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MDC official warns Chamisa over tribalism

15 Oct 2019 at 16:40hrs | Views
I write this opinion piece in my personal capacity. I am a very disgruntled member of MDC residing in Bulawayo. I write this opinion having followed the MDC Congress process right from day one of branch congresses up to 27/05/19. I note that the process had, at almost every stage, so many loopholes and challenges which were not in tandem with the Congress template as provided, supposedly monitored and supervised by the party. For instance, in the ward where I reside, while each branch was supposed to hold a congress at its own venue, all five branches were summoned to one venue. The excuse given was that there weren't enough people in each branch to elect leadership, itself a lie. Furthermore, instead of causing us to elect our branch leadership, presiding officers simply read out names of new office bearers, the origins of such procedure and lists remain unknown to us. The same anomaly of just announcing new office bearers also happened at what was meant to be a ward elective congress.

Only at District level were elections conducted.

What happened during the Bulawayo Congress does not reflect MDC as a party that so religiously believes in Devolution of power as the best governance system that unites a Nation!

The leadership that was supposedly elected does not in anyway bring happiness to the people of Bulawayo. Instead it is exclusive than inclusive and MDC can never win 2023 election in Bulawayo or any by election which can happen before then. One Monday morning, using your political shrewdness and wisdom, after you had noticed you are in the Bulawayo vicinity, you called for an impromptu all Bulawayo structures meeting. Your message to the Bulawayo structures was that MDC Bulawayo leadership structures must be reflective of the community of Bulawayo which itself is composed of many different tribes!

Now, one may ask, but why such a message at that time? What is the meaning of that message? My take of the message comes from the fact that Bulawayo is a Metropolitain province inhabited by different tribes found in Zimbabwe and therefore that is what us as MDC, a Devolution party would want to see in the leadership structures of our party in Bulawayo! It is a certainty that anything otherwise will cost us dearly as a Party come 2023 plebiscite or any by election which may happen before then.

I would want to believe that for you to have called for that impromptu all structures meeting for Bulawayo you had already seen a problem coming and you were visionary enough to want to prevent it before it happened but did your call as President fall in deaf ears to the Bulawayo MDC leadership and members? To me this is a huge question which begs for a sincere answer from all of us in Bulawayo, whom you were trying to guide. The message came at a very opportune time but only to those Bulawayo leaders prepared to listen and be guided as it came just before the Congress!! Its so unfortunate that what happened during the congress from the branches, wards, districts and province totally ignored your visionary call for inclusivity. Now, what bearing does any leadership structure of any party have to the electorate? As we are a party that religiously believe in Devolution of power as the best Governance concept, what do we think will have a pull/attractive factor on the electorate to the said Bulawayo leadership right from the branches, wards, district and province when the so called leadership is exclusive of some major tribes who are residents of Bulawayo? I urge you to take your time to go through the branches, wards, districts and provincial structures of Bulawayo and see for yourself what I'm talking about Cde President. I appeal also that you look into this matter in the best objective way for I put all my trust in you and your top leadership that you will for sure resolve this crisis affecting Bulawayo.

I'm not a provincial member but I happen to know that there was a petition by those who felt they unfairly lost the provincial Congress against those who were declared the winners. I know also that the NEC sat and noted that indeed there were challenges in the way the Bulawayo provincial Congress was conducted and the NEC directed that,(1)all provincial congress contestants attend the National Congress in Gweru.(2)All other issues raised by the investigating/ Ad hoc committee set up and mandated by the NEC were to be looked into after the Gweru Congress. I saw this decision as the best that could possibly be reached by the NEC due to time constraints as it came just five days before the National Congress!

Now, I was surprised to see Bulawayo as one of the scheduled Provinces to hold Provincial council meetings to elect NEC representatives before a lasting solution to the Bulawayo problems were found! Why is the NEC directive ignored and what has necessitated this? Is someone being insurbodinate to the authority of the NEC? How are we democratic and principled if we can't stick to our own decisions?
Do we hope to win the hearts of the Bulawayo electorate like that? Are we not giving huge opportunities to our competitors in the form of ZANU PF, combative and Regional MRP , Thokozani Khuphe's party and many others to be formed between now and 2023?

I humbly submit this opinion piece to you as my leadership to look into it and hope and pray you will take it in the same constructive manner as I try to be.

I know there will be a lot of members who will take it in the negative way from mine but that is besides my point.

Mina ngithi umfula ugcwaliswa yizifudlana and if this piece is meaningless, I stand guided by you.

Nicholas Moyo Godlwayo is a member of the Magwegwe MDC District Executive Committee. He writes this opinion in his own personal capacity. This piece is therefore not attached to the district or any organ of the party or any organization outside the party.

Source - Nicholas Moyo Godlwayo
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