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Energy Mutodi was right, Ndebeles are not Zimbabweans

27 Sep 2019 at 10:57hrs | Views
We would like to thank Zimbabwe Deputy Minister of Information, Energy Mutodi, for reminding us what we already knew that we, Matabeles, are not Zimbabweans.

While many of us have declared publicly that we are not Zimbabweans and that we are humiliated to be referred to as such, a few Matabeles who falsely believed that they were Zimbabweans have received a chilling reminder  from Zimbabwe Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Energy Mutodi, that they are foreign nationals accommodated in Zimbabwe.

"For South Africa in Zimbabwe here if you didn't know, just about 1836 we accommodated thousands of South Africans who came into Zimbabwe fleeing from Shaka, and they were being led by Mzilikazi…at least 3 million Zimbabweans have South African origin.", charged Mutodi.

When such a clear message, pregnant with the truth, comes from the information ministry of a country, it is foolishness to ignore or take it likely.

In this statement which is replete with tribal hate and Ndebele phobia two issues are abundantly noticeable. Firstly, he is too quick to point out that Matabeles came from South Africa but very scared to mention that we have our own country named after our nation (Matabele- land) where we were born and bread. A country, which  before the arrival of white colonists, was an independent and sovereign Kingdom with a clear territory and borders. The dormant Jameson Line border post which separates Matabeleland from Mashonaland being one of them.

Secondly, he voluntarily gives us a free but very distorted history lesson punctuated with half truths and far fetched lies about us, but too scared to say where Shona people came from to settle in Mashonaland (not in Matabeleland) and that they found some of Matabeles already living in Matabeleland and later joined by others from Southern Africa to form one solid and unbreathable nation.

Of course one has to be terrified by his own history especially if their forefathers had to walk thousands of kilometres all the way from Burundi to settle in Mashonaland. Moreover one must be scared to articulate their true history if their forefathers were sent packing from Burundi at a short notice for practising witchcraft only to take refuge in Southern Africa, occupying land which was later named after them, Mashonaland.

Without a central figure, and led by witches and wizards masquerading as spirit mediums and leaders, there was no one to keep historical records and order. Even the so called "spirit mediums" could not reveal this humiliating history. One cannot be proud of this dark piece of history.

That's why the grand children of Jonny come late (umafikizolo) like Motodi will always publicly embarrass themselves by confusing themselves and trying to confuse others as well concerning their own history as well as that of Matabele.

To them it is better to lie and say Shonas germinated from the rocks of the mountains of Chimanimani than tell the truth that they are from Burundi.  

This is because they want to promote Shona superiority over other nations and tribes, they want declare self entitlement to all resources and wealth found in both Mashonaland and Matabeleland to feed their demons of greediness.

"Dr" Mutodi must feel ashamed, this is 21st century otherwise known as information age. Thanks to latest technology, almost all Africans, except those who claim monopoly to education , now know that all Bantu speakers in Southern Africa migrated from northern and central Africa.

This info is just a button away! Okulempondo akufilwa, rine manyanga hariputirwe. One may try as hard to cover up the dark culture of witchcraft which forms the basis of Shona tradition without success.

Why was Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi killed by hanging? As for Mbuya Nehanda I cannot even write here because the crime itself is unprintable. Sekuru Kakuvi was gifted with the dark art of turning lightning into a killer bullet. It is said he took many innocent lives with his "magic bullets" associated with lightning until the white colonialists hanged him to death.

The acts of witchcraft are still the order of the day in Mashonaland. It reared its ugly head again with two prominent figures, President Emmerson Mnangagwa and former first lady Grace Mugabe fighting for Robert Mugabe' s corpse. It is an embarrassing on going battle making headlines world wide. It is said that President Mnangagwa wants to harvest finger nails, teeth and other parts from Mugabe's body for ritual purposes.

We feel pity for Grace Mugabe. She has to spend her grieving days sitting next to Mugabe's corpse or sleep with one eye open to keep guard. Are these acts not some of the reasons why some people were chased away from Burundi?

To Energy Mutodi and others who share the same Shona superiority mentality with him we say, YES MATABELES ARE NOT
ZIMBABWEANS, NEITHER ARE WE SOUTH AFRICANS. If anything it humiliates us to be called Zimbabweans or associated with it.

We have our own country named after us, Matabele- land. We will fight aggressively for the independence of Matabeleland using all means possible. If the situation demands that we shoot to kill, we will do it. Proudly Matabele!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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