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Perrence Shiri just resign, you are a sellout: period

22 Mar 2020 at 17:00hrs | Views
Let me take this opportunity to advise you Perrence Shiri the Women's University educated graduate, that when it comes to law the devil is in the detail, its you who has gone rogue , anti revolutionary or you were badly educated that you need to go back to College this time not the Women's University where it is known that you spent most of your time taking advantage of the poor women who wanted to educate themselves. Let me remind you that you are not more Zimbabwean than other Zimbabweans. You are no saint if it wasn't Chiwenga who took you to war you could have been a big sellout.

If ever ever there is a Chitepo School of Ideology please enroll there immediately. I have some questions to ask you Perrence Shiri.

1 - What motivated you to enact such a dangerous law? is it not personal interest above national interest?

2 - Do you understand what the word indigenous means? There is nowhere in your statutory instrument where you explained it's meaning leaving it to loose interpretation.

3 - Does existing laws not allow for the compensation of black farmers, to be precise who had their farms taken?

4 - Are you the only one who fought for this country and died for it?

5 - Who owned the land before whites gave themselves title deeds?

6 - Are you aware of what the constitution says about land and why that provision was embedded in there!

7 - Are you aware that the offer letters you gave to black farmers and duly accepted are agreements between the people and government underwritten by their sweat and blood and confer rights to them just as good as your BIPPA and BIP agreements?

8 - Are you aware that the Rhodesian government gave leases with eventual title to Africans in the African Purchase Area which they never withdrew even for those who were supporting the liberation struggle and wanted the regime removed? That's what a government does once it gives rights they are not taken away unlike in your corrupt case. Once a right is given it cannot be withdrawn without adequate and acceptable compensation.

9 - Are you aware that you cannot displace citizens and allocate that land to foreigners?

10 - Are you aware that the people of Zimbabwe can see through what you want to do? You want to bring back selected whites to get your kickbacks , pay yourself for farms you claim to have owned which you fronted for whites avoiding resettlement despite you having several farms you took during the land reform program. Why are you giving yourself more powers than the President himself?

11 - Are you aware of something called ‘precedence' in law? ( l am sure at the Women's University they should have taught you this ) Once you do your reckless move you will open floodgates of litigation by the former colonizers.

12 - Are you aware of the SADC tribunal ruling and that it forms part of ZIDERA conditions that land must be restored to the former whites? Is that the restore legacy you have been talking about? Once you accept the BIPPA and BIP how will you handle this?

13 - Are you aware that if you restore title to a certain group of whites others will have their fair day in court alleging discrimination? What would be the difference between an investor from Germany, Belgium, Britain or South Africa and local white and black investors , are they not investors? Is it that to you those who come by plane are investors and local ones are not? So now what will you do now since the planes are now a purveyor of covid-19 will you cry for your foreign relatives who will soon be blocked from coming into the country?

14 - Are you aware that since you took office blacks have become more insecure on their land and resultantly production on black farms has gone down? Are you aware that farming is long term and as long as blacks have no title deeds and with a Minister like you who churns statutory instruments every week like downsizing what what they won't be able to raise capital ? This is the very same reasons why whites a demanding title deeds back it's just to raise capital? Why are you comfortable with a law that spares you only just because you are in power forgetting that one day when you are down and tired it will be used against you and by the way this is not very far? Are you aware that a new Minister using your law may want to return Arcadia dam to the foreign investors who financed the construction of that Dam which you now wholly own as an individual?

15 - What have you done to empower black farmers? Everyday they get threatened on their land. Are you aware that the Rhodesians you greatly admire and want to bring back would not settle a farmer without providing requisite infrastructure like paddocks, fence around the farm, water, access roads, farm house, access to grants and concesionary loans from the land back of Agricultural Finance Corporation? They would use the title deeds given to them by the illegal settler regime and those who failed on the farms the system would do anything possible to assist them until they were finally forced to sell the land to another white man.

16 - Are you aware that the real owners of Zimbabwean land are the people through their Chiefs like the British through Her Majesty ? Are you aware that it is the spirit mediums of this land who ordered that it was time to spill blood in the fight for our land? Did you consult the Chiefs and therefore the people of Zimbabwe before you took it upon yourself to do this stupid law? Were the above not part of the liberation war and its only you alone who can decide the fate of this country? All the way from Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique and into Zimbabwe did you survive on a special liberators gas that you did not ask for food from the people who today you want to decimate their livelihoods? If you have failed on the issue of land can we send our very own Chiefs to the international courts to represent us even if they are to be jailed we will contribute what ever we have has Zimbabweans to get them back rather than return our land.

17- Are you aware that the world has accepted land reform and now want to move forward but issues of democracy, rule of law and good governance are what you must respect. What is the point of bringing back a white man whose farm will be taken away by a statutory instrument one year down the line? Why are you playing Russian roulette with the people's land? Are you aware that in law there is the principle of ‘impossibility' simply meaning you cannot enact a law that is impossible to implement. Some of your statutory instruments especially your latest one and the one on farms downsizing are impossible to implement unless the are certain individuals targeted . Are you going to downsize your friend Billy Rautenbach's sugarcane estate or you will continue taking land from blacks and giving him because he is white? Are you going to downsize Openheimer's land which is almost the size of Belgium? Are you going to remove the sugar cane farmers allocated land and many others on other farms which had BIPPA or other agreements without destabilizing the country?

18 - Are you aware that we can take Britain to court for the abuse our people suffered at the hands of these settlers, the plunder of our minerals and compensation for the use of our land . This was all done under the banner of Her Majesty and she is naturally the defendant . Why are we always on the receiving end of white litigation done in white mans courts? Germany is still paying reparations for the havoc it did in the world wars and what's so special about those who carried out genocide on our people and looted our resources? Are you aware that your failure to explain the meaning of ‘indigenous' in your statutory instrument makes certain generations if whites born here indigenous and rightly so?

19 - Are you aware that the spirit of Nehanda, Herbert Chitepo, Joshua Nkomo, Simon Muzenda, Robert Mugabe will rise and deal with your permanent revolutionary and know all attitude. The people of Zimbabwe will not be undermined by you and stand ready to pay the supreme sacrifice again.

20 - Why are we not using proceeds from our minerals to pay compensation? Why are we handing over mining concessions to foreigners who are selling them for billions on the international market with the money never coming back into the country?

21 - Why are you not giving title deeds to black farmers? Why have you abandoned projects carried out by former President Mugabe of Mechanisation of our peasant farmers the ones whose cattle you ate?

22 - Lastly l would like to ask you Perrence Shiri and you alone, are you still sane, are those safety shoes you put on carrying a sane man? Please answer me in the name of the great people of Zimbabwe.

As l conclude it would be prudent for you to withdraw your SI62 of 2020. After that you then resign that is if you know that resigning will leave you with some measure of respect. If you ignore and fail to answer my questions rest assured they will form the basis of your future indictment and this will not be far. The people of Zimbabwe deserve better.

Peter Moyo ( PHD)
Political Lecturer, University of Cambridge.

Source - Peter Moyo
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