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An ethnic Genocide is brewing in Matebeleland as Ndebeles get tutsified by Mnangagwa's government

30 Sep 2019 at 07:53hrs | Views
The Zanu PF's Rozvi mambo fraud in which the system is fronting Mike Moyo as their answer to King Bulelani Lobhengula, is the official government response to Matabele efforts to free themselves from Shona political, economical and cultural domination.

It is contrived to hedge and protect the gains of Gukurahundi operations in Matabeleland that left an enfeebled population that became so politically disoriented that it still seeks salvation from the aggressors, hence the current voting patterns in the region.

The upsurge of Mthwakazi restorationist rhetoric, especially the crescendo on Ndebele monarchical revival, the demands for Gukurahundi truth telling and restitution as well as the desire to achieve self-determination, are the main headache for the Government of Zimbabwe which is panicking. Their response has been to clamp down on Ndebele chiefs associated with Mzilikazi-Lobhengula rule whilst going around the country inciting Rozvi chiefs to rise and occupy the traditional leadership power base in Matabeleland.

Whilst Chief Vezi Maduna Mafu gets "house arrest" conditions in Filabusi for denouncing the looting of resources in the region, Chief Nhlanhla Khayisa Ndiweni gets jailed ostensibly for a criminal offence when in fact he is being punished for spearheading the revival of the Ndebele monarch. At the same time government takes Chief Mathema and the Royal Crown Charter to court for attempting to install a Ndebele King but allows the Mambo Dynasty to mobilise 100 Shona chiefs using government infrastructure and resources to instal the so called Rozvi King.

The ceremony is not only given national television coverage but a popular historian is hired to do PR work for the scandal. Even the local Zanu PF MP is instructed to attend the function which is mischievously timed to coincide with the King Mzilikazi Commemorations in Mhlahlandlela. In his speech Roozvi new Rozvi King delivers the message from government in he threatens to dethrone all chiefs who derive their chieftancy from Ndebele rule and replace them, to quote him verbatim "sizabeka izinduna zabeLozwi izindaweni zabo".

What people don't realise is that conditions for the tutsification of Matabeleland have been set. Ndebele chiefs and their families have been targetted for demotion, decimation and ethnic cleansing. Right now somebody is busy creating an inventory of the "Tutsis" of Zimbabwe and a genocide will soon follow. Never say you were not warned.

Source - George M Mkhwanazi
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