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Parents die as children party in the UK

24 Dec 2019 at 14:49hrs | Views
Zimbabwe is now in a situation where the diaspora needs to stand up and be counted. The diaspora action is not seen in big government projects where diaspora names are called. Diaspora must assist by starting helping their families nucleus and extended. Where ever is possible as humans we must help each other.

Watching your parents suffer can be a scary prospect, especially as they get to the point where they will need more help from you. It can be difficult to help your parents out financially if you are struggling with bills in diaspora and providing for your own family. But, it is important to make a plan to communicate with your parents so you can determine what needs to be done, and how you can help.

It is true that it is difficult to make ends meet in Zimbabwe these days people are literally suffering. It is now a luxury to have two meals a day. Most families are surfing on one meal a day. The draught did not help things at all.

John Timba of Manchester was asked by his friend to go and give a phone to a relative in Murehwa. After spending few days in Harare John took a trip to Murehwa. Murehwa is just Underba hundred kilometres from Harare. John arrived at Zaranyika village around 12 midday. He was ushered in a round kitchen which is common in Murehwa. There was a house which was a bit bigger but visitors will grace the round hut first. John noticed the dried pieces of meat hanged on a meat drier just above the traditional stove.

After introducing himself to the old lady who was at the house John saw a gloom smile flickering from the lady. He at the same time noticed a tear or two racing down the dried chicks of this frail woman. she confirmed she the mother of Mr X who had sent John. the woman told a very chilling story. She last had a normal meal five days ago at funeral in the village. life was hard. If her son sends her money he usually sends ecocash but by the time she gets to use the money a great chunk of the percentage will have been taken by Ecocash costs and taxes.  she said her son sends her 500 bond ecocash. It will get to her phone at 490 bond. She goes to the shops to buy where she is asked to pay a fee for using ecocash. By the time she gets home she is minus 100 bond in taxes, fines and under pocket charges. She has no strength to negotiate.

She can not get any cash at all so she has to do with ecocash. sometimes she arrives at the shop and told that there is no ecocash. She has to walk back home empty handed. By the time she gets lucky ecocash charges have taken half of her allowance. at the end of the day she has used 200bond of 500 bond sent to her by her son. She asked John to hand her a bucket which was at the back of the door. she tilted it to show the contents. that was the mealie meal bucket it was empty. She said we are dying slowly here my son.

John was about to leave when about six children covered in dust came in. he was told they were children of her dead son the brother of John's friend. they were visibly hungry and they were coming from picking up derere oakra.

This time tears were in John's eyes. he took a chunk of notes from his pocket he gave it to the old lady and said to her mother take this buy some maize. He walked to his car wondering what is the parent with no child in Diaspora surviving on.

Most of us in Diaspora we concentrate on expensive big cars designer clothes throwing extravagant parties but our parents survive on the straw.  

One in five diasporans provide financial support to their parents, often by putting their own finances at risk. If you can afford to help your parents financially, please do not hesitate. Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe are suffering and your help will go a long way.

Posting your photos in Dubai and contesting your status with photos of over dressed self is witch craft if your parents are eating with pigs. Parents fighting for food with goats is a pathetic sight.

Misheck from Milton Keynes was driving from Masvingo to Harare. He saw people lining the road picking up maize grains which were spilled by a passing lorry. This what we have become. You cannot lie that things are better in your family. Families need your help. they need you. ask yourself when last did you send food to you brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe.  

The media makes it seem like all Diaspora mooch off their parents. But an increasing number of families are finding themselves in the opposite situation.
One can assume that medical bills are taking a lot of monies sent to the parents but nearly three quarters of the financial aid goes towards general living expenses like food and housing.

If you are human you wouldn't let your parents starve or live on the streets.
Half of those giving their parents money should be shocked to find out just how much money their parents needed. We naturally assume our parents have saved enough for retirement. But many didn't, or lost a lot of it during the recession.

On average, the young adults who find themselves taking care of their parents have their own problems. but these must not be above the lives of those who brought you to this world.

Helping out your parents does not stop you from fulfilling own dreams. Because of the money you are giving away to your parents God will reward you.
Want to know the weirdest part of this whole thing?

Only about half of the people supporting their parents have even talked to them about what's going on!

That's right. Everyone involved — the parents and the children — are so uncomfortable about the situation that they'd prefer not to talk about it at all.
Why are they avoiding the conversations?

When you reach a certain age, you become aware of everything your parents did for you during your childhood. And you'll do anything to help them during their time of need.

But you need to think about yourself, and your old age, too.

If you're supporting your parents (or think you may have to one day), you may have some questions about how to deal with sticky situations that pop up.
Family in Zimbabwe desperately needs our help. After all is done most of us will be back to our families. we need to support people back home they need your help.

This holiday season its not late to send help to your parents. Here in England we know that you are baba London. you are a big man you travel in Range Rover 2019. But just for this year make you parents proud of you. Do something for them. Remember them.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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