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Open letter to Mthwakazi

06 Oct 2019 at 21:05hrs | Views
Firstly I bring you greetings from Mthwakazi Liberation Front. The Movement which strives to bring back life, dignity, joy and prosperity to all Mthwakazi people.

Mthwakazi, some 9years ago, in Berea park, I stood before you and unpacked all dirty tricks that the colonial regime of Zimbabwe was doing to reoccupy our Mthwakazi land. As an organization, may we thank you all over the manner in which you responded to our call to liberate Mthwakazi. From that day, we saw villagers in Plumtree kicking out Shona teachers in Makuzeze school. The same was witnessed again some hundreds of kilometers away, in Lupane. Shona teachers were forcefully removed at Mlamuli Secondary School. The sense of nationalism and owning has grown among this great nation of warriors. The nation of Mzilikazi Khumalo. The nation of Lobhengula Khumalo. The nation of Mgandane. The nation of Joshua Nkomo. The nation of Lookout Masuku and many more. That spirit saw Matopo villagers engaging in a fierce fight with CIO operative who wanted to disposes them of their land. It saw chief Khayisa Ndiweni blocking the invasion of the historical land of Ntabazinduna. It saw the residents of the City of the Kings (Bulawayo) defend the destruction of the historic Bulawayo power station, fighting with their last breathe, Shona nepotism in Zesa and Pick n Pay stores as well as the attempt to grab the city council powers by Kambarami.

Today, I am again privileged to write this open letter to you, addressing the state of our nation and pointing the direction that we now need to take. A privilege that has always come with a moral responsibility to tell the truth just as it pains. I write to you Mthwakazi omhle, ondlela zimhlophe, to thank you for taking up our word, your dedication towards seeing Mthwakazi being a free and independent state. The colonial and shameless government of Zimbabwe has tried all the tricks to frustrate and scare you from forging ahead with the agenda but you have been as sound and as resolute as back in 1896 during the Ndebele uprising.

Mthwakazi kaMalandela kaNdaba, In 2015, addressing the United Nations General Assembly, Israel Prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu said, " It's not easy to oppose something that is embraced by the greatest powers in the world. Believe me, it would be far easier to remain silent. But throughout our history, the Jewish people have learned the heavy price of silence. And as the Prime Minister of the Jewish State, as someone who knows that history, I refuse to be silent.

I'll say it again: The days when the Jewish people remained passive in the face of genocidal enemies - those days are over.

Not being passive means speaking up about those dangers. We have. We are. We will.

Not being passive also means defending ourselves against those dangers. We have. We are. And we will."

Mthwakazi, in this, we are not only against Zimbabwe but regional and the continental block, the SADC and the AU respectively, who through their operational documents, does not want a move like ours regardless of how it is imperative for building peace and stability in the continent.  I know for the truth again that our move is not only a pain in the necks of Zimbabweans but of their handlers too, the British but may I say it loudly that no forces of evil will forever rule over Mthwakazi. The time has come. The time is now that we complete the decolonisation process and add Mthwakazi as the 55th country of the continent of Africa. Together as one, let us be  determined to liberate and defend Mthwakazi from these evil colonial forces that seek to see us landless and sinking in poverty. The times of passiveness are over. The times of fear are over. The times of surrendering our land to the invaders are over.

In August,  as Zimbabwe boastfully through its national anthem, 'Ndeye Ropa', celebrated the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Mthwakazi people, their heartless, thief and shameless President , Emmlerson Mnangagwa, for the second time in just 9months, took to the podium to denounce your disire to set yourselves free, saying, " Zimbabwe is a unitary state and there was no place for tribalism." I wonder if the man really understands what is meant by tribalism. A better understanding person of situation in the land called Zimbabwe would better although still  improper, call our move a xenophobic one. And maybe if we could take it in his word, - 'the Zimbabwe is unitary state context', I wonder who furns aromatic tribalism and who doesn't. The genocidal Mnangagwa is quick to forget that there are hundreds of thousands of Mthwakazi people whom he personally certified their deaths on tribal basis.

The people whom he has fought and continues to fight fiercely to deny their right to be buried with dignity and true justice even though they lie face up in mass graves.

Today, we see a commission of inquiry established to investage the death of only 7 Shona people, while no inquiry has ever established to investigate the killing of over 80 000 Mthwakazi people. In the process, we see witnesses and the directly affected surviving victims of the genocide, chased after, detained and cowed of their hard earned cents in the term 'fining the convict'. The times of giving our hard earned cents to Zimbabwean crooks in form of fines have ended. If they arrest one, in return, let us arrest 20 of them.

