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Zimbabwe must introduce wealth tax and improve our health sector as Nguwaya donates drugs

25 Apr 2020 at 17:45hrs | Views
Mr D Nguwaya a Zimbabwean business man has challenged other Zimbabwean businesses to come together and help the government to fight COVID 19. Mr D Nguwaya is a decorated dedicated Zimbabwean business man whose interest is to help the country go through difficult times. Mr Dalish Nguwaya has donated through a company he represents in Zimbabwe. These drugs are now with Natpharm with bulk of it already distributed to government hospitals. His donation is not only an empty promise.

Zimbabwe has lived anxiously for the past month with great fear and anxious expectations living in fear of the Corona virus. The effects of this virus are so disastrous. They range from health effects to economic effects. Zimbabwe has been groaning from the economic problems then the heavens allowed Corona to budge through without notice.

Zimbabwe has people who are richer than the country. The richest Zimbabweans have riches which are more than the wealth of Ten countries put together. This means if these rich Zimbabweans can come together in an organised way and donate very little towards the health sector Zimbabwe will be having the best health facilities on earth.

Mr Nguwaya though not a rich man has donated all. If the big mouthed business men in the country could follow Nguwaya's  example Zimbabwe will be fat ahead in the health sector.

We have many Rich people in Zimbabwe but some are selfish and never patriotic. If we take the Richest 25 Zimbabweans and imagine if they are to come together and build a community hospital would you imagine what will Zimbabwe be having. Forget the government for a minute.

Zimbabwe's Richest 25 people-of 2019 are
1. Strive Masiyiwa (Econet Group, Cassava Smartech, Kwese & Liquid Telecom)-$2.5 billion.
2 Zed Kuodounaris (Innscor Africa, National Foods, Axia Holdings, Simbisa Brands, Colcom & Padenga Holdings)-$1.1 billion
3. Michael Fowler (Innscor Africa, National Foods, Axia Holdings, Simbisa Brands, Colcom & Padenga)-$900 million
4. Billy Conrad Rautenbach (Sabot Transport, CAMEC & Green Fuel)-$743 million
5. Sam Levy Family (Sam Levy Village)-$700 million
6. Nicholas Van Hoogstraten (CFI, Hwange Colliery, Hamilton Capital)-$500 million
7. Nicholas Rudnick (Liquid Telecom Group)-$420 million.
8. Rob Davenport & Family (Tripple C Pigs, Colcom, SeedCo, Garfunkels)-$400 million
9. Charles Davy (Lemco Safaris, HHK Safaris)-$370 million
10. John Bredenkamp (Breco Holdings, Thetford Estate)-$367 million
11. John Moxon (Miekles Group)-$300 million
12. Hamish Rudland (Unifreight/Swift, CFI, ZimRe)-$250 million
13. Ken Sharpe (Augur Investments and West Food Distribution)-$215 million
14. Shingayi Mutasa (TA Holdings, Masawara Investments)-$210 million
15. Phillip Mataranyika (Nyaradzo Insurance Group)-$160 million
16. Kudakwashe Tagwirei (Trek Petroleum, Sakunda Holdings, Puma Zimbabwe)-$125 million
17. Moses Chingwena (Croco Motors, Orion Insurance)-$105 million
18. Simon Rudland -(R&G Cigarettes, Golden Leaf Tobacco & CFI)-$98 million
19. Obert Mpofu (Maminza Transport, Trebo and Khays & Khanondo Safaris)-$85 million
20. Brett Childs (Brainwork Capital)-$62 million
21. Ian Saunders (Falcon Gold, New Dawn Gold)-$47 million
22. Emmanuel Makandiwa (Havilah Gold, Sterkinekor's ZW & Radar Holdings)-$42 million
23. Andre Zietsman (Bitumen World, Senator Express)-$38 million
24. Hilton Macklin (Powerspeed Electrical)-$35 million
25. Divine Ndhlukula (Securico, Zvikomborero Farms)-$25 million

The wealth of these 25 people is above billions and only if they can come together and contribute towards building a hospital in each and every province Zimbabwe will be a wonderful heaven on earth.

However it is the duty of the government to encourage its citizens to contribute towards the welfare of their nation. Therefore as a matter of a gentle state cohesion the government must introduce wealth tax. The proceeds of this tax should be channelled to build infrastructure  of national interest.  This Tax is called  wealth Tax. In law  Wealth tax is also called "capital tax" or "equity tax" and is imposed on the wealth possessed by individuals in a country. The tax is usually on a person's net worth, which is assets minus liabilities. These assets include (but are not limited to) cash, bank deposits, shares, fixed assets, personal cars, assessed value of real property, pension plans, money funds, owner-occupied housing, and trusts. An ad valorem tax on real estate and an intangible tax on financial assets are both examples of a wealth tax. We must bear in mind that Wealth tax is a tax levied on the value of held assets.A wealth tax is applicable to a variety of asset types including cash, bank deposits, shares, fixed assets, personal cars, assessed value of real property, pension plans, money funds, owner-occupied housing, and trust. The government ought to the wealth as a sign of a good Will from the rich.

The new taxes would fund a laundry list of  "Medicare for all," free college, combating global warming and rebuilding roads and bridges,making Zimbabwe a haven again.
But these measures will face fierce opposition, including from wealthy donors. Zimbabwean must come to the level Of reality and make
Zimbabwe proud.

Wealth tax will only be the last option or maybe those who fail to contribute towards the project will be persuaded by tax and indeed they will be helpful.
We have people who are very known in Zimbabwe for showing off. Some are even our members of Parliament. These must perfect their show off by showing off in building hospitals buying Protective gear for our nurses and health staff.

Boris Johnson showed the world how it is supposed to be done. He got sick and he was treated at a local hospital and he was admitted there. He had confidence in the health system and even if he was about to die he gave his life in the hands of the nurses he is paying. Maybe the
Lockdown gave him
No choice to go for treatment elsewhere.
We need to create an environment which allows us to have trust in our own systems. 
Those who are rich some of their riches are questionable. They must plough back to society. Zimbabwe should not be begging for money it should just flow from the goodness of our rich.
The Gino
Biz Chiyangwa's and many more who are blessed with big mouths and big pockets must come out and help our health system.
Surely the Wealth tax must be introduced and Zimbabwe will be Back on its feet. Nguwaya has shown the way and we must follow.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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