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'Zanu PF & MDC created mess, let them solve it' - 'mugodoyi' fallacy, 40 years still can't see they profiting from it

09 Feb 2020 at 11:33hrs | Views
Tsenengamu and Matutu showed a lot of courage to publicly denounce the corrupt leaders and their cartel fronts. Most people knew these people but naming and shaming them is another ball game. The two Zanu PF youth leaders named and shamed the corrupt leaders and their acolytes! Zimbabweans saluted the two youths for the courage and rightly so too.

However, the two young men and their band of followers' proposal to force Mnangagwa and Chamisa to meet and have the political dialogue is a foolish suggestion and must be dismissed with the contempt it rightly deserve. The nation has had this proposal thrown around for the last one and half years and no one has given a satisfactory explanation of what the dialogue will accomplish.

Chamisa say the dialogue will result in "a shared vision and the implementation of comprehensive reforms to stop a repeat of disputed elections". He does not say how he will get the reforms implemented given that Zanu PF has its 2/3 parliamentary majority.

Professor Welshman Ncube, one of Chamisa's three MDC VPs, acknowledged that MDC has failed to stop Zanu PF pushing through constitutional amendments given the latter's 2/3 parliamentary majority.

"That is a part of the problem because we-the-people must always be slow to give any political party that much power but we gave them, now they are changing the constitution without any consultative consensus process. The amendments went through Zanu-PF processes, go to Cabinet then afterwards a bill emerges, which we see for the first time when it has been published. That is problematic," argued Professor Ncube.

The idiot has conveniently forgotten that the electorate did not give Zanu PF the 2/3 majority; the party rigged the elections to grand itself the majority. Worse still Professor Ncube and his MDC friends KNEW that without the reforms Zanu PF would rig the elections and that by participating MDC would be giving "credibility" to the elections, as David Coltart, MDC senator and the party's treasurer, admitted in his book.

What is clear is the proposed political Mnangagwa and Chamisa dialogue will end with the formation National Transition Authority (NTA), a power sharing arrangement in which Chamisa and a few other MDC leaders will get gravy train seats in the cabinet. Zanu PF will retain its parliamentary majority since MDC has never disputed the parliamentary results.

The NTA is but a watered down version of the 2008 GNU, that failed to implement even one reform. It is therefore very naive to believe that the NTA will do get any reforms implemented and yet that is exactly what MDC would want us to believe.

The MDC 2020 Angenda, launched on 21st January 2020 is founded on the argument that MDC will force parliament, one way or the other, to implement comprehensive democratic reforms the nation has been dying for. This is of course nonsense, given Zanu PF controls parliament, as VP Ncube has admitted above.

In other words MDC leaders know that the Zanu PF controlled parliament will never ever implement the reforms, Zanu PF will never ever reform itself out of office. MDC leaders are deliberately misleading the people promising them change they know will never ever come. This is MDC's contribution to this deliberate and calculated deception, the "mugodoyi narrative", as Professor Jonathan Moyo would put it.

It is not at all clear whether Tsenengamu and his fellow Zanu PF youths understand that the political dialogue they are proposing will lead to an NTA and a political dead end is another matter. What is particularly objectionable in that they are now using their bullying tactic, no doubt learnt from their Border Gezi camp days, to ram the NTA down the nation's throat.

"If you (Mnangagwa) could sit down and negotiate with Ian Smith, what is stopping you from sitting down with your fellow countryman Nelson Chamisa?" argued Godfrey Tsenengamu.

"The solution to Zimbabwe's problems lie within all Zimbabweans but we have to be honest and accept that the Zimbabweans for now are in two places, in MDC and Zanu-PF.

"The solution to this problem is on the two political parties because they are also part of the problem, not because they are saints or geniuses but because those who create a mess are best to solve it.

"The mess we find ourselves in are on the shoulders of our two dear political parties. Why is it difficult for them to meet? Does it require for Zimbabweans to get into the streets and demonstrate?"

Yes Zimbabweans are in "two places, in MDC and Zanu PF" but not out of choice. Zimbabwe has a monolithic, corrupt and tyrannical political system, devoid of open debate and democratic competition, it is no surprise the only leader available are corrupt, incompetent, sell-outs and murderous thugs. Zimbabwe is but a sewage pond whose foul smelling water is pond devoid of oxygen; only crocodiles and frogs thrive there.

The argument that "those who create a mess are best to solve it" is as fallacious and stupid as they get especially in this case when those who created the mess are profiting from it! There is no denying that both Zanu PF and MDC ruling elite are filthy rich at the expense of the masses who are wallowing in abject poverty.

Indeed, Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF cronies rigged the July 2018 elections, denying the people a meaningful say in the governance of the country, in pursuance of this ethos that Zanu PF alone is the party of government, it knows best what is good for the nation. This is the Zanu PF cont idiotic narrative, "mugodoyi" narrative, to justify the continued imposition of corrupt, tyrannical and vote rigging Zanu PF dictatorship.

The rational solution is for the nation to implement the democratic reforms designed to dismantle the de facto one-party Zanu PF dictatorship and restore the individual freedoms and rights including the right to free, fair and credible elections.

Dismantle the dictatorship masquerading as new dispensation, second republic and replace it with a healthy and functioning democracy. Drain the Zanu PF sewage pond and fill it with clean oxygenated water. Quality leaders, like fish in clean water, will emerge and thrive; they will clean up the economic and political mess we have been stuck in, these last 40 years.

Since Zanu PF and MDC leaders are not going to implement the democratic reforms, drain the sewage pond; they created the economic and political mess and are profiting from the mess. We must appoint a competent and independent body, free from the two political parties's corrupting influence, to implement the removes!

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