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Nelson Chamisa's jest causes uproar

30 Sep 2019 at 14:54hrs | Views
The political hard hat area in Zimbabwe surely  needs to be improved so that people would negotiate without fear of anything. The outrage about a  video where President of MDC-Alliance Nelson Chamisa taking a mic from his wife went viral on the social media with people accusing the opposition leader of undermining women in the society.

What clearly was a jest became the talk of he town. This is how powerful this man is. However Amai Chamisa was not even offended by it as she went away laughing.

If she had talked and cruised for a long time the same people would start accusing her as someone who is political savvy, politically immature and that she was going to be another Grace Mugabe.

It is likely that very soon we are going to hear voices of hired women and bogus pressure groups marching crying out loud that a mic has been grabbed away from one of their own. Surprisingly the same  women did not march in the streets when they were being dehumanised by the police.

The problem we are facing in Zimbabwe is not about the opposition leader grabbing a mic from his wife but  lack of political will and lackadaisical approach to reforms, corruption and inconsistency when it becomes to policy formulation and implementation especially within Zanu PF government.

I can vividly recall the youths coming with a list to be and shame. What happened to that list. What happened to the list of people who whom the President said they externalised money?

Last month one of Zanu PF youth member Kudzai Mtisi threatened to expose those dealing with forex and sabotaging the country but it just died a silent death. Those targeted criminals who were surrounding the late  President Robert Mugabe was just a dump squib. So far no one has been convicted of corruption in a country where even rats , cats and dogs corrupt all their way to survival.

This whole outrage of Nelson Chamisa's wife is not an issue. The issue here is about the economy  skyrocketing of basic commodities. Issues to deal with people who are externalising foreign currency.

We want to address issues of this weekly petrol price increases and corruption  It's a shame that we focus on trivial and fail to address bread and butter issues.  Its time for Zimbabweans to look at what is derailing us.

As I pen this right now, our hospitals across the country are incapacitated. They are without medical doctors. A number of people are dying with incurable diseases. The doctors can’t afford to report  to work because of meagre salaries  that they are getting from the government.

Its a shame that the story appeared in the national paper The Herald. Has Chamisa committed an offence?  Hope the police are investigating the case.

I thought we have an elephant  in the room  to fight which is corruption , poor governance coupled with nepotism and cult politics. Can we waste our energy discussing about how somebody grabbed a mic from his beloved wife?

We have seen the President taking about 90  ZANU PF youths to New York, but there is no money to pay doctors. We have a critical water crisis and this pose a health hazard to the communities. Most of public public toilets in towns and cities are locked because there is no running water, it leaves people with no option but to help themselves anywhere.

We should be interrogating and asking why there is an influx of Zimbabweans jumping our borders every week going to Mzansi in  search for greener pastures. There is a problem and it must be solved. It's  a true reflection of a stench economic atmosphere which needs an economic therapy.

Its a shame that our national newsapaper The Herald can't manage media output and are onslaught with the outrage. Where is the national building mantra propagating the national vision. It is rather in a destructive drive.

Imagine if South African Broadcasting Co-operation or BBC is  behaving like Zimbabwe Broadcasting Co-operation, surely there would be disaster.
A state broadcaster must remain impartial and forge for unity not to be devisive .There is a certain level of dignity that comes with that impartiality. We need more of development stories with the agenda of mending the battered image of the country. We call for media reforms.

We must believe in ourselves and foster for the development of an African intellectual vanguard. Let us put our differences aside and set our standards high. Together we can make the change and it starts within you.


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