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Evil ZANU-PF laughs at the poor in press conference

19 Mar 2020 at 16:08hrs | Views
The recent announcement today that Cabinet is likely to be reshuffled can only be greeted with intrepid cautiousness.  Their ability to just laugh at the poor with the whole world watching on Facebook Live should leave them all hanging their heads in shame.

If what can arguably be described as "the horror show (Cabinet Presser)" in my humble opinion, as witnessed on Teusday 17th March 2020 is used as a barometer, whoever comes in will likely find it easier to do the right things compared to those going out.  The intrepidness comes from the simple fact that the Cabinet will still be made up of guess who?  Yes, Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) members and lawmakers who in 30 days time, would have been in charge of Zimbabwe for 40, whole, continuous years.

(ZANU PF's) actions such as following Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) lawmakers and members, Human Rights Activists and Civic organisation leaders like flies follow s#!+, stealing and inactions (such as not being democratic and honest) over the last 40 years has left multitudes, millions upon millions of Zimbabweans, Men, Women and Children of the dear soil in a desperately precarious situation, where there are likely no grain reserves, no gold reserves, diamond reserves or cash reserves absolutely nothing.  There is likely Nothing, Nada, Zilch, a big fat ZERO and all the people are stareing in the face of, the global pandemic, COVID-19.

As if the nations coffers being bare whilst on their watch could not be enough of an insult.  The evil too good for nothing, (what one might call) thieves and liars even laughed during the Cabinet press briefing, when they were asked whether or not they, as a so called Government were going to act within the confines of the countries constitution, and UN mandate (ICESCR). and look after Citizens affected by the Corona Virus shut down.  They were simply asked if they were going to supplement incomes in the same way, USA, Botswana and UK will do?

It is actually the duty of a Government to make sure a country has reserves in everything, absolutely everything, yet all they have done is use their proxies to follow MDC and others.  The main difference between ZANU PF and flies is that flies don't have guns, police, prisons, Judges and jails.  

They (ZANU PF and their proxies) have been literally going to each and every place they do not want MDC and Human Rights Activists to be in order to disrupt the MDC.  ZANU PF and their proxies do not want to be stopped from stealing, to be asked questions and to be corrected nor do they want to be advised for the greater good.

Well now, the days of their reckoning have come.  The "Deadly Corona Virus," as said by Monica Mutsvangwa on Tuesday is going to hit Zimbabwe, like a brick going through a single paned window.  

A country the whole world knows has no healthcare, no sewage system in many parts of all its cities, hardly any electricity in most of the country, and most definitely no local food for the whole economy and in some parts zero clean running tap water for all.

Zimbabwe is surviving on handouts, which can be stopped by Trump if the likes of Muchinguri continue running their mouths.  This would thus likely leave the likes of Paul Mavima as sitting ducks for people like me to fire verbal and written pop shots at.  

Following a cabinet reshuffle on 8 November 2019 Mavima was appointed Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare.  Ironically though, Dr Paul Mavima was the only one who told a truth during the Horrific Cabinet press conference when he accepted, "there is Hyper inflation in Zimbabwe."

Although it is said, "when you fly with the crows,........" in this case it may be necessary to accept when one has been given a, "hospital pass," a common Rugby term), or is being made a foul guy.

The money for his ministry was taken by the dynamic duo of twiddle dee (Mthuli Ncube) and Twiddle dumb (John Panonetsa Mangudya).  Thus, Mavima's failure to cohesively answer in the same way his counterparts in other countries is somewhat understandable, however, there goes the question of what is he doing about the theft?

The one thing i will have in my mind is the statement by Monica Mutsvangwa made in the heat of the moment with her hands spread wide open like an Eagle, "you think theres loads of money here." Which was followed by rapturous of laughter by what looked like the whole cabinet.

Their failure, including that of Twiddle dee and Twiddle dump to understand that it is imperative for there to be 1) a social welfare system, 2) a social healthcare system, 3) an economic govt funded recovery plan, 4) strategic reserves in everything, including toilet papers and ants, has been Laid Bare for all to see.

Next time, maybe and hopefully, they will not laugh out loud with hands that are Spread Eagled when asked questions Trump would give a Trillion Dollar answer to.

The Cabinet Presser was Chaired by Monica Mutsvanga Minister of Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services and opened by Perpetual Liar Nasty Nick Mangwana as described by Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZHRO), he is the Permanent Secretary of Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services.

Source - Thabo Makuyana
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