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MDC's focus on Economic Reform is like putting the Cart before the Horse

09 Nov 2019 at 14:41hrs | Views
It is common knowledge that closed societies need reform in many areas but which ones? In my opinion, for a society to open up, it will need reform intellectually, politically, constitutionally, institutionally, and economically.

I have observed that a both local and international community pushes for one type of reform and does it out of sequence thereby compounding the problem. A close look at Zimbabwe, the opposition political parties spend over twenty years pushing economic liberalization before political reform. This strategy amounts to putting the cart before the horse.

The Zimbabwe case is painful because the opposition leaders exhibited symptoms of suffering from ear infection—all advice about adopting economic liberalization without political reform resulting in uneven distribution of wealth was ignored (Handicheuki MDC hitt song- Madzore).

Today we understand the opposition ear infection has resulted into a filthy rich ruling vampire elites plus cronies, leaving the mass of people in abject poverty (crony capitalism). We are witnessing ostentatious lifestyles, naked corruption, and stark social inequality. The ordinary men are beaten down as food prices are raised sharply and jobs for the youth have permanently disappeared.

The political day of reckoning for the opposition parties finally arrived in the 2018 elections. They finally reckoned the political space needed opening up; they threatened without political reform, the country may implode, dissipating all the economic gains that had been achieved during the Government of National Unity.

The reality however points to a different strategy; real reform starts with intellectual freedom; followed by political, constitutional, and institutional reform; and concludes with economic liberalization. No one should underestimate the reformist potency of freedom of expression and the free media. Free media are the most effective weapon against all societal vices (dictatorship, corruption, etc.).

Source - Sam Wezhira
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