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Child abuse is a danger to society

14 Oct 2019 at 15:54hrs | Views
Amongst my people (blacks), the problem of paedophilia is downplayed to not-a-problem levels yet its a reality. Entrusting male relatives with girl child care or girl baby sitting must be done with great scrutiny if it must be done at all otherwise, its a no no.

Some wayward men do not 'see a child' but a woman, ending up with things happening. Protect the girl child from human and spiritual predators by an array of monitoring mechanisms.

Throwing baby girls on laps of 'strangers' is not love for your child, why not jealously guard the innocence of your tender daughter? There is no child adult friendship, never be fooled.

A child plays with other children of her or his age groups, not an adult man 'craving' to see a five year old friend. Regular freebies and candies from strangers or familiar faces is the beginning of grooming or initiation.

A child must learn to say no, no matter the urge to reach out and accept. Sleepovers are another alien practice flout with many regrets.

You do not know the rituals of the other place, why allow your child sleepovers at other houses? Some kids are known to have come back with tatoos whilst others returned 'adults'.

Children are gifts from God, do people go about giving away precious gifts? Bring out the girl child potential through education. Educate a girl child and you educate a nation.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Matepatepa.

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa
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