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Shame and hypocrisy from our Police

05 Dec 2019 at 09:10hrs | Views
"The heavy army of the law will descent heavily on those who want to disrupt the lives of innocent people of Zimbabwe.People should do their daily activities while the police presence will ensure their security."

The above is a familiar statement from our Police each time there is a plan to demonstrate by the opposition or any other group deemed hostile to Zanu-PF.

The heavy army of the law catalogue comprises water canons,tear gas,live ammunition ,heavily armed mean looking officers reminiscent of colonial days, only this time there are black officers ready to pounce on unarmed civilians .

Images, video clips after these events show bruised people of all ages as the police stamp their signature as a brutal police force ,albeit on unarmed men and women, some of whom have nothing to do with these political gatherings and who have been promised - "our presence will guarantee your security".

Recently,there have been stories of MaShurugwi's orgy of violence around towns with gold mining activities. Their victims are fellow artisinal miners as well as innocent civilians. Their weapon of choice is a machete ,a weapon that comes to mind when one remembers one of the darkest moments in recent African history, the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

The MaShurugwi are a law unto themselves,they fear no one as they attack people with impunity .

Where is the heavy arm of the law  during MaShurugwi orgy of violence, clearly visible when there are demonstrations by opposition?

The MaShurugwi are no ordinary artisinal miners. They are a Zanu-PF rag tag army ,not trained in modern warfare ,that will do anything as long as they are afforded protection by Zanu Pf politicians who use these illiterate thugs each time they feel their power is under threat .

The Security Minister refuted claims that he is linked to another rag tag group Al Shabab. Why have the MaShurugwi done name dropping of the Minister ?

Does this explain why the Police, who move with such alacrity when dealing with the opposition or civic groups ,develop cold feet and move with their tails between their legs when it comes to MaShurugwi?

Norton Member of Parliament, Mliswa, claims in a newspaper report police were part of a crowd that watched these thugs brutal attack a soldier but did nothing.

The Police can not claim to protect people while at same time fold their hands as machete wielding thugs terrorise people .
This is the worst form of hypocrisy.

They must descend heavily with the same weapons they use on innocent people on these thugs who have brought terror wherever they have set base .

Source - A Kadada
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