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A tribute to the late Dr Oliver Mtukudzi

20 Jan 2020 at 14:55hrs | Views
On 23 January 2019. I received a text message from my daughter Hazel Rumbidzai saying "Nematambudziko Tuku atisiya your favourite musician".

"Tuku" Mtukudzi was a musician, businessman, philanthropist, human rights activist and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Southern Africa Region. Tuku was considered to have been Zimbabwe's most renowned and internationally recognised cultural icon of all time.

It was a very sad day in Zimbabwe when we lost one of the gallant musical superstar and icon in music industry Dr Oliver Mtukudzi popularly known as Tuku.

Dr Oliver Mtukudzi left a painful gap in the industry , hard to fill and it shall never be the same without his music.Today those who really understand who Oliver Mtukudzi was,  will understand what I am saying.

Probably he knew that one of these days he will leave this world when he penned down a song 'Pangu pese ndasakura ndazunza'. He used to play this song whenever he was about to finish his show. During the show when he started  playing this song then people would know that it was the right time to fumble their handsite into their pockets to check whether their car keys were within their reach or there was enough bus fare to take them home.

Oliver Mtukudzi was in a class of his own as far as Zimbabwean music is concerned and no one matched him. His Katekwe music would cut across all the generations and borders beyond.

One of his song - 'Rufu ndimadzogonyedze' also gives me fresh memories of such times whenever I lost a relative or a friend. His music was pregnant with powerful messages as he could serenade and tackle political, social and economic issues bedevelling the nation. He was solid and powerful.

'Kana takunda tichazoonana kudenga'
One of the greatest song produced by this superstar which gives hope to the Christian society in the world. Most of his fans called him Mdhara Tuku and his spirit still lives through his music ,no one can fill his shoes after he was physically taken from us and those songs give guidance, solace and comfort to our daily lives.

I share the same sentiments with other Tuku fans , that his music was well arranged with an Afro Jazz flavour. The lyrics were full of deeper meanings and our strengths come from his songs.

A lot of people would agree with me that Oliver Mtukudzi was a legend and I am proud to have attended many of his shows in my life, little did I know that I would not attend his live shows again.

There should be someone out there maybe her two daughters Selmor and Samantha Mtukudzi to carry on with the baton and keep the fire burning. Will that silk voice be there? They must show that they can do it with the help of those people who have been working with their father. They will help them along the way.

Legends do not die, I feel like Tuku is still there each time I play his music. May he continue to rest in melody. I thought I was the only one who listened to his music. There are many South Africans, Mozambicans Zambians just to mention a few who listened to his music and appreciated hos work.

I would drop a tear when listening to his music so emotional. His music still speaks to us but its hard to accept that the man who rocked public bars, stadia, weddings and different parts of functions is no more.

Dr Oliver Mtukudzi will live on in our hearts because of how he moved us through his compositions and performance and the way he was strumming the guitar.

I still try to decipher the message in some of his lyrical prowess because he brought Shona language to life by using deep idioms. Let us celebrate his footprints on this planet because he achieved his assignment.

As a big fan of Dr Oliver Mtukudzi,  I also could not believe that it's now a year since his untimely death. May his soul continue to rest in power. He fought a good fight we will forever miss and cherish his voice forever.

Oliver Mtujudzi left a musical legacy which will represent Africa to the whole world forever and what I like most is the fact that he tried to unite Zimbabweans through his powerful tracks.

Dr Oliver Mtukudzi the Superstar's loss is still very painful when I think about it. I guess this place is not our home. We must keep his legacy alive. I can hear him sing, Muriziso pa ndinofamba, Muriziso pandisiri, Chinditarisirai pandisiri, pandinofamba ivai navo! Mhuri yangu ndicho choga chinhu chandinacho! He always prayed for all Zimbabweans families.

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