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BREXIT like Britain or breakaway like Matabeleland

10 Feb 2020 at 10:10hrs | Views
Undoubtedly, the resounding success of BREXIT shows that many nations under the sun, big or small, are now seeking to restore or maintain their independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and be in full control of their resources.

Matabeleland is not on a lonely path in calling for the restoration of Matabeleland independence and sovereignty which was lost on 3 November 1893 to white colonists. The colonialists handed over Matabeleland to Shona supremacists through an imperfect decolonisation process in 1980.

In Europe, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland want out of the UK. Catalonia in Spain and many others in Europe are also advocating for independence.

 In Africa we have Barotseland seeking independence from Zambia, Biafra advocating for independence from Nigeria and many more. Of note, calls for independence by Ambazonia in Cameroon have escalated to a full blown civil war thanks to the government of Cameroon that ignored peaceful solutions by the Governing Council of Ambazonia.

In the West and indeed all over the world, there is visible fear for the influx of refugees that even the so called police of the world, USA is building a high wall to keep refugees away from America.

The future for human kind is bleak. There shall come devastating droughts and famines caused by climate change. Rain will gradually but surely disappear. Mysterious and incurable diseases will kill many.  Wars of people and countries fighting for scarce resources will be common. There shall be massive job losses caused by the 4th Industrial Revolution.

This kind of situation will come with numerous dangers for stateless nations like Matabele.  Just imagine if a contagious disease like coronavirus were to break out in Matabeleland, would the hateful Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe which has intentions to annihilate Matabele nation have the will to provide treatment or any kind of assistance? The answer to this question is a disappointing big NO!  

Their intention is to wipe out Matabele nation. If nature releases coronavirus to kill Matabeles, they will hold their financial assistance and celebrate behind closed doors in Harare. As they did during Matabeleland genocide, they will pretend to be investigating until the whole nation is wiped out by the disease. If they imposed a food embargo in Matabeleland during the genocide and ordered all hospitals not to treat genocide victims, what will stop them from instructing Shona dominated hospitals in Matabeleland to do the same on coronavirus patients?

South Africa which hosts over 2 million Matabeles is planning to introduce  4th Industrial Revolution very soon. This will result in many job losses for both South Africans and Matabeles. The  SA government will be forced to deport all foreigners including Matabeles in an effort to create space for South Africans in the labour market.

Zimbabwe which is well known around the world for its cruel anti- Matabele policies evidenced by Matabeleland genocide and tribal marginalisation against Matabeles which continues to date, will never abandon these evil policies. It will be business as usual, the Shona supremacist government will continue to take care of its own Shona people and continue to marginalise and oppress Matabeles.

In the face of the hardships ahead, being ruled by the government and surrounded by people that hate you for being born a Matabele will put you in danger of being sacrificed.

It is only a fool that will put their future and valuable life in the hands of their enemies. Matabeles need to wake up! If someone calls you a cockroach and further calls for the annihilation of your kind and sends National Army 5th Brigade to murder more than 40 000 civilians, rape more than 100 000 women, burn more than 100 000 homes and displace more than a million of your tribe into neighbouring countries, that is not love but an expression of extreme hatred.

It becomes worse if they continue to deny the genocide and put in place self appointed commissions whose aim is to find justification for their evil dids and nothing else. Chances are many that they will roll out another genocide.

That is basically why Matabeles are denied positions of influence in the public and private sector. That is why Matabeles, if they continue to allow it, will always deputise Shonas or occupy inferior positions in politics and all spheres of life. They want us to remain downtrodden and politically weak so that when they decide to strike again, everything becomes easy.

The onus is on the oppressed Matabeles, its either you continue as obedient second hand citizen of Zimbabwe suffering under the rough feet of Shonas or join MLO in the fight for our independence.

A Notice of Demand for the Restoration of Matabeleland State has been sent, first to the late President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, and secondly to the incumbent President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa. But no response is forth coming. There is deafening  silence in Harare. Even the most talkative and noisy amongst them are quiet.

But this is politics, a space where "silence sends its own message in silence". We take it that the message being sent to us is that the government of Zimbabwe is not open to negotiations and that it is not open to peaceful means of resolving Matabeleland political crisis.

We all know that where peaceful resolutions are rejected, violent resolutions automatically kicks in.

No question about it, the government of Zimbabwe is testing our patience. We are prepared to shade blood for our independence.

Our message to our people who will be traitors and sell outs, be pleased to know that the necklace awaits you and we shall not hesitate to use it.So be forewarned we are coming!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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