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When pride leads men to destruction

24 Feb 2020 at 07:09hrs | Views
As you raise up through the political ranks, never forget where you come from,  never undermine those you started with, never undermine the efforts of others, never assume you hold monopoly over wisdom, or that you are a superior being, never be tempted by power to the effect that you think you can do as you wish, you risky shooting yourself down "POWER CORRUPTS".  

I didn't exactly understood what they were talking about when they said power corrupts until I saw it corrupting my nephew and my in-law who happened to be Mqondisi Moyo and Ackim Mhlanga, the President and the secretary general of Mthwakazi Republic Party MRP respectively. These two have thrived on some of  my ideas on my thinking, on my efforts, on my abilities but they now decide to fight me, humiliate me at every opportunity simple because I tell them the truth and challenge them on whatever bad decisions they make, yet out of respect for them as individuals and the party at large I have never publicly rebuked them they lie against me I never respond but they keep doing it and I must stop them and set the record straight here and now.

I have tried over the years to reason with them, they have treated me so badly over the years I have kept quite, they go about publishing falsehoods intending to tarnish my image, they do all sorts of nonsense to undermine me still I keep quite. More than 80% of active MRP members were recruited by me  into the party. The intention I have has been to see teamwork, I have challenged Mqondisi Moyo to promote teamwork but no he is the chief promoter of divisions in the party.

Majority of those who give MRP the little donations MRP get they ask me if they should do it or not, but because I don't believe in pulling each other down I never speak bad about these two Cdes. It is their attitude of making me a fool that should stop immediately. If MRP should grow and be a respectable institution then this attitude of purging members simple because they have a different opinion from the president and the secretary general must stop. The people Mqondisi Moyo calls his security I recruited them into the party, all I need is respect nothing else, they can't just go about humiliating me and other Cdes willy nilly as if they are super humans. In fact everyone they have removed must go back to their positions until we go to Congress we can't have them doing as they wish, as if they own us.

The decision to remove the party's Vice-president Cde Presia Ngulube, party's Secretary for foreign affairs Cde Njabulo Ngwenya and Cde Malwande Nyathi the party's organising secretary  from their posts was not a NEC's collective decision therefore it's null and void those two can't be both players and referees, they can't be a disciplinary committee unto themselves.

I have personally tried to no avail to knock some sense into Mqondisi Moyo's head but he now have too much pride, he now thinks he is what he is because of his on intelligence thus a lie, we are collectively responsible for the brand Mqondisi Moyo and we can collectively stop him so he must respect the people he leads and those he is working with, start promoting teamwork.

I have told him repeatedly that it is Team work that will make him to go far, and respect for those he is working with.

All illegal purging of members in the people's revolutionary party must stop. For the record I played a key role in the recruitment of Ackim Mhlanga into MRP from MDC and in him becoming SG, I did that in good faith but I regret it seeing how he is working tirelessly in causing conflicts within the party, I have nothing personal against him but I know that he is evil, bitter and jealous thus his problem he just needs to be removed from there if the party should be back on track, restructured and rejuvenated.

You can't lead a political party like you are leading your children, this must stop now.

Some of us don't care about positions as long as those in positions are doing the right thing. The MRP vision as at it's formation is so great and plays an important role in safeguarding, protecting, promoting and defending this region. The strategic importance of that institution will not allow some of us to help in destroying it in any way.

If people like the current SG come and say lina lenza kacani remove those he doesn't want to work with but went on to do the right thing, he has everyone's support. Things that are said about MRP and it's leadership some of them are over exaggerated. It's not easy to leave MRP to join any other party there is absolutely no alternative party with same agenda. Therefore everything must be fixed here and now.

It's the only party with real politics and fighting real  issues just forget the pettiness and childish behavior of a few. We will continue to support the vision even without any positions after all it's not about positions, leadership is internal. Phambili nge MRP


Mbonisi Solomon Gumbo is a founding member of MRP writing in his personal capacity.

Source - Mbonisi Solomon Gumbo
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