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Chamisa's 'Nation's Agenda: 2020' - a fuzzy and confused plan, blundering from pillar to post

22 Jan 2020 at 09:33hrs | Views
Nelson Chamisa's Harare 21st January 2020 address was dubbed "Nation's Agenda 2020" or "Nation's Plan of Action: 2020" As much as the nation is desperate for change it is as day this so called MDC's plan is not going to bring about any change. Zimbabwe has blundered from pillar to post, these last 40 years; the blundering has not stopped.

Chamisa did not say anything new in his two hours or so long address. He has repeated the same  confused demands MDC has made soon after the 2018 elections. No one supported MDC's demands then, because they did not make sense, and no one will support them now, because they still do not make any sense and, rightly so too, have given up hope on getting anything sensible from MDC.

"This is a year of demonstration and action," said Nelson Chamisa and went on to list the five "fights":

  1. Fight for a people's government, reforms and legitimacy. We do not have a people's government, we have a government that was declared by ConCourt.
  2. Fight for a better life and livelihood, fight for dignity
  3. fight against corruption Zanu PF is paying lip service to corruption
  4. fight for people's rights and freedoms, security of person and rule of law.
  5. fight for the constitution and constitutionalism, we are going to stop Zanu PF amending the constitution.

All five items are fuzzy and confused. MDC has been fighting for democratic change to secure the people's freedoms and rights for the last 20 years and counting but has failed to bring about even one meaningful democratic change in all those years. Even when the party had the golden opportunity to implement the deliver the changes by implementing the democratic reforms during the 2008 GNU, the party failed to get even one reforms implemented. Not one!

Chamisa and his MDC friends have never been unfazed by the party's pathetic record failure and it is easy to see why. MDC leaders have never understood what the democratic reforms were; it was all fuzzy and confused.

Even if one was to give Chamisa and company the benefit of the doubt and assumed they have learned from their past mistakes; they now know the democratic reforms the nation has been dying for and are committed to having them implemented. Even if there was increased pressure on Zanu PF forcing the party to go into the power sharing arrangement, the National Transition Authority (NTA), MDC is calling for. It is clear that the NTA will be a waste of time because it will NEVER implement the democratic reforms. Never ever!

MDC's 2018 election legitimacy challenge is premised on the claim that ZEC tempered with the vote count of the presidential race and thus making declaration of Mnangagwa as the winner null and void. The MDC has no quarrel with the parliamentary result and Zanu PF's 2/3 majority in parliament and in the senate.

In other words the proposed NTA will be composed of Zanu PF and MDC cabinet members plus parliament and senate as it is presently constituted. Any democratic reforms will have to be proposed and/or passed by parliament and the senate. Any one who believes that Zanu PF will never implement any meaningful democratic reforms, necessary for free, fair and credible elections, is naive.

Zanu PF will never ever reform itself out of office. Never ever!

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