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What are our leaders smoking?

12 Dec 2019 at 13:49hrs | Views
Zimbabwe has been experiencing electricity shortages which has been compounded by reduced water levels in Kariba Dam . South Africa, through their power utility Eskom, has come to the rescue but recent developments show that the country is now facing power outages which has affected Zimbabwe even more.

Zimbabwe generates only 650 megawatts(MW) per day, against a demand of between 1400MW and 1700 MW.

Against this electricity shortage our leaders, rather our clueless leaders, have started dreaming again. They dream big when they do. This time it is Minister Fortune Chasi out of the dreamland telling the whole nation that the government is mulling nuclear power as solution to power deficits.

This would sound interesting only that this dream of nuclear energy was started years ago when the then President ,Robert Mugabe, said the nation was eyeing nuclear energy by 2020.We are few days shy of 2020, like all Zanu pf promises it remains a dream.

A nuclear plant does not come cheap like the fire wood bread ovens the clueless party has been setting up .lt needs billions of dollars and this takes 10-15 years for the nuclear plant to be set up.

In the 90s it was housing for all by 2020 .

The Beitbridge-Harare highway has become a death trap yet promises have been made to dualize it.

The President just a month ago said Zimbabwe would be launching a satellite into space. Now its nuclear plant for us .

Zimbabwe should be thinking of home grown solutions which don't need dubious foreign partners who are after our minerals .Solar energy is one better way but if the Gwanda solar energy project couldn't take off how do we expect to have a nuclear energy plant which is more demanding?

With the current state of the economy who would finance such massive projects unless they are thinking of mortgaging our natural resources .South Africa is the only country in Africa with a commercial nuclear plant generating almost 5% of the country ,s total electricity production.This is hardly surprising considering our southern neighbour is one of Africa's economic giants with means and reources which just reflects how our leaders have become bankrupt even in their thinking .

As long as we have leaders who dream big but do little we not going anywhere.

Source - A Kadada
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