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Mnangagwa's grandfather served in King Lobengula's army: load of nonsense!

15 Dec 2019 at 08:26hrs | Views
The blatant lie by President Mnangagwa's mouth piece, George Charamba that Mnangagwa's grandfather was recruited into King Lobengula's army must not be allowed to see light of day.

There is no record of any Matabele King recruiting foreign nationals, let alone cowardly Shonas, into his army. Furthermore, there were enough able bodied and brave young Matabeles who were always ready to serve in the Matabeleland Kingdom army with pride.

What is known throughout Matabeleland is that Shona Chiefs from Masvingo sold out Matabeles in the Anglo- Matabele war of 1893 that resulted in the fall of Matabeleland Kingdom.

Traitorous chiefs from Masvingo including Chiefs Bere, Zimuto and Gutu unashamedly attended a whiteman's meeting that plotted to destroy the Kingdom of Matabeleland. The meeting was held in Fort Victoria now known as Masvingo in 1890. The three chiefs leaked Matabeleland military info to the white colonisers and provided Shona military batmen to assist the whites in fighting Matabeles.

On the battle ground in Gadade on 3 November 1893 the cowardly and treacherous trio where hiding in the laggaars under the protection of the whiteman's gun releasing more military info to colonisers and identifying all Matabele regiments and selling them out to white soldiers for them to be shot. For this they were rewarded with cattle that were looted from Matabeleland.

The Anglo- Matabele war was sparked by one Chief Bere who had a DNA of theft and corruption. He stole telegraph cables from the colonial government. When he was found guilty,he stole King Lobengula's cattle given to him under the Matabele tradition of (amasiso) and used them to pay the colonisers as a fine. King Lobengula sent his impis to collect his cattle, but the move was mistaken for a raid by the white people who used it as a pretext to start a war.

We have said it before that three characteristics of Shona people are: DNA of corruption and theft, witch -craft and insatiable appetite for opulent life style. Today we reveal the 4th one, that of them being pathological liars. Shonas are the kind of people who can lie convincingly. One needs to be extra alert when dealing with them. When they tell you that it is morning you should go outside and check to be on the safe side.

This is a desperate big lie and ploy by the panicking Shona supremacist Zimbabwe government media machine to try and sway people of Matabeleland from advancing Matabeleland statehood restoration cause. George Charamba and his handlers
must be warned that the people of Matabeleland are not that gullible nor stupid to fall for such cheap lies.

We do not know of any "IHlupeko" in Matabeleland but heartless Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, a pure Shona supremacist and exremist who murdered more that 40 000 Matabele civilians in cold blood in a Matabeleland genocide between 1980 and 1987.

Zimbabwe will split into two and the Republic of Matabeleland will be berthed with him Emmerson "lHlupeko" Dambudzo Mnangagwa playing midwifery.

Even this big lie by  chameleon like George Charamba who is so fond of changing colours and names will not stop Matabeleland revolution. Today he is George Charamba, tomorrow he is Nathaniel Manheru, and day after tomorrow he is Jamwanda. He is the creator of "IHlupeko". Pathological liar!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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