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After naming Kudakwashe Tagwirei then what?

05 Feb 2020 at 17:24hrs | Views
We have been witnessing this merry go round drama in Zanu-PF for years, and this is either a simple diversion from the real things happening on the ground or they are factions manifesting from within which are fighting for survival. There is nothing sinister on the naming and shaming Kudakwashe Tagwirei the boss of Sakunda Holdings as the Chief culprit of all this mess. My simple question is who doesn't know in the Government that Tagwirei was withdrawing money from the central Bank without the consent of Finance Ministry? The following projects in question :

1. 9 Billion looted through Command Agriculture

2. Almost 2 Billion looted through Dema Project

3. Over  1 Billion was looted through Fuel procurement

4. Over 500 Million was looted through purchase of cars

5. Billions have disappeared through procurement of drugs in state hospitals

My simple question do you need Lewis Mathuthu to name and shame Tagwirei so that the whole cabal will be arrested? ZACC needs authority from Tsenengamu to take Tagwirei to Matapi police station, to justify the looting spree that has been taking place for all these years?

A nation with a State President who is a Lawyer by profession, who has been a Minister of Justice for over a period of ten years and he knows the procedure and how the Law works.

My comprehensive analysis is as follows :

1. Diversion at work from real problems

Any normal person can simply tell that this is diversion from the real issues at hand. We had seen this drama before and nothing has happened. This Tagwirei talk has been there for a long time, and nothing has happened. This could be a deliberate ploy by the intelligence to hoodwink the public into thinking something is about to happen within Zanu-PF, the mighty bull is falling or to simple draw people's attention so that people would think action is being taken on the corrupt officials.

2. Kudakwashe Tagwirei too deep to be touched

Tagwirei is a business man for a long time. For you to tell me that Kuda has abused over 5 Billion by himself is not normal and this will never happen. Noone on this earth will authorize a mere Tagwirei to wirhdraw such an amount from the central Bank and consume that amount by himself? Can Zim leaders, ministers, central Bank officials, security people etc allow that? It is obviously that he is not alone in this game and they must not waste time to drag Kuda ' s name in the mud. If I'm not mistaken this is not the first time to name Tagwirei' s name over corruption saga and then what? The Zanu-PF youth leaders took almost three days ( weekend) to name Tagwirei, and my simple question is why they didn't name him on Friday? Why did they take three days to name one single person? Such empty threats will not take this nation anywhere.

Tagwirei in my own analysis and assumptions, he is too powerful to be touched. He is too deep and going to jail is a mere pipe dream. They cannot allow a man with such secrets to go down easily like that. He is a defacto official and he is running the country's purse from the background and he is too powerful to be touched. Talk of other things like potatoes and vegetables not the Sakunda boss. His hands are tied on this one and whatever factions emerging in Zanu-PF will not allow the business mogul to go down easily like that.

Threats by youth leaders

Could it be factions manifesting from within ( Zanu-PF) ? Or someone is speaking on their behalf? Or maybe these youths are hungry and they are in need of some money and by issuing threats, maybe someone will simply give in to their demands and silence them with money or something? Or November 2017 episode is unfolding? What exactly is taking place? Who has the guts to name Tagwirei? It's either these mere youth leaders want something in their pockets.

Factions emerging in Zanu-PF

We can almost agree there are tussels within Zanu-PF and the military establishment. A lot could be happening within Zanu-PF, and this has been the norm to have such since around the 80s and it has not been new to us. In fact we have witnessed many saga around factions and Zanu-PF has survived all this drama for years. I'm so surprised when I see people taking turns particularly activists and opposition members celebrating over this and this is how they get knocked down on elections, there is nothing new on this except the new model of holding press conferences outside the shake shake building.

Many are anticipating that there could be a military coup coming, let me say it's too early and our country is not ripe for that yet and such is exaggerated. There is nothing like that. This could be power struggle within Zanu-PF and probably between Chiwenga and ED, and this can be exaggerated as well. Tussels could be as a result of economic interests which has nothing to do with the rest of the public.

Simple questions can be asked :

1. Where is the power generation of Dema Diesel plant ? ( 1.3 Billion)

2. Where is the grain produced through Command Agriculture? (9 Billion)

3. Where are the hospital drugs being procured by the business mogul?

(over 500 million)

5. Where is the fuel procurement worthy ( 900 Million USD)?

6. Cars meant for Government officials running into millions dollars.

I rest my Case!

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is a Policy Advisor and Researcher and leading Thinker for Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking ( ZIST) and he can be contacted at

Source - Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo
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