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'Legitimacy is irrelevant, ConCourt declare ED winner' - Yeah right, declared coup 'constitutional' too

21 Nov 2019 at 15:47hrs | Views
"What are their (opposition) demands? They should tell us their demands. We are not aware of them. These people have been saying a lot, they are playing games with the people," said Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo.

Of course, Zanu PF KNOWS exactly what the nation has been demanding for decades now - the implementation of the democratic reforms to ensure next elections are free, fair and credible. The party will never implement any reforms and reform itself out of office.

The closest the party came to getting the dreaded reform implemented was during the 2008 to 2013 GNU when it was forced by SADC to agree in the 2008 Global Political Agreement to the implementation of a raft of democratic reforms designed to dismantle the de facto one-party, Zanu PF, dictatorship. Fortunately for the party, Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC friends, who were given the task on implementing the reforms in the GNU, turned out to be breathtakingly corrupt and incompetent.

Mugabe was able to bribe the entire MDC leadership to do nothing about implementing the reforms for five years. How Mugabe managed to bribe the entire MDC leadership and keep them under his smelly armpit for five years is a mystery only is so far as it is hard to believe all the MDC leaders can be that corrupt and incompetent. Clearly, they are!

Zanu PF blatantly rigged last year's elections and happened for decades now. But to make sure the elections are not condemn as a farce, Zanu PF has allowed the MDC and their friends in the opposition camp to win a few seats. As long as the opposition continue to participate in these elections regardless how flawed and illegal Zanu PF knows that both SADC and AU will endorse the process as credible and legal.

"The issue of legitimacy is irrelevant. The matter went to the Concourt (Constitutional Court) and it made a ruling that the legitimate leader is President Mnangagwa," continued Khaya Moyo.

"What can we do about what was said by the highest court on the land? They want us to reverse that."

Well, no one expected the Concourt to do anything else other than declare Mnangagwa the winner! After all the same judiciary had ruled that the November 2017 military coup was "justified, legal and constitutional!"

Zanu PF is determined to force the nation and the world at large to accept the party's as the winner of the 2018 elections and governing party, fait accompli, and we should now all focus on 2023 elections. This is a trap because as long as Zanu PF remains in power the party will never implement any meaningful democratic reforms and so will rig the elections and perpetuate its rule.

Zanu PF rigged last year's elections, the regime is illegitimate and must step down. We need an independent and competent administration to implement the democratic reforms, dismantle the Zanu PF dictatorship and deliver free, fair and credible elections. Zanu PF must step down to create the political space for the independent administration.

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