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Zimbabwe government scared of Mthwakazi independence agenda while its ministers 'support' the agenda - MIOR

24 Nov 2019 at 09:05hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Institute Of Research has established UNTHINKABLE fears in the government of Zimbabwe and some intelligence networks to divert and confuse the Road to Mthwakazi Independence, which seems to present the biggest headache, even before the economy issues the Southern African landlocked country is facing.

The Research has it that the Zimbabwe Government is aware that it is fighting a losing battle in trying to stop the people of Mthwakazi (the South Western parts of Zimbabwe and largest parts of Midlands) from exiting the Zimbabwe binary set up. Although the Intelligence agency almost tore MLF who is regarded as the chief architect and radical mover of the agenda to shreds, the sitting Government Ministers seem to bungle and buttress the Mthwakazi cause in some way. The first action of the Intelligence to stop the notion of separation of Mthwakazi from Zimbabwe was picked up by the CIO during the formation of MFP (the predecessor party to MLF) The remedy to crush the idea was to Craft a new Constitution, which will prefix Zimbabwe as a Unitary State and treason anyone advocating for separate Mthwakazi state. The Government had sent its emissaries to Mthwakazi, who put it in Black and White that they preferred separation hence the prefix of Unitary in the current Constitution. The move proved the people of Mthwakazi right in their call and panic by the government.

Different Ministers and Opposition parties have taken turns to prove correct, the Mthwakazi call for independence. First, MDC split along Zimbabwe-Mthwakazi lines. When Morgan Tswangirayi and Welshman Ncube went their separate ways, Thokozani Khuphe remained in the Zimbabwe camp only to be told in the face that she was a dissident and therefore not allowed to lead Zimbabwean party or simply attend a Zimbabwean friend's funeral. Trapped in that fear, today the MDC  dislodges  Mthwakazi leaders in their own areas imposing Zimbabwe ones only to maintain the grip of Mthwakazi. That is witnessed by the recent Bulawayo City Council wrengles. When the March towards

In her quest for independence, Mthwakazi moved to revive nation's Kingship,  the government picked that it was a rallying point that would Unite Mthwakazi people to unstoppable levels. The reaction was swift and quick. 1. Split the Royal family by proposing more than one Candidate from the likely heirs. 2. Propel a click in the ethnicities that make up Mthwakazi, influence them not to buy into the idea of the whole Mthwakazi king and in the move provide for them to install their counter king and thus Mambo was recently installed without any qualms from the government. The idea was intended to pull out the BaKhalanga Nation from the Mthwakazi united Agenda.  Mambo has been installed, although very incorrect on its own because Mambo is Lozwi not Shona.
Still in a bid to unsettle Mthwakazi culturally, the regime has gone on to relieve from the chieftaincy, Paramount Chief Nhlanhlayangwe Ndiweni whom it has identified as one of the cultural figures who are pushing hard for a separate Mthwakazi state.

Topping the list of Zimbabwean supporters of the Mthwakazi Agenda, is the Deputy of Information Ministry, Energy Mutodi  who has in a number of times proved vigorous in campaigning for Mthwakazi independence while in his sense he will be seeking to rubbish it . His first blurt out was when he claimed that Mthwakazi people were refugees in Zimbabwe given the refuge during their flight from their homeland in KwaZulu Natal (South Africa).

By that statement, he buttressed the call for a separate State for the people of Mthwakazi as South Africa has not yet indicated if it can take them back. (Sooner or later, the institute will Research on whether or not South Africa is ready to receive Mthwakazi people as part of her and what would happen with the land they currently occupy should she be ready to receive them as her people.) Mutodi's claim is the Zimbabwean Government's position which has not been rebuffed to date.

As if that was not enough, we have witnessed the Students list to Russia where only 6 out of 400 are Mthwakazi being offered by the government of Mnangagwa, scholarship in Russia. We have also witnessed a tribal biased Nurses intake in Bulawayo (Mpilo Hospital) where almost all are from Zimbabwe which also point that the present day Zimbabwe is a two in one state. Sithembiso Nyoni has also added weight on the Zimbabwe Government view of the Mthwakazi nation when she said Mthwakazi people  are not employable even in their backyards because they are not educated which is against the background of the fact that not all jobs need O level qualifications and the fact that even those with out qualifications need to survive. Worse still, it is her Government responsible for lack of such qualified people in Mthwakazi as witnessed by the representation of Mthwakazi in the 400 afforded scholarships in Russia.

Finally, in a move that has shown the world not only how much the government of Mnangagwa is  irresponsible and clueless in building the economy of Zimbabwe but mostly how much it fears and is battling to put out the Mthwakazi 'fire', the government proposes to change names of 89 streets in the whole of the binary Zimbabwe. Most strange of all, is the imposition of Mgandane, the Mthwakazi warrior to Harareans and equally the imposition of himself, (Emmerson Mnangagwa) to Mthwakazi and Bulawayo people. By virtue of being pointed among those who were instrumental in  murdering of over 100 000 Mthwakazi people in in the early 80s, Mnangagwa knows that he is a bad dream in all Mthwakazi people' sleep and he is not only wanted by them as their president but he is the last person they would love to see his name or face any where in their yards. Using his party strategy (forced and repeated adverting) that has seen ZANU becoming a popular party among those that never loved it, Mnangagwa is forcing his name in the streets of Bulawayo for two other reasons. (1) So that at the end of the day all Mthwakazi people call his name. (2) Better known for his murderer attitude and ruthlessness, he intends to remind Mthwakazi people and more-so, the movers of Mthwakazi independence agenda that he is only a stone throw away of them. In a normal and fear-free environment, the people in an area where change had been seen as needed, should be consulted and asked to forward names to choose from than impose names on them. The imposition of Mgandane to Harareans is only meant to portray the false 'unitarity' of Zimbabwe. It is false in the sense that both Bulawayo and Harare city councils advocates for the preservation of true history of the cities and that of the local people. In that sense, if his proposed name changes has nothing to do with the government's dire means to put a dead stop on the Mthwakazi independence agenda, it remains strange as to how is Mgandane relevant in the lives of Harareans and Zimbabweans as a whole.

"We are on the cases of lost statehood."

Mthwakazi Institute of Research is a legally registered research organization under the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission of South Africa.

Source - Mthwakazi Institute of Research
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