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Zanu-PF not sincere about reforms and dealing with past atrocities

16 Mar 2020 at 07:11hrs | Views
The Zimbabwean government and the ruling party should be ashamed of themselves following the report released by the United States of America's Harare Embassy. The 48 page Zimbabwe -2019 Report on Human Rights covers almost everything though in part that my party Mthwakazi Republic Party has always spoke and stood against. 

My party's position is that the 2018 harmonized elections were not free fair and credible. This has been confirmed by the US Embassy's report as well as other observers and stakeholders, which also justify MRP's position that the outcome of the 2018 elections is not a true reflection of the people's revolutionary party's support or lack of it.

ZANU-PF's coup government has been busy spending the taxpayers money in what they call re-engagement process and the so called campaign for the removal of illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe. Yet they refuse to just follow the simple conditions for the removal of sanctions because of greedy, selfishness and their zeal to retain power at all cost even at the expense of the people they purport to represent.

When Mnangagwa came in as the president after the coup, he immediately declared himself and his government as the new dispensation or 'second republic' , he promised that the voice of the people is the voice of God. Implying that he and his government were ready to listen to the people but that never happened.

We thought that Mugabe was and remained the worst leader in the history of humanity, only to be surprised by Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and his government who have easily surpassed Mugabe's worst performance with flying colors. There is no doubt that Mugabe bad and evil as he was, he some how managed to maintain the little gains of the government of national unity until he was removed from power by his predecessor who inherited the relatively stable yet stagnant economy with prices that had spent more than eight years in one place and he immediately ruined everything.

The bond note and the US$ rates were between 1:1 to 3 depending on which source of transactions you were using, Right now the rate is almost 1: 40 prices are skyrocketing, companies are closing and corruption is now rife yet Mnangagwa had promised to deal with corruption. To date none of the high profile cases have been concluded and the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission "ZACC"  itself which was meant to stop corruption has been accused of being corrupt.

The current government had attempted to put the blame of the 37 years of ZANU-PF's misrule on only Mugabe and the so called G40 cabal. Three years down the line nothing has improved instead it has become worse and the current cabal is freely showing off it's true colors. Dozens of people have been either killed, abducted, tortured, raped, and some displaced by the so called new dispensation in just less than three years.

Corruption is now even worse, people have become more vulnerable to starvation, poverty and death through curable diseases simple because most of the times medical practitioners are either incapacitated to go to work or there is no medicine or medical equipment to treat patients.

Reading the United States of America's Harare embassy report some of us were so impressed that the international community knows the truth about the goings on in this country and refused to be hoodwinked by the ZANU-PF government propaganda. We would like to state that the ZANU-PF that created the 1979 grand plan, killed thousands of our people from Matabeleland, rigged elections since 1980, led the chaotic land reform programme, killed, maimed, raped, persecuted and illegal arrested opposition parties officials and members since 2000, removed Mugabe through a coup in 2017, killed several dozens in 2018 and 2019,  systematically excluding none Shona citizens from getting employment or government tenders and rigging elections among many other atrocities is the same and nothing has or will change.

Mnangagwa's government doesn't respect the rule of law neither do they respect the country's constitution. They are busy trying to amend a constitution that they have not evil attempted to implement. Mnangagwa claims to be sympathizing with the people of Matabeleland yet he refuses simple things like implementing Devolution of power as enshrined in the constitution, he refuses to appoint a none partisan International independent commission, he refuses to meet all Matabeleland stakeholders preferring instead to create his own Matabeleland Collective to deal with Gukurahundi Genocide according to his dictates not according to the survivors wishes.

We are happy that no one in the international community has been brainwashed by the Mnangagwa regime into believing that he and his party are doing anything any better than Mugabe's administration.

We wish to encourage the international community including SADC, AU, America, Britain and the European Union to put more pressure on Mnangagwa to implement reforms most importantly electoral reforms, decriminalize Gukurahundi Genocide discussions, decriminalize freedom of expression and association. Now that the majority of citizens are affected by poverty, ZANU-PF should be discouraged from politicizing food aid.

As rightly put by the USA report the tension between the Shona and Ndebeles is there and is proudly sponsored by ZANU-PF. My party is currently collecting 20 000 signatures as part of a broader strategy to engage national and international stakeholders about the need for the Restoration of UMthwakazi nation.

It is high time that we too should be given an opportunity to tell our own story as the people of Matabeleland and Midlands respectively. For a long time the world have been lied to regarding uMthwakazi.

*Mbonisi Gumbo is a member of MRP writing in his personal capacity*

Source - Mbonisi Gumbo
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