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Linda Masarira pens damning letter to Mnangagwa

04 Mar 2020 at 11:16hrs | Views
Dear @edmnangagwa When you got into office, a lot of people had high expectations that you would clean up the mess left by Mugabe. We expected a corrupt-free cabinet & fiscal discipline to ensure that government lives within its means. Many corruption cases are still hanging

I hate to say this but the truth has to be said, @MthuliNcube is doing more harm than good to Zimbabwe's economy. The inconsistencies in his monetary policies are causing immense suffering to the people of Zimbabwe. It is either we re-dollarize or de-dollarize, we can't do both

There is a need for political will to stop the issuing of treasury bills and to find a lasting solution to the cash crisis in Zimbabwe. Corruption is now the order of the day yet little is being done to curb corruption @ReserveBankZIM #EconomicRevolution

We inherited a racist white supremacy corruption system from the colonial masters, were only a few individuals accumulate wealth at the expense of the generality of the masses, thereby further entrenching poverty at the same time reversing the gains of the liberation struggle.

Having been in Mugabe's cabinet, we thought you would get rid of nepotism and create a new culture of politics and governance that was going to eradicate corruption of ‘connections.' Only those with political connections are surviving. #TeamZimbabwe

Tender Corruption needs to be dealt with by ensuring that all involved in tender scams face the full wrath of the law. We realized that there is a group of corrupt tenderpreneurs who corruptly get tenders from the Government and Parastatals. #StopCorruption

A popular example is that of Wicknell Chivhayo and the Gwanda Solar Project. There is an urgent need to implement an open tender system which is fair and transparent. Government officials are abusing their power to steal state resources eg Prisca Mupfumira of NSSA funds.

As long as corrupt public officials remain protected by your party, there will be no efforts by willing development partners to help Zimbabwe get out of this economic quagmire we are facing. If you take the lead in ensuring stiff penalties for any corrupt activity in the whole country will follow suit. Speaking against corruption is not enough, we want to see action, real arrests, prosecution, conviction &restitution. Failure to do so, you might leave office without any legacy to talk of. Ideally, every president wants to leave a legacy

I suggest that you start prioritizing local investment and open Zimbabwe for business fir Zimbabweans. It is time to introduce beneficiation tax to force companies to beneficiate raw materials locally & to remove all ghost workers in civil service.

All civil servants above retirement should be retired. As citizens, we deserve to know your cabinet ministers plans and accomplishments thus far. Most public hospitals are in a sorry state yet government prioritizes buying luxury cars for chiefs, MPs & other elected officials.

It is imperative that your government seriously considers depoliticizing state institutions, ensure media reforms and economic reforms. Local beneficiation of diamonds and other minerals should be considered if we want to get Zimbabwe out of this economic crisis.

Developing Zimbabwe should be agenda number 1 on your list of priorities. What legacy do you want to live Mr President? You are the man in charge, show the world that you are indeed the leader of the new dispensation. Well done for the road rehabilitation program.

Source - Linda Masarira
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