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I need to see one article from Mthwakazi Parties condemning Jonathan Moyo for supporting Robert Mugabe to the bitter end!

21 Feb 2020 at 16:01hrs | Views
Israel Dube does not cease to amaze me each time he writes articles on Bulawayo24 regarding the Mthwakazi nation and how they are going to liberate it. His latest article was all subtly pointing at Madam Thokozani Khuphe and her party's engagement with POLAD. As is the norm in this country Zimbabwe (Mthwakazi included) it is very easy to find political fault on women than men. Israel in his article warns Khuphe that they are watching her, already she has been condemned to death by Winnie Mandela necklace style: burning her to death by tying her hands, put a tyre over her head douse her with petrol, light the matches, and she burns to death. People will be frog-matched to see the cruel burning of Thoko as a warning that "traitors" are killed in this style. Is it not weird that Africans in most societies love to see, watch raw violence as a social corrective?

Thokozani Khuphe is politician, one of the founder members of MDC party: Jonathan Moyo is too a politician, until the last day he served as Polite Buro member of Zanu PF:  Both these two coming from Mthwakazi region. To summarize Jonathan's political path since the beginning of the Millennium, he joined the Zanu PF party and was a staunch believer of Zanu PF, be it ideology or otherwise. Inside Zanu PF Jonathan Moyo was to block Joyce Mujuru to ascending into becoming the next President, taking over from Robert Mugabe. His preference was Mnangagwa hence the Tsholotsho Declaration, a move that failed dismally leading to his expulsion from the party. I did not read a single article from Mthwakazi parties that showed dismay, aversion or appalled at Jonathan's political reasoning to ever prefer Mnangagwa to Mujuru. Mnangagwa is a murderer who is well documented as the Minister responsible for the Gukurahundi atrocities that saw the brutal death of several thousands of Ndebele people including uBaba uMlevu: Jonathan's father.

When it comes to women, and how our society threat them is just unimaginable by any good senses. For the record, Jonathan Moyo has never been threatened to death by Mthwakazi parties in the way women from Mthwakazi region are treated. The good question is why is political immorality only applicable to women than men? How many times has Israel Dube threatened me to death by Winnie Mandel necklace? I had written in my article openly condemning the use of force to liberate Mthwakazi because the consequences are too great to comprehend. These consequences will affect the lives of women in the Mthwakazi region who will be suffer more than Mthwakazi men.

We have seen it before, when the Gukurahundi atrocities took place in the early 1983, so many men absconded, took cover in South Africa. I have said it on many of my articles that we cannot use force to liberate this region because it is the women, children and livelihoods that will be affected by those military actions Mthwakazi wants to take as option. Just by writing what I thought was poignant, I got attacked right, left and centre, was even labelled a Zanu sympathizer. I was going to be burnt to death the Winnie Mandela style because I showed all signs of openly disagreeing with the Mthwakazi party's modus operandi. This time around, Thokozani Khuphe is being considered the traitor. It is even easy for men to insult women as prostitutes. This term "prostitute" carries a lot of weight to inflict more pain in the woman concerned. The latest article from Israel Dube labelled Thoko as girlfriend to Mnangagwa. This is how men reduce women, by using sex to "cut them to size." There will always be this connection to sex to reduce whoever woman is targeted for ridicule.  

After the coup-de-tat in Zimbabwe in November 2017, Jonathan was hiding in the Mugabe Blue roof. By his own account he told all and sundry that he was indeed honoured to serve an icon like Robert Mugabe to the end! He went on to liken Robert Mugabe with the Cuban Revolutionary Fidel Castro. Did we hear from the Mthwakazi parties condemning Jonathan for heaping praises on a man who massacred an estimated 20,000 people in Mthwakazi region including his father uBaba uMlevu? But it is very easy for Mthwakazi parties to target Thokozani Khuphe and other women who dare to voice the obvious: she is even warned; its death by hanging; Winnie Mandela's style of killing. It is easy to ridicule her, threaten her with death because she is a woman. If Thokozani was a man, the tone would be different. The tone is different when it comes to Jonathan Moyo. To some in this region of Mthwakazi, Jonathan Moyo is a hero of Matabeleland.

Why is Jonathan Moyo not getting those imminent threats for working with murderers, perpetrators of genocide for so long? Why is Jonathan Moyo not getting those threats, by the very Mthwakazi parties. Jonathan has done more harm just by his association with thugs, murderers, Gukurahundi's: people who labelled the people of Matabeleland as lice and cockroaches.  There has never been a direct attack on Jonathan and his connection to Zanu PF for once. Instead: when Jonathan lost his daughter in South Africa, it is the Mthwakazi parties that suggested to Jonathan that the daughter was murdered by Zanu Pf. He needed to dig deeper and find those culprits in Zanu PF who murdered her. The Mthwakazi parties, by omission or commission dismissed Jonathan's unwavering connection to murderers whom he supped with on daily basis in the party and government.

Without going very far: we have Mthuli Ncube as Finance Minister in Mnangagwa's government. I have not read any article from Mthwakazi parties criticizing him for working together with thugs and murderers who killed as many people as 20,000 from his own region. Mthuli Ncube supps and dines with Mnangagwa and all of them thugs in the government on daily basis: he serves the most important portfolio in the government of Mnangagwa. Is it because he is a man and that is why he is not attacked? The silence of the Mthwakazian about Mthuli Ncube serving in the Zanu PF government diffable the mind and good sense. Why is he not threatened in the way Thokozani Khuphe is threatened, in the way I, Nomazulu Thata am threatened to death with a Winnie Mandela's necklace?

Liyadhelela oMama lina bantu bako Mthwakazi party. You fear men and because of your cowardice you want to vent your anger on women because you think we are weaker sex. I dared Israel Dube long back to come to Germany and finish me up Winnie Mandela style. I also dared Israel Dube to go to Harare Statehouse where Mnangagwa lives, arrest him and tie his hands, put a tyre on his neck, douse him with petrol to burn and die. The day he will do that much is the day I will join your parties without any delays, I will be part of your revolution without question. But it appears you are cowards to the core. What you can do to threaten women and never your match: your menfolk out there.

A decent political party will never threaten the very people it purports to liberate. A decent party will engage voices that differ with their whatever ideology. A decent party will respect women and not call them dirty names such as prostitutes. At best I call you are fake revolutionaries. You have no idea what a war situation is. Can you ask your fellow Mthwakazi leader Churchill Guduza what is war, to be at the war front fighting an enemy:  Churchill Guduza was once at the war front as ZIPRA combatant in the 1970s? He will at least tell you why he left the war front for Angola, that is if he is honest. I rest my case.

Reading an article written by Mthulisi Gaja Masumbika Hanana on Bulawayo 24 yesterday: I disagreed with some of his reasonings he suggested. There is one aspect of his advocacy I liked most. To quote him verbatim: "I strongly advocate for the establishment of social institutions as a starting point towards the uniting our people. We need a Matabeleland Workers Movement, a Matabeleland Students Union, Farmers Union, Lawyers Association, Doctors and Nurses Association, CSO Association, a Matabeleland Sports Fraternity and many Matabeleland Issue Specific Associations. The goal will be to make sure every son and daughter of Matabeleland belongs to a home platform where Matabeleland is discussed." This is what Mthwakazi parties should engage in and not threats by deaths, cruel deaths to its own people of Mthwakazi.

I rest my case and await more insults and death threats from Israel's Mthwakazi party. If indeed I went to Mthwakazi region for whatever reason and am arrested by Israel Dube and I am put to death, I will die once and not many deaths before my actual death.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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