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'Covid-19 is God punishing West for imposing sanctions' - it's pandemic, we are next, what blasphemy will Zanu PF say then?

16 Mar 2020 at 07:32hrs | Views
"Coronavirus is the work of God punishing countries that imposed sanctions on us," said Zimbabwe's Minister of Defence, Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri.

"They're now keeping indoors. Their economies are screaming, just like they did to ours. (Donald) Trump should know that he is not God."

She was addressing Zimbabwe National Liberation War Collaborators Association (ZILWACO), a notoriously naive, gullible and partisan segment of society. She was cheered to the rafters!

This is just the usual nonsense from the usual corrupt and incompetent village idiots to the naive and gullible who are foolish enough to think the nonsense manna from heaven. The coronavirus started in China and other country where it has left its cruel mark; these country have never imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe's economy is already in total meltdown as a result of 40 years of gross mismanagement, rampant corruption and rank lawlessness that has earned the nation the pariah state label. A feeble economy means Zimbabwe will not have the resources to fight the economic disruption and the health challenges a coronavirus outbreak will bring.

It is almost certain that there will be coronavirus outbreak in Zimbabwe and the country is done nothing to prepare itself to deal with the outbreak. Nothing!

Indeed, the country's health care service will be completely overwhelmed with the first cases because the service has all but collapsed after decades of being starved of funds. The country does not have doctors, nurses, medicine, equipment and cannot even provide something as basic as clean running water!

If there should be coronavirus outbreak in Zimbabwe then it will leave one of the broadest and deepest trail of death and economic destruction per capita than in any other third world country because Zimbabwe's health care service is one of the weakest in the world. And, to add insult to injury, the Zanu-PF government's laissez-faire approach to the coronavirus, even now with the virus declared an pandemic, means the country still complacent and hopeless ill prepared.

Still, with unemployment a nauseating 90% and millions living in abject poverty, the virus outbreak will only make our suffering and deaths even worse, God must be punishing this nation for our collective laissez-faire to life. For we having allowed Zanu-PF thugs to rid roughshod over us, denying the people their freedoms, human rights and dignity including the right to free, fair and credible elections and even the right to life.

There is no deny that in the last 40 years there have been many golden opportunities to end the Zanu-PF dictatorship. God has indeed opened the window and even provided the get out of jail cards. We have failed to apply ourselves and thus wasted all the opportunities.

Nations get the government they deserve. We in Zimbabwe, certainly deserve this corrupt, incompetent, vote rigging and murderous Zanu-PF dictatorship complete with its coterie of corrupt, incompetent and utterly useless opposition parties, all 130 of them.

"Coronavirus is God punishing the West for imposing the sanctions us!" Well crippling economic meltdown must be God punishing Zimbabwe for being so naive and gullible as to believe Zanu-PF lies and propaganda all these last 40 years. And the punishment is about to get a hell lot worse if there is coronavirus outbreak - signs are it is already spreading! What blasphemy, propaganda and lie will you tell the nation then, Minister of Defence!

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