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Mujuru facing liquidation as business empire collapse - one in Blue Roof is worried sick, she is up next

24 Sep 2019 at 19:35hrs | Views
"Former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her company, Ruzirun Investments, have approached the High Court seeking an order stopping a couple she owes money from attaching her property as she fears going "under liquidation or facing multiple claims", reported Bulawayo 24.

"Mujuru owes over US$226 000 to Sabrina and Tony Sarpo, through their company Peppy Motors (Pvt) Ltd, which is demanding the money at the interbank rate."

How the mighty and untouchables have fallen! Or as one would say in Shona, "Aiva madziva avamazambuko!"

Zanu-PF cronies have amassed vast wealth at the very time the Zimbabwe economy was in rapid decline. These cronies was other exceptionally gifted business person and swum against the economic torrent with ease. Or they were the one behind the rampant corruption which was sucking the life out of the nation and fuelling the economic meltdown. Every time these Zanu-PF leaders lost their political influence their economic decline has been rapid; proof their fortunes were dependent on looting.

Mai Mujuru is not the first Zanu-PF grandee to find themselves in deep economic trouble soon after losing their place on the Zanu-PF top table. Didymus Mutasa's economic troubles started within months of being booted out of Zanu-PF. Others like the late Nathan Shamuyarira and Enos Nkala has their party cards to the end but died paupers after being sidelined!

Grace Mugabe will be worry sick to read of Mai Mujuru's troubles; she knows that she is next. Ever since the November 2017 coup, she has struggled to hang on to the vast fortune she and her late husband looted. Now with the husband died, she is nothing more than a wounded goat with the hungry hyenas on her trial!

Not that I feel sorry for Mai Mujuru, Grace Mugabe and all the other Zanu-PF cronies facing economic hardships; far from it. They are late comers to the real Zimbabwe of grinding poverty; they are having a taste of the consequences of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption they imposed on us, the masses, all these last 39 years.

It is morally reprehensible and economically unsustainable that the corrupt and wasteful Zanu-PF ruling elite should get filthy rich on looted wealth at the expense of the impoverished masses.

We owe it to ourselves and posterity to end the economic chaos and political paralysis Robert Mugabe and his Zanu-PF thugs imposed on this nation. The dictatorship is collapsing, there is no looted wealth left to sustain Zanu-PF ruling elite's insatiable hunger for more  wealth our task is to deliver the coup de grace to the dictatorship!

We must now seek the earliest demise of the Zanu-PF dictatorship. As long as Zimbabwe remains a pariah state ruled by this Zanu-PF dictatorship; the will be no end to the gross mismanagement, rampant corruption,  vote rigging, etc. There will be no meaningful economic recovery as long as this illegitimate Zanu-PF regime remains in power.

Besides, the nation needs meaningful regime change a.s.a.p to stop people like Mai Mujuru and Grace Mugabe wasting the looted wealth away in their frantic effort to maintain their lavish lifestyle of bygone years. The nation needs very dollar of looted wealth to clear the ruins Zanu-PF has left and rebuild the nation anew.

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