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Climate Change: An antiquated buzzy phrase - Part I

23 Apr 2020 at 14:32hrs | Views
What is all this noise for? Is it anyway worth making in the first place? There has been much talk, more so noise about climate change. Others like to talk about climate variability but still talking about the same climate change. Be that as it may, is it still worth making topical or being noisy about? Great value and emphasis have been placed on this thing, "climate change", to an extend that countries, institutions and even corporates now have climate change departments. Some individuals even boast of having doctoral degrees in climate change related disciplines. They are justified because of the importance that has been placed on this climate change monster.

This exposition is a primer of the realities of climate change. You will appreciate that climate change is just a buzzy phrase which is now obsolete. The proponents of climate change have scared everyone to believe that climate change is about everything. Is it anyway? The moment you view climate change from the lenses of short-sighted experts, you will not see and appreciate the reality. I am not disputing the fact that we have weather and climate. But why then should we place unnecessary emphasis on natural phenomenon as if it's the only one or we are able to change it? Yes, some experts are more inclined to climate adaptation than to climate change. However, caution should be exercised in handling climate change information. Indeed, environmental sustainability is anchored on climate change adaptation; as an attempt to save the world from the devastating effects of the so-called climate change. Climate change adaptation would save the sustainability efforts of this world. However, I still question the noise about sustainability and the sustainable development goals. Are the goals themselves sustainable? Are the implementers of these goals qualified and experienced enough to handle the intricacies of climate change? Do the proponents of the sustainable development goals understand the sustainability of their endeavours?

It's not that I want to boggle you minds with a gamut of questions, but rather to try and open your thinking, towards concentrating on the important issues than not. Is climate change a problem? I mean what you understand as climate change – is it a problem? Do we need to talk more of the climate change than its effects?

There is nothing to talk about climate change or climate variability or climate adaptation or that monster you want to scare people about. Part II of this exposition will unpack and antiquate this subject because there is overwhelming evidence to demystify climate change. Rather, lets talk about what is important about climate.

Dr. Eugine Makaya is a lecturer at NUST's Department of Civil and Water Engineering. He can be contacted on : twitter @EugineMakaya

Source - Dr Eugine Makaya
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