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Mnangagwa's Lacoste holding 'bush meetings' again: Trouble in the paradise!

23 Nov 2019 at 07:19hrs | Views
Once you see the Lacoste faction holding meetings in the farms you know that the politics of Zimbabwe have entered turbulent waters again.

The last time these meetings happened, the writing was on the tea mug. "I'm the Boss" inscription was on the tea cup. Holding the cup was Emmerson Mnangagwa, standing next to him was Energy Mutodi.

It is less than two years since Mnangagwa became President of Zimbabwe via a military coup and the meetings that produced his presidency have resumed  amid great panic and fear.

Mnangagwa and his faction are visibly in a state of paranoia. His lap dogs, Victor Matemadanda and Energy Mutodi are on the lose, barking aggressively and none stop. Something is wrong politically. The Karanga power base is threatened, there is another  "boss" in exile coming to take over power in Zimbabwe. He is trending on social media, too close for comfort at that, thus #Tyson Wabantu.

That's not all, UZodwa or "Dr Stop It", has warned Mnangagwa that it is only three years before G40 throws him into the dust bin of political history.

The message got home. No wonder why Mnangagwa came out guns blazing against G40. He immediately called an urgent politburo meeting last week, after which G40 was declared an enemy of the state. Something serous is cooking. Can those who ignored the writing on the mug afford to ignore #Tyson Wabantu movement which is seemingly causing so much fear in the Lacoste circles?

Victor Matemadanda is hopping mad, "The Tysons, the Jonathan Moyos are being used. (Economic Freedom Fighters leader Mr Julius) Malema (from South Africa) has also been put in the same line. He becomes a big brand that boy, that stupid young boy thinks he can negotiate, he goes at the centre of va Mnangagwa and Chamisa and says you guy come I want you to make a settlement, what stupid thinking is that. Where does Malema come from in the revolution of Zimbabwe?" said Matemadanda.  

Grace Mugabe was not spared, "Here you have some lady who has been keeping the corpse in her bedroom, when her mother died, the President had to charter a plane to get her so that she buries her mother and she sings praises 'ah vaMnangagwa vakanaka ah I didn't know, he is like an angel' but only six days ago she was in a meeting with these fools planning on how they think they can overthrow this government", continued foul mouthed Matemadanda.

Not to be outdone, Energy Mutodi weighed in, "Julius Malema has no business mediating in Zimbabwe affairs after showing favor for the G40 and it's kingpins. Rather he needs to mediate his way back to the ANC. The G40 faces a waterloo with its #TysonWabantu resembling the last kicks of a dying horse."

Victor Matemadanda and Energy Mutodi are beneficiaries of the 2017 coup d'etat. They were rewarded with debuty ministerial positions soon after the coup hence the uncontrollable barking. Mnangagwa looks after his chihuahuas. Dosesn't he?

But the two demagogues have forgotten so quickly that by staging a coup, Mnangagwa set a wrong precedence to the point that the coup was even legalised by the Zimbabwe High Court.

The political noises have risen to unacceptable levels of pre- coup era, a sign of approaching danger. MLO President Cde Paul Siwela put it well when he said Zimbabwe will be the next Ethiopia, ravaged and broken by tribal tensions.

Given the set precedence, what Tyson needs right now to take power in Zimbabwe are few friends in the army, CIO, police, correctional services, opposition and masses to fill the streets.  
Mnangagwa's limitations have started to show both locally and internationally. The G40 kingpins are going for his clearly visible Achilles heel. He is a cold politician, who lacks the front man swagger and oratory skills that the late Joshua Nkomo and Mugabe possessed.

Within a space of one week, he addressed empty chairs at UN and an empty stadium back in Harare. The much advertised
US$ 6 million march against sanctions was a total failure. He is not a crowd puller nor good speaker. No one wants to listen to him internationally and locally. Two rallies that he was scheduled to address in Mashonaland Central were cancelled due to poor attendance.

He has failed to deliver on the economy, failed to make electoral reforms, failed to unite fragmented and faction ridden Zanupf and failed to attend to Matabeleland restoration cause.

The use of force and brutality against the masses adds more to his woos and that gives his enemies an edge over him. Selling his name is like selling donkey meat in Matabeleland, no one wants it.

Make no mistake, we at MLO cannot be fooled and so are Matabeles. What we know is, Mugabe led the 1st Shona Supremacist Republic, Mnangagwa is leading the 2nd Shona Supremacist Republic and Kasukuwere will lead the 3rd Shona Supremacist Republic. Only God knows which Shona will lead the 4th Shona Supremacist Republic! Zimbabwe is a Shona fiefdom!

What we need is the independent and sovereign Republic of Matabeleland for the people and by the people of Matabeleland.

Matabeles have no future in the Shona fiefdom called  Zimbabwe. Our future lies in the restoration of Matabeleland statehood, nothing else.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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