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Heroes and villains of the Land Reform

07 Feb 2020 at 20:35hrs | Views
Karima is one of those who joined the 'land rush' and successfully secured an A2 Farm for himself and his young family.

Wasting no time he went into horticulture and cattle farming. Tomatoes became his middle name since that became his speciality, producing tomatoes for both urban and rural markets. His humble beginnings changed to that of middle class with three cars, two tractors and scores of cattle to his book.

Children go to private schools and his homestead is on the wish list of most people. Another success story of the 'our land back' crusade.

Mr Kapuracha like many during that time, joined the "Hondo Yeminda" revolution and cane out a proud owner of six hectares of land in A1 areas.

Years down the line Mr Kapuracha is far worse and looks worn out. There is nothing to show for his effort except an almost 'tangible' poverty and lack. He stays in a disused tobacco barn with the land lying idle.

Two dried ox hides show he once had a couple of oxen. Even his few free range chickens are very 'light' a sign of inadequate pickings. The three children have since stopped going to school with the land gone to waste.

His story is a sad episode, that of a cattle disease that killed his herd and also poor funding. Rehabilitating his land now needs a sizeable capital but for now, Mr Kapuracha must register for food aid and leave the land to serious farmers.

Farming is serious business.

No farmers no future.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Matepatepa.

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa
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