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Comrades, Zimbabwe is under attack!

27 Sep 2019 at 07:51hrs | Views
Gloves are off, it is no longer clandestine as before, and the enemy has come out in the open attacking anything to do with Zimbabwe. Not that the clandestine black operations have stopped, far from it, they are also being scaled up behind the scenes â€" however, that is a subject for another day.

To begin with, there are media reports to the effect that one of the country's largest ferrochrome producers, African Chrome Fields (ACF) recently shut down its mining operation is Kwekwe, laying off over 500 workers. An interesting revelation surrounding this sad development is that ACF owner and South African Businessman, Zunaid MOTI, told a local Zimbabwean newspaper that he was pressured to pull out of Zimbabwe because of the country's alleged negative image among other issues.

It is still not clear who actually pressured MOTI to shut down his Zimbabwean operation, but whoever it was - that person, institution or country is indirectly aiding to the destabilization of the Zimbabwean economy. This is a wakeup call to Zimbabweans, especially the opposition, who are quick to blame Government for any economic hick up that the country might face.  It vindicates Government's position that there is a third force influencing some of the happenings in the country.

Without MOTI's confession, who would have believed that a company can be pressured to shut down a lucrative operation in order to prop up a skewed image of Zimbabwe? The sad part of all this is that over 500 Zimbabweans are now out of employment, their dependents' livelihoods have been turned upside down, the country's image as a good investment destination has been further soiled, and the Government has been denied potential revenue from tax.

Relatedly, a group of former United States (US) Ambassadors to Zimbabwe and that country's State Department officials have written to Harvard University, pressuring the institution to rescind the Honorary Ambassadorship to First Lady, Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa, based on cases of alleged abductions of opposition activists in Zimbabwe.  

This development is obviously meant to tarnish the image of President Emerson Mnangagwa, as evidenced by claims in the above mentioned document which in part reads, "to be blunt, your well-intentioned work … (is) tainted by the affiliation with Ms. Mnangagwa and her direct personal connection to an increasingly corrupt and abusive administration in which tolerance for dissent is nonexistent and democratic rights are violently denied."

To give weight to their silly demand, the Americans went on to claim that according to credible human rights organizations (which they could not name probably fearing that their credibility might be challenged) more than 50 government critics and activists have been abducted in Zimbabwe over the past nine months.

They added that the most pertinent example was that of Dr. Peter Magombeyi, president of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association, who "disappeared" for five days and was allegedly found suffering from the effects of torture. This is despite the fact that the case of Magombeyi is still under investigation (although he is sabotaging Police efforts by refusing to be interviewes) and there is no conclusive evidence to support that he was abducted, let alone by Government and tortured.

Again, the ascension that the Government of Zimbabwe does not tolerate dissent is baseless. Such claims are meant to shadow President Mnangagwa's efforts in opening up the democratic space since taking office.

During the 2018 the opposition was able to canvass for support in all the corners of the country â€" does that not count? This type of rhetoric is only meant distort the progress made by Government in the implementation of reforms aimed at further opening up the democratic space. The end result is that potential investors will end up shunning the country leading to economy collapse and revolt against Government which the Americans would definitely hijack to effect regime change.

It is important to note that the Harvard University Honorary Ambassadorship had been bestowed on Amai Mnangagwa in recognition of her charity work which has seen a significant number of Zimbabwean women being screened for cervical cancer.  Whether the Ambassadorship is rescinded or not, that will not change the fact that Amai Mnangagwa's charity work significantly contributes to efforts to increase access to women's health and to reduce healthcare disparities in the developing world.

Lastly, the opposition MDC also has plans to submit a petition to the United Nations (UN) and international community asking them to designate President Mnangagwa and Zanu PF party as terrorists for the alleged killings of civilians during public protests. This plan dovetails with that of the Americans which is aimed at soiling the image of the country. Their aim is to squeeze life out of Zimbabwe.

As said by the US President, Donald Trump, during his address at the ongoing 74th United Nations General Assembly, "the future belongs to patriots." It is now up to patriotic Zimbabweans to defend their country against this onslaught for our differences to not transcend being sovereign â€" no to outside influence!

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Source - Mapozho Saruchera
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