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The worse ever political year in Zimbabwe

06 Dec 2019 at 14:55hrs | Views
As we come to the wire of the year 2019, there is nothing to write home about as poverty, hunger and unemployment continue to sting the ordinary people in the country.

Looking at the political dynamics and landscape, we have noticed that the year was full of political grandstanding and intolerance. It was not an easy year as it started with devastating Cyclone Idai in March.

The country lost a number of people , structures and livestock through Cyclone Idai which attracted a call for humanitarian assistance.

In February Zimbabwean arts was done a very big blow when it lost one of the most popular songwriter and musical icon Dr Oliver Mtukudzi.

On September 6 , 2019 Zimbabwe also lost an African political leader Robert Gabriel Mugabe who ruled the the country for 37 years taking it from the Ian Smith regime and the British.

A lot of things have been happening across the political devide. Lack of will to political reforms continued which further divided the country and created a  rift between the ruling party and the opposition.

Since the ouster of the former President from power, the road to economic recovery has not been all that smooth and rosy. There has been a lot of political bickering and posturing. The country was ceased with the volatile political environment with the main opposition party sticking to their guns that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is an illegitimate leader.

The political democratic space has been shut and captured by President Mnangagwa's security forces. The main opposition political party MDC-Alliance's demos were twarted several times by the security forces.

The tension worsened when President Emmerson Mnangagwa's kept on deploying the police whenever the opposition decided to demonstrate.

Politically the economic sector did not favour this new dispensation. Year to year inflation continued to soar unabated.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa's new dispensation by and large tried to improve the economy through making efforts to re-engage with foreign investors. He globe trotted from one country to another  to seek re-engagement with the erstwhile countries but he always came home empty handed. People expected him to quickly implement some political reforms which were hindering progress but the pace at which he was implementing them was too slow.

Corruption continued to harbour his ambitions and goals. The ZACC institution proved to be a toothless bull dog which waster time barking without taking any action. It was all a catch and release game whenever a prominent figure was alleged to have committed an offence.

Not even one of those targeted criminals who were surrounding the former President were arrested and convicted.  Many also of course doubted President Emmerson Mnanagwa's sincerity to combating corruption and it looks like those who were targeted were his political opponents designed a plan to purge them.

Most members of the opposition were harrased, and injured by security personnel during demonstrations. The overzealous security forces increased their arbitrary arrests on trumped up charges with the aim of silencing the opposition members.

Not much was recognised during the start , middle and end of the year 2019 as the economy continued dwindling and spiralling downwards with the Zimbabwean bond note losing its strength and was tumbling against the $US. Most companies  closed down citing poor economic environment. The mantra Zimbabwe is open for business was just seen on paper.

Load shedding continued with the price of most basic commodities going up.  Erratic fuel supply continued to haunt the government.

Industrial action from the civil service continued with doctors stealing the show. Hospitals became incapaciated with mortuaries going without power.

We have seen POLAD  doing nothing since its time of inception and failing to find solutions to he challenges facing the country. This is the year in which Zanu PF introduced medieval age method of dug oven bakeries to bake bread for its supporters as a means of cutting ever rising costs of bread.

Zimbabwe's political and economic sphere has had something of a roller coaster ride with peaks of performance. It is now crystal clear that the military has taken charge of the country taking examples of how it has interfered with civilian politics

Cyclone Idai was not responsible for disastrous policies, corruption, immunity to reform and concealing of aid figures has dragged the once bread basket of Africa to a case of Africa.

This December we have seen the triumphal entry of one of the shrewd and enterprising Saviour Kasukuwere back into the political arena with a newly formed political outfit called Zanu ( PF) Original which has recently started it's campaign in Bulawayo a no go area for Emmerson Mnangagwa.

There is no joy for this coming Christmas as a lot of basic commodities are beyond the reach of many people, however for spiritual growth most Zimbabweans will be comforted and seek spiritual guidance from Mambo Dhuterere's song - Mambo ndisesekedzei.

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