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High Court embarasses the state over Kasukuwere

03 Mar 2020 at 16:43hrs | Views
We welcome the judgment of 2 March by the honorable High Court (case number HC2435-19) in which Judge Mangota has ruled in favor of Saviour Kasukuwere. On appeal, the court rightfully upheld the decision of a lower court and has returned Saviour Kasukuwere's property thwarting illegal attempts to seize Kasukuwere's property eyed by unscrupulous persons who attempted to abuse the law to settle political scores.

The court ordered that the title deed of the property which was seized by the state be immediately returned to its rightful owner Saviour Kasukuwere as the attempted forfeiture was illegal and an abuse of state resources. The court ruled  that there is "no basis" for the state to keep holding onto the illegally seized title deed as the state failed to legally support its position on retaining the deed and had merely skirted around the matter, a clear indication of a political motivation behind the refusal to return the deed (page 6 of ruling).
We Reiterate that there was never a case, therefore the judgement does not come as surprise as had been espoused by Saviour Kasukuwere's legal team and several legal analysts.

The case is a clear example of judicial harassment, misuse of the law and abuse of state resources in a bid to settle political scores by the junta regime that has become bereft of economic ideas and has been defeated on the political battle ground.

We call on the persons behind the attempts to seize property illegally to RESPECT the Judgement which is clear and unequivocal in its remedy. The judicial system is sacrosanct and any attempts to capture it must and will be resisted at all levels.

We take this opportunity to sternly warn that the law has been clear that any attempts to oppose the latest judgment will attract costs for the state and rightfully so. As state prosecutors are employed on taxpayers' funds, these costs are a burden to taxpayers who are already squeezed by a dysfunctional economy. Taxpayers money should be used for productive purposes and not chasing shadows. The services of state prosecutors should go to persecution of legitimate crimes such as those being committed by Mashurugwi and cartels that are holding the economy hostage not being used for political persecutions, as the case with Saviour Kasukuwere.

We wish to emphasize that this ruling in favour of Saviour Kasukuwere is an opportunity for the government to return Zimbabwe to Constitutionalism and show commitment to rule of law by respecting the legal outcome.

Saviour Kasukuwere has shown his commitment to the rule of law by publicly resisting the abuse of state institutions. Saviour Kasukuwere has shown his commitment to the rule of law by going through the court processes in several cases engineered to persecute him for political reasons through legal representations. Kasukuwere continues to stand against the misguided attempts to abuse state institutions to settle personal political fights.Kasukuwere continues to stand against the misguided attempts to abuse state institutions to settle personal political fights.

The competent court has again outlined clearly as was found by another court that Saviour Kasukuwere is a free man (last page ruling HC2435-19) and there is no case in any court against Saviour Kasukuwere.

Source - Ntokozo Msipha
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