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Of the late Morgan Tsvangirayi and Daniel arap Moi, where are they?

20 Feb 2020 at 16:52hrs | Views
Why do I pause the aforementioned question? What has it to do with the reader, those who are still mourning the death of their loved ones and probably cherishing some good moments they had with them?  

The first reason is that the above late men were and are still household names as they commanded much influence be it political or otherwise. Secondly, there are two alive political leaders who also command great influence in their own right and who made interesting comments about the late two men, Morgan and Daniel. The two alive men in question are: Job Sikhala, the vice chairperson of the Movement for Democratic Change, the largest Zimbabwe opposition party (MDC Alliance) and Uhuru Kenyatta, the son of the former leader of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta and the incumbent president of Kenya. So, what did they say?

On his acquittal of treason charges in Masvingo, a province of Zimbabwe, on 14 February,2020, Job Sikhala is reported to have uttered these  below words in Shona (I've translated them): "Save mirai neni musi uyu mundisunugure kubva mumikanwa wemapumhi aya. Vanhu vaya varikungoita madiro aGeorgina nenyika yechizvarwa. Nditaririreiwo musi uyu Baba vedu. Inga ndimi makauya kumba mukati mwana wangu, huya tipedzise zvatakatanga tose".

(The late Morgan Tsvangirayi, stand with me during this difficult time and deliver me from my enemies. These people, ZANU PF, are committing crimes with impunity in our mother land. You (Tsvangirayi) visited my home and invited and encouraged me to be part of the struggle we had begun together.)

What about Kenyatta? On the death of Daniel To roitich arap Moi, Uhuru Kenyatta, is reported to have said that the late "ran a good race, kept the faith, and now he is enjoying his reward in heaven" - Nehanda Radio, 4 February, 2020.

So, Sikhala seemed to have been speaking to Tsvangirayi as if he was alive and therefore listening to him with full attention. And, Kenyatta appears to be saying that the late Daniel arap Moi is in heaven right now and having a wonderful time there. In other simple words, the two influential political leaders are saying that the two late men, who were also powerful politically are not dead but alive in heaven or somewhere in space. Really? Are they saying that when a person dies, they immediately ascend to heaven, I mean the third heaven, where the Creator of the Universe dwells? So, death is not death, right? It's a gateway to the heavenly mansions according to Sikhala and Kenyatta.Is this true biblically? Or maybe our dear leaders spoke out of pain and some understandable ignorance.

Let's set the record straight about the dead:
 - Death is a sleep, so, when you're sleeping soundly, can you know what's happening ‘outside' your sleep? (John 11:11, 14).
 - The dead are in their graves, I mean down here on earth. This includes king David of ancient Israel, the friend of God. So, why would other dead people jump the queue and leave some behind? (Daniel 12: 2; Acts 2: 29).  
 - Death is a separation of the body (dust) and the spirit (breath of life or life giving force). Body (dust) goes to the ground and rots, while the spirit ( not a person ) goes back to the Creator who gave it in the first place( Genesis 2:7 ; Ecclesiastes 12:7)  
 - Body on its own isn't a living being and neither is the spirit (Genesis 2:7)
 - The dead (body of dust and bones in the grave) can't hear, see, feel, smell, think and eat. They're just like dead chicken in the freezer, cold and unfeeling. The dead can't praise God. They've no influence on the living. The living must not seek God among the dead. He's a God of the living. (Ecclesiastes 9:5,6 ; Isaiah 38:18; 8:19; Psalms 6 :5)
 - Attempting to speak to the dead is strictly forbidden. It's called spiritualism, an avenue to speaking to demons(Deuteronomy 18 :10,11)

Dear reader, these are the reasons I paused the questions in the introduction. Finally, both the dead and the living are waiting to receive their reward of either eternal life or eternal death at Christ's second coming (Daniel 12:2, 3; John 5:28; 1 Thessalonians 4: 15, 16). So, no heaven or hell at death. Okay! I mean zero population in hell. Actually, it's (hell) not even there NOW (see Revelation 20:10). It's future when the curtain comes down on planet earth.
In the mean time Job Sikhala and Uhuru Kenyatta and of course Nelson Chamisa and others, be knowledgeable about the state of the dead. If you want peace with and from God, never invoke the dead on your behalf. It's an abomination in the eyes of a holy Creator (see Deut.18:10, 11).

Amen @

Source - Amen Mpofu
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