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Why we should not expect electoral or political reforms from a Zanu PF government

22 Jan 2020 at 18:04hrs | Views
Someone said Zanu Pf is like a hyena ,to survive one has to cling on its back come what may.Falling to the ground is inviting a vicious attack. This can be likened to former Zanu Pf members who left the party and have suffered the wrath of a scorned party.

The worst scenario is deserting Zanu PF, or after being expelled one joins the opposition or forms a party .

To Zanu Pf this is an unforgivable transgression.

The late Edgar Tekere and Patrick Kombayi became Zanu Pf sworn enemies after deciding to leave Zanu Pf .Kombayi would later survive an assasination attempt on his life after he decided to campaign on a ZUM ticket for the Gweru Urban seat.

The late Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole ,one of the founding Fathers of Zanu whose history they have vainly tried to obliterate, was haunted by Zanu Pf until his death.

Kasukuwere has set his eyes on challenging for the Presidency on an opposition ticket in 2023.This has ruffled the ruling party ,and this is a party in power the MDC dreams will bring electoral and political reforms !

Democracy is a myth in African politics. They talk about it but l doubt if they know its true meaning.

Zanu Pf will never ever reform, to borrow from another writer," Zanu pf will not reform itself out of power".
It is a mystery why  the nation bothers having elections which are always "won" by Zanu pf.  

Why would Webster "Cremora" Shamu bear the humiliation from Zanu pf ?Mai Mujuru could have invited him but he knew that crossing to her party would mean a loss of gains made while in Zanu.

Nick Mangwana ,Energy "Kwasakwasa" Mutodi, Mayor Wadyadyena, Killer Zivhu will shout high for Zanu Pf. They dare never  dream of leaving it , not because they love the party. They are in the party to enjoy the gravy train. When the regime attacks the protesters they show expressions of victory .

They use these moments to brandish their loyalty to establish their political careers and for some to secure promotions in the security establishments.

The opposition can shout from the top of the highest mountain for reforms.There will be no reforms from this regime.They torment former members, haunt them and make them know it is a sin to leave them and we expect them to level playing field against the opposition.

Zanu Pf ibere haudzike no matter what. As the buzz about Kasukuwere grows the regime under Zanu Pf has started by notifying of their intention to take back land he received while in Zanu Pf echelons of power.

Source - AT Kadada
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