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Chamisa and Job Sikhala masters of violence

10 Mar 2020 at 14:41hrs | Views
Political violence is violence perpetrated by people to achieve political goals. Non-action on the part of a government can also be characterized as a form of political violence, such as refusing to alleviate famine or otherwise denying resources to politically identifiable groups within their territory. Due to the imbalances of power between state and non-state actors, political violence often takes the form of asynchronous warfare where neither side is able to directly assault the other, instead relying on tactics such as terrorism and guerrilla warfare, and often include attacks on civilian or otherwise non-combatant targets that are perceived as a proxy for the opposing faction. Many groups and individuals believe that their political systems will never respond to their demands and thus believe that violence is not only justified but also necessary in order to achieve their political objectives. Similarly, the opposition in Zimbabwe particularly the MDCA believes they need to use violence in order to intimidate their populace into acquiescence and to be heard in any way. Violence became their signature. MDC A has asked for sanctions against Zimbabwe stating that the ruling party is violently oppressing them. This narrative became the major reason why Zimbabwe is under sanctions now.

Looking in the MDC now one can easily see that violence is the middle name of the MDC. You can not talk of the MDC without talking of violence.

Tsvangirai the father of violence organised his thugs to beat up Biti and Mangoma. Biti was saved by his jumping skills when he dived in Tsvangirai's car to take refuge from the marauding drunken youth code named the Vanguard.  Not to be outdone Chamisa brought a team of terrorists name the vanguard to Tsvangirai's funeral and beat up Mwonzora and Khupe. They had to hide in a round hut which the blood sucking MDC youth tried to set alight. The level of violence in the MDC A has gone another level. The MDC strive in violence and indeed they rule by violence.

Not to be outdone Chamisa embarrassed his wife when he grabbed the microphone from her in a violent way telling her to shut up and sit down in a very demeaning way. This panchet for violence flows in the blood of the MDCA.

The peaceful nation of Zimbabwe is being dragged in the mud by the vampires blood dripping outfit called the MDC A.
Over the weekend MDC A supporters manhandled the Masvingo mayor and proceeded to kill one supporter and injure several people during their district elections. One wonders how many people can they kill if it was a national election. The injured and the dead were all MDCA members killed by their own
In ZAKA the MDC deputy chairman Jon Sikhala Wiwa made seditious statements inciting violence and anarchy. This shows clearly that MDC is a party of violence and will never advocate does peace. The irony is in the name. MDC is call a party for democracy yet they will kill anyone for exercising his democratic right. If the MDC is to be put into power Zimbabwe will be reduced into a jungle.

Extremist pro opposition groups have taken over sanity from the opposition and are bent to cause havoc. MDC would be classified as terrorist groups in Europe, they have been carrying out violent acts in Zimbabwe since their inception. They have assaulted the police the army the general public. They have declared any area around Harvest House a no go area for the public. The MDC has stalked assortment of weapons in the basement of Harvest House and adjacent buildings. They have made attacks on military bases, killings of security guards and police officers, lynching of Government supporters, and they have also burnt cars and property. Those acts have been incited by the Opposition and resulted in more suffering and strife to the people. The MDC terrorists have destroyed public and private goods and property, public transport, hospitals, schools and homes, and they have used firearms and explosives. The leaders of the Opposition have not condemned those acts, though; instead they are calling for more demonstrations

In view of the killing of the MDC A supporter and destruction of properties in Masvingo What is the EU's position now that the situation in MDC A has deteriorated and violence stirred by the Opposition is on the rise? Will it condemn those acts? Or will it find a way to blame the government. Will the EU support and/or recognise the party which is a terrorist party in all ways.

Opposition supporters battled police for hours over the weekend in the Masvingo in a display of violence that drew no condemnation from the US embassy.Violence marred the latest opposition protest on Sunday evening in Chitungwiza as the police tried to arrest the chief terrorist Job Sikhala. There was extensive damage to property and injuries to by standers. At their rally the opposition party again called for the removal of the democratically elected president of Zimbabwe. Most recent opposition protests have ended in violence, with protesters attacking buildings with live ammunition and Petrol bombs, while police responded with teargas and water cannons. However, the amount of violence used on Sunday was unprecedented, and lives were lost.A journalist saw one protester falling to the ground after a group of the vanguard terror team exploded and attacked him. He was pronounced dead on the scene. A cameraman also suffered injuries and was incapacitated for several minutes. Police announced over loud-speakers that several officers had been injured in the violence.The leader of the main opposition party announced later that there will be another protest. Western countries have become increasingly disconcerned about the level of political violence by the MDC no one condemned the violence on Sunday. The use of violence by any party especially when aimed at police, is not a peaceful act, is unacceptable, and undemocratic. We call on MDC to stop the violent acts and engage in constructive dialogue. The opposition parties have vowed to boycott the forthcoming elections OF 2023 unless they are allowed to rule without winning any election. MDC A wants to rule using the mandate given to them by its handlers. They have no respect for the democratic values of the winner rules. They have openly sabotaged the country and they have not been punished for it. The violent behaviour of the MDC is meant to provoke a serious reaction from ZANU PF so that they can justify their unfounded claims of human rights abuse. While calling for dialogue, Chamisa has refused to discuss the sanctions and untold suffering he is causing to the people of Zimbabwe. The opposition has said it will not allow elections to take place until reforms yet they want power before reforms.MDC A has shown that it is in charge of violence. They are bent to tarnish the image of the country and are doing their best to provoke a situation. Zimbabweans a very peaceful by nature and the behaviour of the MDC is an insult to the peace loving nation. Zimbabwean will remain peaceful and the MDC A thugs will remain provocative.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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