had its own in-built God-given highly informative and functional constitution.

The African State got destroyed and forced to live by The Moseic Laws supplemented with the allien Roman-Dutch Law that shields only the rich and enslaves the majority poor! Protects the rich against the hungry poor! Cold, bare-footed short of sanitary  towels who are perennially condemned into excruciating poverty! While coats were put on the shoulders of the already priviledged. The eurocentric state has neither ear nor eye for the majority poor! It continuously shifts the graveyard posts and the construction of new penitentiary institutions and builds empires on child cheap labour and human trafficking as was in the slave trade.

It remains as most difficult to accept the eurocentric trivialisation of The African State especially looking at the fact that those who have either prefixed or suffixed their identity as God's chosen nation, The Israeli, had to flee to African sanctuary when a moment of extinction had become imminent! Joseph and Mary had to flee to Africa when a moment of infanticide had become imminent where they got good quality food and security.

It was in Arabia that Israel criminal nation of no self-restraint, got The Ten Commandments as a first form of control at Mount Sinai through the hand of murderer Prophet Moses who failed to see Canaan due to his uncalculated temperement that offended God! And it was in Africa that Jewish Prophet Moses was favoured with the sight of a burning shrub at a time that the natives, to this day, have seen burning mountains.

One wonders as to how this good and great God of Africa with so superior institutions got so trivialised in favour of foreign faiths! Without Africa and its God, then there would have been no Jerusalem and The Vatican today. The so-called Eloquent Founding Fathers of The Organisation of African Unity would have been very wise to hurdle over the restoration of The African State as a top priority agenda so that they could have drawn appropriate and sufficient spiritual authority and inspiration to govern.

In The African State the right to govern comes from God the creator as against the former colonial fraudsters.

The African State believes, to this day, that God should not allow wolves and jackals to rule His people. The African State still believes that when God's people wail he cries too. And when He cries the unscrupulous rulers, kingdoms and Temples tumble! Fraudulent leadership, corruption! Bad governance! Wars! Hunger and Poverty agitate God and when He gets so agitated He protests in His own language. Disasters! Prolonged droughts! Disease! Wars! Hostilities and various other misfortunes such as the recent Cyclone Idai.

Bad fortune may also be localised to an individual, family or clan for past and present transgressions that could either be of current making or generational.

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Source - Reginald Nyathi
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