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There is a cause for which you should fight

28 Jan 2020 at 07:01hrs | Views
When lions fight they do so to establish authority so there is a cause in the lion's fight.
Ants fight to death to protect their colony. They know that every member of the nest depends on the sacrifice that is made even if death may result to the fighting individual.

Leadership demands sacrificing one's all to the cause at hand. When David entered the Valley of Elah to see the army of lsrael being ridiculed and scoffed at, he could not take it lightly. He immediately offered himself to fight even though it was against the dictates of the precedent of warfare that an untrained person could step up and fight. Upon being challenged by his brother as to with whom he had left the few sheep in the wilderness that he wanted to fight; David responded with deep conviction-
 "IS THERE NOT A CAUSE?" (1 Sam 17 vs. 29)

There must be a cause for which every leader stands up to. This is the case even if it means forgoing certain comforts. The cause must be bigger than positions, titles and benefits that one might be getting.

We are members of ZANU PF because there is a cause. There is a cause to fight for. Even if it means death there is a cause to stick by the party.

Our land our pride and our freedom. Indeed there is a cause to protect this legacy.  Are you sure you can not see a cause.
It is not too late to join ZANU PF


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Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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