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Constitution Amendment (No.2) Bill is a flagrant attack on democracy

29 Feb 2020 at 10:41hrs | Views
It is extremely sad and disheartening to note that even after the welcome departure of the then iron-fisted despot, Mr Robert Mugabe, from the political arena in Zimbabwe in November 2017 through the 'not-coup' coup, we unenviably still have an elephant in the house with regard to constitutionalism and the pursuit of democracy. The untamed appetite for individual and partisan political party power dominance still seems to top the charts even in law-making processes. The current Zimbabwe Constitution Amendment(No.2) Bill is such an example of the egotistic yet flagrant attack on democracy by ZANU PF law-makers as the so-called two-thirds majority party. Blatantly and annoyingly, law-making has become a myopic activity for any Jack or Jill belonging to some bootlicking club of unrepentant gangsters. The protection and furtherance of human rights and fundamental freedoms of citizens have been abandoned. This Stone Age approach to parliamentarism should be frowned upon and discarded with the disdain it deserves.

The current malicious manipulation of the Constitution through Amendment(No.2) Bill is uncivilized and unashamedly standing against the spirit of the liberation struggle which sought to pay the bill for enhanced human rights and universal freedoms. The proposed alterations, lacerations and perforations of the sacred institution is a brazen but veiled molestation of democracy. The outrageous intention is obviously to amputate and disable fundamental rights thereby disempowering the citizens while hellishly piling power on the president with the so-called majority in parliament. Instead of embracing the bottom-up approach and fostering democracy, these proposed amendments seem to be primitively bent on centralizing power on the executive while ironically starving and strangling the helpless populace thereof. This is in stark antagonism with the loud and clear expression made by the people of Zimbabwe during the recent constitution-making process that produced the new constitution. One wonders what has got into the little brains of those who still remain deaf-eared to this day. Their mystery tour should come to an end. One should be forgiven to suspect that the diabolic extension of the presidential term is also at its zygote phase with these amendments being an accompanying cunningly constructed decoy of deception.

A life-depriving wound on devolution of power
The proposed amendments are clearly a life-threatening wound on the pursuance of the somewhat elusive devolution of power governance system. Any progressive and forward-looking National Assembly that genuinely advocates devolution of power would willingly and unconditionally strive to tail-dock and headclamp the current runaway presidential powers that have gruesomely brought the country down on its knees. Sadly and annoyingly, the proposed amendments fall far below that expectation both in intention and execution. It is bewildering for anyone purporting to advocate decentralization while at the same time wilfully crafting an outdated monstrous presidency. In an unselfishly devolved system, the castration of presidential powers is in tandem with the consequent heaping of power on local communities and their authorities. However, the amendments are a hair-raising attempt by parliament to create an all-powerful and fattened presidency and pitting it with a bony, skeletal and weak citizenry in some mad-cow democracy. If our parliamentarians remain unclamped, unharnessed in their undisguised shallowness and myopia of fuelling partisanship and personal grandiose, the country is doomed, to say the least.  

Diabolic bait
It is further noteworthy that while some of the provisions of the Bill can be deceitfully enticing, most are dangerously poised to erode the little seemingly available but elusive democratic space. The scourge of the misobservance of human rights in Zimbabwe is so rife that even the members of the National Assembly seem to revel at being nose-ringed by their pathetic allegiance to their wayward and delinquent political parties. The whole affair is as primitive as the word itself. Zimbabwe's history has always been of the fight for democracy, inclusivity, equality and self-determination, among others. Unfortunately, the Bill is immorally and brutally caressing these values and is actually a diabolic bait disguised as a saliva-inducing meal and should be totally rejected. 
Source - Nhlanhla Moses
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