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We all fought the war of liberation comrades

11 Mar 2020 at 10:19hrs | Views

It was no one's war. No. It was everyone's war since every living human being then contributed one way or the other but surprisingly we now hear some misguided people claiming that they are the only ones who fought this war! They now want special recognition and treatment for the war that was fought by all of us. Absurd. Its like one single player claiming honours for the team's victory on the basis of him having scored the winning goal.

I remember very well how young as I was,  being sent out on very dangerous reconnaissance missions by the Comrades (now war vets) to go as near as possible to the Rhodesian Forces, if not meet them and count the number of white soldiers and the type of guns they were carrying. Truth is our comrades were not eager to engage the RF especially when they had at least 2 so called NATO machine guns. Our comrades who now claim to be very courageous would disappear into thin air on hearing that they were 2 RF soldiers with NATO.

Surprisingly these are the very same people who demand special recognition and treatment including handsome payouts. They don't care about our cattle, chicks, goats, (gandanga rarisingadyi muriwo) blankets and several other items which they forcibly got from the povo. Most of these war vets volunteered to join the liberation struggle and a few were fugitives running away from their crimes. So if they were volunteers why now demanding special recognition and treatment? To show how greedy and misguided they are, they don't even fight for their fellow comrades who never returned but perished with some not even buried 40 years after the war. Imagine the stress and trauma suffered by their parents when they didn't come back home.

These same war vets don't want to talk about how they abused and misused our dear sisters resulting in a lot of totemless children. Our sisters were considered and taken as a source of entertainment if not sex slaves. I recall one incident were a father parent was summarily killed for having refused her daughter to attend the night vigil (pungwe). A lot of our sisters lost their virginity and dignity to these sex maniacs. Some of our sisters are still traumatized. Our brothers, who were the footsoldiers of these war vets are dying paupers despite playing a crucial role during the war.

I thought the coming in of Prof Ncube as Finance minister was going to stop this madness of wasting capital on unproductive nonsensical claims. Instead this money must be used to enhance our healthy and education delivery systems. We are in this economic messy because of the suicidal $50k payments given to the same ungrateful war vets in the late 90s. This windfall was recklessly spent. We saw these war vets doing weird things instead of investing the money. To my knowledge really war vets are not crybabies hence the need to seriously vet these people. True war vets know that they survived not because of their tactics but the support given by the general povo.

Finally,  no one must claim heroism for the people's war for all made sacrifices towards the attainment of our precious independence. You fought in your way, they fought in their way and I fought in my way. Without you and you without us it wouldn't have been possible to get our independence. We fought for equality, peace and prosperity for all Zimbabweans. It is high time The President rid himself of mercenaries and criminals around him and spearhead really development that benefit all Zimbabweans. ZACC must be dismantled for gross incompetence because other than making noise and driving around in super luxurious SUVs  they have achieved nothing. They are busy catching ants leaving the elephants to milk the country dry.

Concerned Patriot

Munya Shumba
Source - Munya Shumba
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