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21 Oct 2019 at 16:26hrs | Views
The passing of the late Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe has left the country's citizens with different opinions.

Some mourn the passing of the founding father and others celebrate his legacy. But the majority of Zimbabwe has no sympathy towards him, they would have rather had him taken much earlier. Majority of the youth are unapologetic about feeling this way.

He has robbed so many years of the life of young people, sent the country into a corrupt state of oblivion. Imagine having to struggle for many years just to get an education and eager to get an opportunity to use the knowledge which you gathered since Grade 1 and only to realise that someone selfish deeds have denied you of such an opportunity. Then you learn that even getting a simple job might not even be enough to provide basic needs for yourself, let alone your family.

That is not even mentioning the abduction, torturing and killings of other Zimbabweans citizens who chose to speak out. The question must be asked, did Zimbabwe really need three decades of Mugabe? It appears the only people celebrating are the ones who were eating off his plate as he stole freedom, joy and love from his own people.

Anesu Munyama

Source - Anesu Munyama
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