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Matabeleland North is open for business

03 Dec 2019 at 10:16hrs | Views
Matebeleland North is open for business

Zimbabwe is endowed with several majestic wonders and investment opportunities which require an open mind that sees beyond the negative media onslaught against the country. Matebeleland North is an amazing place with immense economic potential.

Matebeleland North as a province was established in 1974, and is regarded as the least densely populated province. The province is home to the majestic Victoria Falls, notable personalities such as Dr Obert Moses Mpofu, the late Vice President John Landa Nkomo, Dumiso Dabengwa, Sthembiso Nyoni among others hail from Matebeleland North.

National statistics records obtained from a 2012 census had the population pegged at 749 017 people residing in the province. The province makes up almost 20% of Zimbabwe in area which is 75 025 square kilometres. It is the largest in area of the country's 10 provinces.

The Resident Minister

The Matebeleland North ship is currently captained by Hon. Richard Moyo in his capacity as the resident Minister or Minister of State responsible for the Province. Hon Richard Moyo is the man who carries the task of ensuring that there is development, unity, peace and progress in Matebeleland North.

Hon. Richard Moyo a farmer, and entrepreneur has dedicated his life to the development of Matebeleland North and the people thereof. He enjoys cordial working relations with senior key politicians, business persons, traditional leaders and local authorities in the province.

Politically Richard Moyo and ZANU PF enjoy a steady support base which has seen them snatch parliamentary and senatorial seats from the opposition. Richard Moyo's key strengths lies in his understanding of the needs and wants of the Matebeleland North Community. He has presided over the rehabilitation of 100 boreholes in Umguza, equipping and capacitating 30 schools in Umguza Constituency, sponsoring women's clubs and generally offering a helping hand to the less privileged in the area.

Business opportunities

Matebeleland North is home to a vast array of business and investment opportunities which must be explored. The 7 districts of Matebeleland North namely Binga, Bubi, Hwange, Lupane, Nkayi, Tsholotsho and Umguza have a lot of rewards to offer to any serious investor.

Key business Opportunity Areas

The province naturally has lower rainfall than most parts of the country. While many see water scarcity as a challenge it also presents an opportunity to those in the water harvesting and distribution business. Water harvesting as a business can transform the face of Matebeleland with harvested water being used for drinking, livestock or irrigation purposes.

Matebeleland North's rural farmers usually cannot produce enough maize to feed their families and this is another business opportunity that awaits a savvy entrepreneur.

Cattle ranching is a booming business in Matebeleland North, which if done well and diligently will yield immense rewards. Dr Obert Mpofu a politician and business man is one of the many success stories in the Matebeleland North cattle ranching business.

Matebeleland North also boasts of significant mineral deposits and other natural resources such as gold, coal, timber, wildlife, limestone, methane gas among others.

Matebeleland North provides opportunities in the manufactirung sector as companies can setup in Matebeleland and produce furniture from there.

Social services are also a business opportunity waiting to be explored as the province needs houses and opportunities are open for partnership with local authorities and rural district councils.

Infrastructure development is a wide open area that is ready for the picking in Matebeleland North. There is potential in building power generation and transmission facilities, establishment of construction companies, road construction and rehabilitation.
Other sector opportunities include and are not limited to

• Establishment of large irrigation Schemes
Agriculture    • Fish canning in Binga
• Meat processing
• Timber: processing, saw mills, furniture manufacture & timber cargo
• Establishment of fishing camps in Binga and along the Zambezi river
Mining    • Prospecting and mining of various minerals
• Opening Kamativi tin mine
• Gold stamps in Bubi and Umguza
• Quarrying
• Coke processing in Hwange
• Methane gas in Lupane
• Operating haulage trucks to ferry coal from Hwange
Tourism    • Construction of lodges & hotels
• Establishment of boat cruises, canoeing, safari camps
• Running and operating tourist facilities especial along the Zambezi river and Kariba dam and Gwayi Shangani dam
• Establishing shuttle buses/mini-buses
• Establishing shops & restaurants at the Victoria Falls airport
• Running photographic safaris in Parks
• car hire business.


The Second Republic under President ED Mnangagwa has prioritised devolution. The government has availed the following amounts specifically for Matebeleland North

Mat North provincial Council $67.099m
Kusile RDC $21.034
Tsholotsho RDC $27.087m
Bubi RDC $29.566m
Hwange RDC $12.775m
Binga RDC $34.256m
UMGUZA RDC $30.772m
Nkayi RDC $26.120m
Lupane local Board $2.4m
HWANGE Town board $4.517m
Vic Falls Municipality $5.367m

The Second Republic has also adopted a Zimbabwe is open for business mantra which has seen the country improve on its global ease of doing business rankings.

Political environment

Matebeleland North is very peaceful and has a socio-political environment that is very good for business. The people of Matebeleland North are friendly, peace loving and efficient.

Matebeleland North is open for business, be it venture capitalists,  private investors, entrepreneurs, local and international. The province will not disappoint and the beautiful scenery is icing to the cake of a beautiful investment destination.

Zimbabwe needs people who will tell positive  stories of her beauty and potential. Serious business persons are maximising on all opportunities while politicians play politics in Harare. Do not be fooled by the naysayers, Zimbabwe is open for business, the country is stable, and offering huge returns on your investment with very little downsides.

If you haven't considered investing in Matebeleland North, then maybe its high time you did. The Zimbabwe Special Economic Zones Authority will assist you and the office of the Resident Minister is efficient and equally capable of helping every and any investor with interests in Matebeleland North.

Nicholas Ncube is a writer, researcher and blogger. He is also the Secretary General of Bulawayo Business Network

Source - Nicholas Ncube
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