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Could ignorance be a COVID-19 Cure?

24 Mar 2020 at 11:25hrs | Views
The human body is an amazing machine. I am a Mechanical Engineer by training, but l have also delved in Mental Health and Psychology.

On an old and ignorant car, the single problem you would face was always mechanical. The new and intelligent car has too many frustrating problems which are a combination of both mechanics and software.

The human body works in similar manner. Albert Einstein said the moon is not there unless you begin to measure it. That statement is almost the basics of Quantum Physics.

Some things do not exist unless you begin to measure them, or to know about them. Or should l say, some people in this World will survive the most severe strain if COVID19 because they do not know about it's existence.

Ignorance is bliss!!! In Africa, we say, "if you want to see a monkey, go to the mountain" Then you will see and fear and dream and worry about a monkey which otherwise, wasn't a problem.

Some ignorant people will survive Covid19 because they will suffer from the mechanical effect of it only, and they will not suffer the software version of it. Those who are educated will suffer both the severity of Mechanical and Software which is pathologicaly a double tragedy. So, your accelerated knowledge could cause your death.

I am a living witness of how the human brain, which l see as the software, can damage the well-being of the body, which l see as mechanics.

At some point in 1997, l came across a word "claustrophobia", from a Newspaper. I looked up it's meaning on dictionary and l found out that some people fear small confined spaces. From that year on, l became severely claustrophobic.

When l moved to the UK in 2000, l saw some people taking off days from work because they suffer from stress and depression. My body joined together what l had learned, which is software, and it begun to affect my predominantly healthy physical body.

So, knowledge, which l see as software, should be regulated. One way of regulating it is by literally telling your physical body to refuse to be overwhelmed by the imputs from the software which is the mind.

These two things contemplate each other and you will be surprised how much cure there is in teaching these two to work separately sometimes.

Have you ever noticed how uneducated people excell in business? It's because they approach business ignorantly without calculating or worrying about the risks. Educated people are quick to assess risk and that assessment is exactly what Albert Einstein was meaning that the moon is not there unless you begin to measure it.

Covid19 is ordinary flue to ignorant people who have no social media or television. The severity of  Covid19 to such people will remain mild as flue.

If you begin to know too much about Covid19, even ordinary flue could kill you in 2020 because of the extended inputs from your software. Ignorance is bliss. Many wives would commit suicide today if you told them their husbands cheat. If they remain ignorant of it, they will always be happy and healthy. So, breatheren, ignorance is bliss even in diseases.

As the World is under lockdown from this deadly pandemic, please try to tell your physical body to refuse to work with your mind, and you might survive.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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