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We know our heroes and Obert Mpofu is not One of them - Zapu Youth Front

12 Apr 2020 at 10:49hrs | Views
Recently we have read so much about the history of our Party, Zapu and its leadership. Some of the writings and postings have been from people known to be extremely hostile to our party and more so individuals who have done all they could to destroy the economy of this country thus ruining the future of every youth.

It is therefore shocking to read a posting from Mr Nicholas Ncube portraying the ZanuPF secretary for Administration Obert Mpofu  as  equal  to Joshua Nkomo the first President of Zapu and Dumiso Dabengwa the recently departed second President of Zapu. This fellow shamelessly insults our party claiming that without these 2 leaders, there is no longer Zapu. Then he wants the people to listen to Obert Mpofu.

We know Dr. Obert Mpofu as the loyal son of the tyrant and disgraced Robert Mugabe. No one called him so. He declared it himself. Robert Mugabe, the man who massacred over 20000 Zapu supporters and Ndebeles  was Dr. Mpofu`s father in ZanuPF. Dr. Obert Mpofu loyally obeyed Robert Mugabe as he totally ravaged the entire socio-economic life line of this country. Nicholas Ncube thinks that all of us have short memories or that we can be blinded by some food left-overs.

We shudder to read something  from one calling himself a researcher who waffles around in a vain attempt to defend a man who has been part of a gang that practically administered the crushing of all vibrant parastatals like Zisco, Cold Storage Commissions, the National Railways of Zimbabwe, Air Zimbabwe just to name a few because the least is endless. We are astounded by the absence of simple logic that should help one to understand that Dr Obert Mpofu was the Minister of Mines during the days of the diamond mining in Marange. What did the nation gain from that huge project?  Mpofu`s father Robert Mugabe bemoaned the disappearance of 15 billion US dollars a few months before he was overthrown by soldiers. Soon after the coup Nicholas Ncube`s hero changed and rushed to call his 'father' a dictator. This is a typical behaviour of a cunning opportunist who is always ready to usurp any space for self-aggrandisement.

While God the Creator gave everyone brains to use, we do not understand how one finds heroism in a man who has been a Cabinet Minister in a government that saw the collapse of a health system leaving everyone exposed to the all pandemics including this very covid-19. Is it reasonable for anyone, let alone a researcher to spend time talking about who is gaining more support between Zapu and the MRP in a desperate effort to defend a Secretary for Administration of governing a party that has no clue about how to address the problem of our crumbled currency and the ever rising prices  of everything? Why does one get the audacity to reject reality and ignore even his own economic predicament but choose the luxury of defending and promoting a self-confessed son of a dictator? Or is it part of the state sponsored corruption that beneficiaries of the looters now invade the free press to just sing for their supper?

As the youth we know who has put us into this socio-economic situation. We know for sure who has made us more vulnerable to death through the covid-19 since hospitals have no medicines and the infrastructure is dilapidated. It is none other than the ZanuPF machinery of which Obert Mpofu has been and still is the leader.

Our future is not based on distortions of history to prop up some disastrous leadership let alone attempts to inherit some heroism of people with whom one fundamentally differed during their lifetime. The youth will benefit nothing from obvious perpetual political opportunism. We, in the Zapu Youth Front will cherish a leadership with a vision that will shape our destiny. It is an expensive absurdity to defend a man whose record and that of his party have been a persistent and systematic destruction of the economy.

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