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The moment is ripe for Zimbabwe to deal with the elements of terrorism

24 Feb 2020 at 06:23hrs | Views
Zimbabwe is the most peaceful and stable country in southern Africa. Over the past few months the wave of terrorism just emerged in Zimbabwe. Terrorist gang running under moniker name "Mashurungwi" started to cause untold suffering, killing, raping and other forms of abuse. The way in which the group victimizes people qualifies it to be regarded as a terrorist group.

The gang deserves to be called a terrorist group due to their nature of operating. They are known for using machete to terrorize artisanal miners, residents of mining towns and the surrounding areas.

Artisanal miners are living in fear for their life since these guys are very ruthless and vicious when it comes to their interests. The group always targets and invades the mines with a better gold belts. Beyond confiscating mines, the group is believed to be stealing cash, cellphones and other valuable items.  

The gang is known for using a slogan "murudo murudo", loosely translated as "in love, in love" while stealing hard earned gold and other valuables. Anyone who may try to refuse their demands is punished ruthlessly either by death or stabbing with a sharp machete.

Why calling them terrorists?

Terrorism can be tracked back during French revolution. The concept "terror" was first used in France in the 19th century. It was known as the "the reign of terror".

Terrorism can be defined as the act of inflicting fear to individual, threating or intimidating someone in order to get something. Mashurungwi are terrorists in Zimbabwe. The group need to be dealt with before it is too late.

According to the police report Gogo Antonio and the family were attacked viciously in Chegutu at their Ameva Farm. The police at the present moment are investigating the case of an old woman aged 80 and girl aged 16 who were raped by the Mashurugwi terrorists.  Zimbabwe is slowly being turned into a state of nature which was described by Hobbes in his "Leviathans" as nasty, bad and brutish.

As this is not enough, the Mashurugwi terrorist group is reported to have killed a cop in Good Hope mine which is located in Kadoma. The poor police officer was killed with a machete in the daylight. The case is also under the investigation of the police. The case is under RRB number 41295128. The other police officer was left with number of injuries. He is recovering in hospital.

In another case to prove that this group if left unattended will soon make the country ungovernable, the group mercilessly killed 7 seven people in Mazowe. All of them were stabbed with a machete on chest, head and legs. The group in chasing after its interests doesn't hesitate to use a machete. The group in many occasion have proven to make people pay a heavy price of death if they tries to resist or deny to comply with their demands.

There are many cases that are reported in Zimbabwe about the acts of terror being carried out by these terrorists. Many cases have been reported in Mashonaland central, west and Matebeleland provinces and Manicaland according to the home affairs cabinet report.

The government and Mashurugwi

It is high time that the government is supposed to use maximum force to crackdown Mashurugwi terrorists. There is a general idiom which say "stitch in time saves nine". The group is great threat to the national security.  If the government doesn't deal with them as soon as possible we are likely to move to the state of anarchy.

The government has shown some moves which are plausible. Some of the group members were arrested in Mazowe and other areas that were affected.  The government has also promised to draft a law that will give a stiff penalty to those who are involved in the thuggish and terrorizing people. The move has long overdue since people are living in fear for their life in areas surrounded by mines.

It is a sad story that some of the government officials are believed to be protecting Mashurugwi. The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on mines and mining development has just opened a cane of worm by unearthing some powerful people who are believed to be behind Mashurugwi. The group benefits the elites through selling to them gold.

Mashurugwi threatens the investment in mining

Mashurugwi comes at a time when Zimbabwe is hunting both local and foreign direct investment. Investment by nature always favors a country which is peaceful and security of the investment is guaranteed. The Mashurungwi are definitely raising a flag of terror in Zimbabwe. They are making the mining industry in Zimbabwe looks so unattractive and disorganized. Even some of the young entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe are afraid to invest their hard earned money in small scale mining industry.

To make the matters worse, the group with their machete invaded the Gaika mine located in Midlands which is owned by the Canadian company. Thanks to the president who had directly involved in order to get rid of the terrorist group. The real question that always come in our mind is that for how long this terror will continue without being pursued with a full wrath of law?

In trying to give credit where it is due, The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Mining Development under Chairperson of Edmond Mukaratigwa postulated that it is time that there should be some deliberations by various stakeholders to provide a clear framework on how to tackle with the criminality of the Mashurugwi. The committee chairperson also highlighted that they are in a process of coming up with a stiffer Act just like the  Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act regarding the vandalism of railway and electrical material, among others.

Zimbabwe is losing millions of dollars in the mining sector due to the porous and kangaroo system. All the artisanal miners have to be registered and protected by the government from the terrorists (Mashurugwi). The small scale mining sector in Zimbabwe is informal "makorokoza". Informal sector always destroy the economy since the resources will be just extracted while the government is not receiving the tax.

Mining industry has a potential to drive Zimbabwe somewhere if the illegal elements are brushed off in the mining industry. Investors always want to make profit at the same time making sure that their investments are safe in the long run. The true cooperation from the authority is needed especially from the officials who are providing safe heaven to the Mashurugwi group.

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Source - Matora Hupile
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