Today, on tribal basis, that Mnangagwa blames on the innocent descendants of the true nation builder King Mzilikazi, health facilities are torched across Mthwakazi land. As a hater of tribalism, he bothers not to investigate why is it only happening in Mthwakazi. This is done so that Mthwakazi people are exposed to diseases and as a result die natural deaths that no one will ever question. This is done so that they and their (Shonas) families will make some visits and donations to the affected areas and thus endearing themselves to the people of those areas, as seen with Auxillia, wife to Mnangagwa visit to IMpilo Hospital followed by the donations by her husband. In this way, Zimbabwe clings to power and continue its illegal rule over Mthwakazi.

Today, we see ZANU 'winning convincingly' the votes across Mthwakazi land, something that has never happened before. Who in Mthwakazi do you think can vote for ZANU? None, but this is done in a bid to keep Mthwakazi forever under the rule of Zimbabwe.

Today, Mnangagwa hints about implementing the devolution of power. It is a taboo that has never been witnessed in any part of the world that a neighbour will walk to the other neighbour's home and tell him, he is giving him powers to run his home. Who is Emmerson Mnangagwa to be devolving powers to Mthwakazi if he is not the oppressor who deployed Nyasha Masuka as the Medical director of Matabeleland North, Pardon Kuipa as the Vice Chancellor of Lupane University, Tapera Mugoriya as director in the office of the provincial affairs, just to name a few. So how is his power devolving strategy going to work and yield positive results if his compatriots still hold influential posts in Mthwakazi?

Today, we are reminded by the deputy minister of information, Energy Mutodi that we are not Zimbabweans. Something that we have said long back and the reason that gave birth to our MLF, to ensure a successful transition from being Zimbabwean colony to a state and a nation with total independence and sovereignty. Mutodi however mistakes Mthwakazi people for South Africans but he does not mistake Shona people for Burundians.

While everyone is shocked by Mutodi's remarks, wondering what was to follow, the Energy and Power Development deputy minister Magna Mudyiwa dismisses Ndebele language in their territory(Mashonaland/Zimbabwe), saying that it was not recognized at all. True in that and cementing our call for two states solution in the quagmire of Zimbabwe. This comes at a time when the colonial government of Zimbabwe is deploying shona speaking workers right across Mthwakazi land. This happens at a time when the Shona government of Zimbabwe has introduced Shona in various schools in Mthwakazi to ensure that Shona is cultivated deep into Mthwakazi people's blood stream at tender age, Shonalising the whole of Mthwakazi and thus maintaining the Zimbabwean grip on Mthwakazi.

In that light, I say, let no Shona language is heard or spoken in Mthwakazi, as of today. Let no Shona music is played in Mthwakazi. Let those that promote Shona in whichever way in Mthwakazi, be labelled enemies of Mthwakazi

In March 2018, the panicking government of Mnangagwa managed to block the coronation of the Nguni King but for how long would they suppress the resilient will to restore Mthwakazi people's cultures? Today, the Lozwi people have installed their King. Next should be the Tonga people and the all other ethnic groups. That way, the Mthwakazi Royal Council will be established. When building a house, one starts by erecting pillars that support and give balance to the whole structure before he puts the roof. The Nguni King will then be installed last, completing the whole structure of the Royal Council. If the Zimbabwe government blocked the coronation of the Mthwakazi King, thinking it had defeated the Mthwakazi Agenda, then it shall consider itself a joke.

Today, I assure you that, it is nearer ahead than where we are coming from, stay resolute.

As we enter the second phase of our struggle let everyone and in every corner of the world, understand that Mthwakazi is a nation with unique traditions and cultures. So let us use our uniqueness as our identity mark. In our diversity, let our uniqueness tell the world who we are. Let every man of Mthwakazi, starting from this month, put on uMqhele, every Wednesday. Let every woman put on iSicholo, every Wednesday. Mthwakazi is a country so much different from Zimbabwe. Mthwakazians are people different from Zimbabweans in so many ways.

In closing, I call upon our brothers and sisters who are still captured in 'the Zimbabwe is a unitary state' mind to check their fanaticism at the door. It is time they feel the winds of change and join.

In Mthwakazi we belong. In MLF, we trust, and we pin our hopes for a bright tomorrow.

MLF is contactable on

Source - David Magagula
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