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'MDC better off with Biti, not Cobra'

13 Oct 2019 at 07:17hrs | Views
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The ever clueless opposition, which always behaves suspiciously like Zanu-PF employees would make a good case study of how a vibrant opposition political party can remain in opposition for more than 20 years despite facing an equally clueless and incompetent ruling party.

They have it all in their favour, including hyper inflation, unemployment, cash shortages, in fact shortages of just about anything, including electricity, water, bread and good governance.

They continue to remain in opposition despite two decades of existence.

They have perfected the art of opposition politics that many are beginning to ask if their leaders are not employed by Zanu-PF to keep the opposition in the opposition.

They have spectacularly managed to keep Zanu-PF in power through many shenanigans on the part of their leaders, including imposing unpopular candidates on the people during major elections, fielding double candidates to the benefit of the ruling Zanu-PF party or better still, not fielding any candidates to ensure that their paymasters, their employers, their bosses in Zanu-PF remain in power.

In Domboshava, Luke Tamborinyoka would have been an MP if his bosses had not clandestinely fielded another candidate as part of a deal which was struck to ensure that the ruling party was able to garner a two thirds majority in Parliament.

The biggest beneficiaries were Ndombolo dancer, Energy Mutodi who was contesting far from his home village of Bikita in Masvingo.

All this must be done for a fee or business contracts of course!

We all know how at the height of differences between the two main political parties, their future president had been handed contracts to deliver Robert Mugabe's milk around the country with others saying deliveries went beyond our borders.

Where had the child president worked to be able to amass enough money to carry Gushungo's milk all over the place?

We all remember Gushungo singing Nero's praises and how the young Nero naively shared his gushing admiration for Gushungo with Kasukuwere on a written piece of paper.

Kasukuwere, being a typical party stalwart leaked the document to the pro-Mugabe media, which splashed it on its pages, leaving our child president with egg on his face.

Tyson is a tricky character.

He is the one who leaked pictures of Philip Chiyangwa in Rhodesian military fatigues to the private media.

Around the same time the young Nero had or would lampoon his boss, Morgan Tsvangirai, describing him as not being politically dynamic.

All this said to American diplomats.

G40 of MDC

The idea of purging old or older people in politics was not just restricted to Zanu-PF only.

Even the MDC had its own version of G40, which explains the capture of Nero by Mugabe as they shared a similar ideology.

The implications were worse for those who clearly had white hair like the very competent Elias Mudzuri.

Not so strategically minded Murisi Zwizwai was used to hound Mudzuri out without realising that he was also supposed to face the boot.

After arranging to have Mudzuri booed at public events and other acts of public humiliation, such as the state house visit incident, Zwizwai was also soon obliterated by the political whirlwinds.

And by the time Mugabe was dead and buried, it was clear for all to see that the MDC had snugly been swallowed by Mugabe or at least handed over or surrendered to Gushungo by its leadership.

The "blind supporters" some of whom were shot and killed, or injured by the military while defending their vote as per party instruction, were left in a lurch.

Not for the first time. By that time Nero was saying how much he admired Mugabe, especially for his homophobic attacks.

Leadership options for MDC

A question was asked on twitter on who Zimbabweans would rather trust their future on.

Options were Busisa Moyo, who is a member of the Presidential Advisory Council (PAC), who leads an organisation that manufactures cooking oil.

On the other side were Job Sikhala and Morgen Komichi!

I have not stopped laughing every time I think of the question.

Sikhala of the waistcoat fame! And Komichi, who was also relegated after bleating allegiance to Nero at Congress.

Of late, comparisons are now being made about the most appropriate leader for the beleaguered opposition party.

The name of Douglas Mwonzora refuses to go away as the most "sober and mature" leader.

With Biti having managed to win a legal case scrapping the 2% money transfer tax, he has begun to be viewed as somewhat of a saviour.

Naturally that is being compared to the Zuva legal case linked to current MDC leader, Chamisa which caused a tsunami among workers as it allowed thousands of Zimbabweans to lose their jobs to the infamous three-month notices and caused much suffering among Zimbabweans.

Meanwhile, Zanu-PF is going ahead with restructuring DCCs, while MDC continues with its WhatsApp and Twitter mobilisation.

Hopeless ED

Meanwhile, our equally clueless Lacoste gangster was attending useless anniversary meetings in Uganda where he was lured with an equally useless honour.

No serious leader bothered to attend the event.

The only benefit we have received from Yoweri Museveni is to be told that we can make gunpowder from cotton.

Misplaced priorities.

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)
Gushungo Chete Chete!
Munhuwese kuna Amai!


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