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Chamisa: The eloquent confused political novice

06 Mar 2020 at 10:38hrs | Views
A great musician is defined by the depth of his lyrics not his guitar prowess. In Zimbabwe we have a number of good guitarists but most of them are living under the shadows of the likes of Alick Macheso.This is so because most of Macheso's songs are pregnant with messages that touches on people's lives. Macheso's lyrics are just awesome and on point.

The same can be said of the Zimbabwean political fraternity which is jam-packed with a lot of charlatans who masquerade as seasoned politicians. Most of our politicians can be likened to good guitarists with terrible compositions. The lyrics of their political songs are as bad as rotten eggs, no wonder ZANU PF continues to rule the roost.

The political charlatans mostly confuse their eloquence with intelligence and sometimes they confuse good diction with meaningful messages.

One of these is none other than the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-A) leader Nelson Chamisa. Chamisa recently turned 42 but his political shenanigans resemble that of a two year old toddler.

There is an old English adage that says life begins at 40. If the adage is true, maybe that's the reason Chamisa is behaving like a toddler. Maybe indeed his life started at 40 and he is now a 2 year old boy.

Chamisa is an ambitious young man who possesses wild and teenage like dreams. His unlimited ambitions have clouded the way he thinks and articulate issues. Most of his speeches has turned out to be choreographed comedies that should not be taken seriously.

No doubt, the guy is eloquent when he speaks. However, the degree of his eloquence is lost due to his foolish reasoning which translate into theatrical speeches. Chamisa's half-baked responses during interviews render useless his average oratory skills.

When he opens his mouth to speak, we are assured of a tonne load of rubbish that cannot be digested by sane people.

Only his supporters whom he termed "stupid" can applaud when Chamisa speaks.
Recently Chamisa visited South Africa on a mission he, in his wisdom or lack of it foolishly duped "Seeking Political Solutions for Zimbabwe"

One then wonders how Chamisa can seek political solutions for Zimbabwe in a foreign country that has nothing to do with Zimbabwe. Even an average street person should know better that solutions to Zimbabwean problems can only be proffered by the locals not someone from across the Limpopo.

A foreigner can only come to facilitate a dialogue, not to prescribe solutions to our challenges.

No country is devoid of challenges and Zimbabwe is not an exception. However, His Excellency President Emerson Mnangagwa opened a door, through the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD), for all political players to discuss and proffer solutions to challenges bedevilling our motherland.

POLAD is a platform created for all 2018 Presidential candidates who had progressive ideas on how the country could move forward. It is a platform I can best describe as a gamut of varied thoughts. Ideas are shared and proposals made as to how we can best develop our nation from the current sluggishness.

Chamisa with his usual selfish and egocentric tendencies shunned the olive branch that has been extended by President Mnangagwa.

Surprisingly he rushes across the border to complain that he is yet to see President Mnangagwa. Does he want the President to pay him a visit at his residence?

If he thinks that the President will pay him a visit, then his political naivety and inflated ego have reached unimaginable proportions. In fact he is hallucinating as no such thing will happen. If he wishes to see President Mnangagwa as he allege on an interview on SABC, he then needs to rush and join others in POLAD before the door closes for good.

In South Africa, Chamisa presented himself for interviews at SABC, ETV, Power 98.7 and Newzroom Afrika. As much as he was fluent in his responses, the nonsense that characterised his responses made him look like a political clown. Even the interviewer at Newzroom Afrika, had a torrid time trying to suppress his laughter as Chamisa's responses were so shallow, pointless and full of meaningless riddles.

For instance, Chamisa was asked by J.J of Newzroom Afrika if President Mnangagwa is corrupt. The boy's response was a hilarious one. "I said the head", that was Chamisa's response. The follow up question was, "He is the head" and Chamisa replied "Let's examine the head, the fish rots from the head".

Chamisa's riddles were too much for the comprehension of the interviewer and I am sure to those listening. He failed to articulate a simple no or yes and his went to give weird responses exposing him for being all froth and no beer as we have been suspecting the whole time.

The MDC-A leader reached an all low when he said "South Africa is not xenophobic". This was during his interview on Power 98.7 in South Africa. Such a shocking contradiction from many progressive people's views shocked even the interviewer who spent almost 30 seconds starring at Chamisa in disbelief.

The xenophobic tendencies of the South Africans have been denounced even by President Cecil Ramaphosa. But Chamisa claims such things are not there in South Africa. Maybe he is desperately looking for regional and international acceptance. But that is not the way to do it.
Maybe, the politically greenhorn Chamisa is not yet ripe for international platforms and this might be the reason he struggled with his interviews in South Africa. Remember dear reader, the humiliating interview Chamisa had with Stephen Sacker on BBC Hardtalk, apparently the young does not learn.

The valuable advice that one can give him is that, he should stay away from international television channels as his incompetence and immaturity can expose how politically immature he is.

Source - Chipo Mutasa
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