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Zimbabwe Communist Party speaks on doctors' strike

by ZCP
28 Nov 2019 at 14:23hrs | Views
ZCP Statement On the Incapacitation of Workers: Senior Doctors' Strike 26 November 2019 In November 2017 when the late President Robert Mugabe was forced to resign from power after a military coup which had the support of the masses of our people, The Zimbabwe Communist Party welcomed the end of his rule and stood in solidarity with the people.

We welcomed the new government and were clear that our position and attitude to it, would be influenced by its own attitude to the workers and the working class.

On August 1 2018 security forces fatally shot six people and injured 35 others during post-election protests in Harare. The Motlante Commission placed the death of the protesters on the security services and noted that "...the use of live ammunition directed at people especially when they were fleeing was clearly unjustified and disproportionate ".

On August 16 2019, again demonstrators who were protesting a very sharp rise in fuel and the worsening economic situation in the country were tear gassed and beaten and scores were injured.

In April 2018, when nurses sought for better conditions and a cushion against incapacitation, the government summarily "fired" 16 000 of those nurses. Their crime! - placing grievances which related to poor and dangerous working conditions, which threatened their health and affected the discharge of their duties. Their core cry still remains un-addressed, with shortages of even basic gloves at institutions of health. On this day the 26th of November, senior doctors have withdrawn all their services, including emergency services after 435 of their counterparts were dismissed by the government and told to re-apply for re-admission to their sector for presenting the same grievances. This is a clear and dire national crisis!

The Zimbabwe Communist Party has observed a clear trend of an escalating crackdown against human rights defenders, activists, civil society leaders and members of the opposition, including abductions and torture. Worker Union leaders have been abducted or arbitrarily arrested. The stance of the Zimbabwe government towards the workers and working class is clearly antagonist and prone to physical armed brutality and condescending arrogance!

The ZCP stands in solidarity with the doctors in expressing their valid grievances. While we are filled with frantic concern for the plight of the sick and those in need of urgent medical care, we squarely place the blame on the arrogant stance by the government's failure to find viable solutions on the economic plight of the nation that has led to the dire incapacitation of workers.

The ZCP since pre-Mnangagwa administration has incessantly called for all stakeholders to a sincere National Economic Dialogue void of grandstanding and/or imposition, but with sole purpose to rescue the nation from its economic crisis caused by clear maladministration, corruption and looting. Not withstanding this, we believe that a collectivised approach by all stakeholders from Worker Unions, vendors, churches, the government, political parties, civil society to all other invested actors is the only solution to avert a national disaster affecting health, education among other national critical functions.

Statement by: The Zimbabwe Communist Party National Steering Committee

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Source - ZCP
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