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Mnangagwa playing dangerous gukurahundi games in Matabeleland - we see blood on the floor

18 Feb 2020 at 09:08hrs | Views
This has to be put as crude as it is. Mnangagwa, Zanu-PF government and the Shona majority that cheered the Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade and celebrated the death of innocent Matebeles in the 1980s, collectively owe us the blood of more than 40 000 Matebeles that were dastardly murdered by the Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade.

It is deception of highest order for Mnangagwa and many other perpetrators of Matabeleland genocide, their Matabele agents, funders, advisors and Shona majority supporters to conclude that Matabeleland genocide, 1979 Grand Plan and continuous oppression of Matabeles have had their indented combined effect of psychologically killing us to the point that we no longer have the ability to stand up and defend ourselves. They must never make the mistake of thinking that the continuous heartless stomping on our genocide wounds is acceptable to us. Matabeleland genocide is a time bomb. One stupid mistake, Zimbabwe will be socked in blood.

It must be stated here that the Mnangagwa' s handling of Matabeleland genocide borders on total disrespect and disregard of the people of Matabeleland, a clear sign that he is still unrepentant and remorseless. No wonder why he thinks of us as cockroaches.

The people of Matabeleland must ask themselves why all of a sudden, the Zimbabwe government is floating fake devolution and launching false Matabeleland genocide process, after years of denial, ignorance and oppression.

It is a plot to counter Matabeleland statehood restoration cause which causes sleepless nights for the government of Zimbabwe.

No one on earth will lose like the Zimbabwe government and its Shona majority should Matabeleland become independent. That is the reason why there are loud cries in Mashonaland that Zimbabwe is a 'unitary state", Zimbabwe "is indivisible" and Zimbabwe "is one country from Limpopo to Zambazi river." As an act of desperation and fear, the above words were added on the new Zimbabwe constitution that was written in 2013.

The following is what they will lose and they know it, that is why they have started counting their loses as evidenced by loud cries from Harare.

i) Matabeleland is a large chunk of fertile land that measures 45 749 680 acres. It is bigger than Belgium, Seychelles, Rwanda, Burundi, Lesotho, Eswatini and Equatorial Guinea, all combined.

ii) It boasts very busy inland borders like Beitbridge that racks in US$ 2 million a day, Plumtree, Victoria Falls, Pandamatenga and the soon to be erected post at Battle Fields linking the Republic of Matabeleland and the Republic of Zimbabwe.

iii) Minerals- huge gold deposits in Bubi, Bulawayo environs, Mvuma, Tsholotsho, Gwanda, Plumtree, Victoria Falls and Insiza. According to Zimbabwe Chamber of Mines 80% of gold output in Zimbabwe comes from Matabeleland. Huge deposits of platinum in Shabani, chrome in Guinea Fowl, Selukwe and Shabani. Diamonds in Beitbridge , Somabhula and Tsholotsho. Nickel in Shangani, tin in Kamativi, Iron ore deposits in Redclif. Emerald in Bheligwe and other minerals like copper tantaline etc. Coal and gas in Lupane and Whange. All electricity generating power plants are situated in Matabeleland. Thermal power plant in Wange and hydro electric power plant in Kariba.

iv) Biggest tourism sites like Victoria Falls, Whange National Park, Matoposi National Park, Khami Ruins , Dlodlo ruins, Old Bulawayo and Lake Kariba.

v) Hard timber like teak, mukwa etc in Fictoria Falls, Tsholotsho and Nkayi.

vi) Bulawayo, Gwelo, Kwekwe are three big cities that will be lost to the Republic of Matabeleland. All have disused industries suitable for both light and heavy industries which just need rehabilitation.

vii) Two international airports. JM Nkomo International Airport in Bulawayo and Victoria Falls International Airport.

viii) Shona majority will lose jobs in Matabeleland hospitals, police, correctional service, judiciary, education, banks, industries, ports of entry and tourism industry which they dominate by over 95% through tribal segregation policy that shuts out Matabele.

So, loud cries from Mashonaland are understandable though misplaced. Who in the world will not cry at the prospect of losing so big? It is now clear as to why a 77 year old president who views us as pests and once said that gukurahundi is a closed charpter, after 40 years of genocide denial and oppression of Matabeles, all of a sudden stands up and pretends to be committed to healing Matabeleland genocide wounds and rolling out devolution to try and hoodwink the people of Matabeleland and the world. Nice try old man! But we do not by into your nonsense.

In isiNdebele we say indoda ifa izamile . Ukukhala akusizi kwehlula imbuzi ngekhisimusi. Uzakhala zome.

When Mnangagwa is done playing gukurahundi games in Matabeleland with groups led by his girl friend and Shonas like Magwizi who come from as far as Mutoko and claim to represent Matabeleland, he would sobber up and attend serous issues in Matabeleland.

Who is Magwizi to tell us that he does not want Matabeleland genocide to be taken to the international court? As far as we know, even though ZAPU leadership was 75% Shona, not even one Shona was killed.

Serous issues that need immediate attention in Matabeleland are peaceful restoration of Matabeleland state and US $100 billion compensation for Matabeleland genocide, abuse of Matabeles and illegal exploitation and plundering of Matabeleland resources for 40 years. These are issues that Mnangagwa must attend to. Anything else is a waste of time, energy and money.

Matabeleland restoration is a noble cause of which Matabeles are prepared to shed blood for. Give us Matabeleland or death!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs.

Source - Israel Dube
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