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ZACC; please realize Marry Chiwenga from remand prison unconditionally: This is downright unfair!!

16 Dec 2019 at 14:45hrs | Views
We read with dismay how Mrs Chiwenga laundered cash and externalized it to foreign banks. What Marry did; this crime she has committed is not new to Zimbabwe. How has it become a crime now for her to be singled out from many other thieving Zanu PF elite: daylight thieves? There are several bigwigs in the government who have externalized cash beginning with the General Chiwenga himself. How many 15 billion and seven billions have been externalized by the former President Mugabe and his cronies including General Chiwenga? Why single out Marry because she has fallen out with the General. Is it because she is a woman?

Please remove Marry Chiwenga from remand prison without any conditions because Marry has five children to look after. Externalizing cash from Zimbabwe is not a thing that started with Marry Chiwenga but many Zanu PF elite have bank accounts in foreign lands. Several cronies in the government have villas overseas including South Africa and rich bank accounts with stolen money from the state. The late President Mugabe has a home in Hong Kong worth millions!

ZACC is an organisation headed by a woman. It is just inconceivable that ZACC should be arbiters of failed marriage between the General and Marry Chiwenga. How does ZACC cooperate with General Chiwenga's breaking marriage by punishing her and not the General? This move is downright unfair and at best barbaric to treat her the way ZACC is doing. How do we look on when a fellow woman is manhandled by the powers that be? Her sins are not different from what many Zanu PF elite have stolen from the public purse. Was the President Mnangagwa not sanctioned for looting the diamonds in the Congo and why is ZACC not sending the President to remand prison? What a travesty of justice.

We ask the General to give back the children to their mother. Children have a right to their mother's protection. Has the government and ZACC ever realized the damage they are inflicting on Marry's children? What have the children done to get such a horrendous punishment from the state? You cannot forcefully remove children from their rightful parent because the marriage has turned nasty. Who gave ZACC the right to interfere with the domestic affairs of Marry and Constantine Chiwenga? Why are they not going for Chiwenga who has embezzled diamond funds from the state coffers and sent the money in billions to China?

During the coup, news filtered that General Chiwenga had gone to China to register a bank account from Mugabe to his name. If this rumour is true, where did the General get seven billion dollars from? Is it not diamond money from Marange mines supposed to be state funds? Can ZACC check these facts with the General so that we are sure ZACC means business? Can ZACC make criminal inquiries regarding the Villa that Mnangagwa bought in Dubai to flee away to just in case there is another coup in Zimbabwe, this time removing him from power?   

We see with dismay how ZACC goes for powerless people when it comes to crimes relating to corruption. We read it all how people connected to the powers that be, acting corruptly and getting away with murder because they have connections to Mnangagwa. Marry is doing exactly what the bigwigs are doing but because she is a woman and has fallen out with the General: the state including ZACC is meting out maximum punishment to a woman who has children at home to look after; Is that how ZACC is sending a message to all: they send small criminals to jail leaving fat cats to loot further? What Marry did, externalizing money and buying homes in South Africa is a small crime compared to the billions of diamond cash sent to foreign banks. I do not condone the crime of externalizing money by Marry, it is a crime she has committed; but it is the way she is being prosecuted by the state that condones the actual criminals that have looted state funds in billions.
It is cowardice to treat a woman the way Marry is being manhandled by the state and ZACC. ZACC is a coward organisation that can only accuse; prosecute the weakest in the corruption scandals leaving the real thieves and criminals in power scot-free. Marry learnt the game of corruption from her husband General Constantine Chiwenga. For her to be picked out from the rest of them who are externalizing Zimbabwe state coffers to foreign banks is an act of cowardice no less. Remove Marry Chiwenga from remand prison at once and let her solve her marital problems with her husband Chiwenga without the government interfering from the domestic affairs of both. Marry has a child as old as five years old. The child has a right to protection by her mother Marry.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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